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The Elf & The Ice Princess – Jax Garren – 4 stars

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The Elf & The Ice Princess – Jax Garren – 4 starsThe Elf & The Ice Princess Published by Valkyrie Books on November 11, 2013
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A frozen heart…
Three years ago, amid grief and defeat, the man who once made Carrie Martin believe in happily-ever-afters deserted her on New Year’s Day. Ever since, she’s seen no reason for holiday joy amid the materialism and chaos of the most stressful time of year. So when a tipsy guy in a mall elf costume falls into her lap at happy hour and starts spouting poetry, it’s just one more reason to be disgusted at the season’s excess.

A man who’s more than he appears…
Brett Virtanen, part-time elf and a caterer in training, is smitten with Carrie’s strength and sass. Having faced down a painful past of his own, he’s determined to be the one to warm her frozen heart. But when Carrie’s job forces her to attend a gala hosted by her ex–and his new wife–it could take more magic than a costumed elf can conjure to make this ice princess once again believe in love.

I’ve got to admit that I am a big Jax Garren fan and this story just adds to my collection of all things Jax writes.  When Jax told me she was writing another story and asked if I would like to read it my answer was of course YES!!!  I’m glad I had the chance to read this one early and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Carrie is just going through the motions required for the holiday season when at a bar she’s subject to the drunken antics of a man dressed in an elf costume for the local mall.  He ruins her sweater but she can’t help but enjoy his antics as he spouts poetry to her in his inebriated state.  When her job forces her to attend a party being held by the man who used to be her whole world until he was an asshole and kicked her to the curb when she was at her lowest point during the holidays, she’s understandably upset.  Add to this the fact that the drunken elf keeps surprising her with his spirit and joy for life, we end up with a heroine who just doesn’t know what to think or feel.  I liked Carrie’s confusion about our mystery elf but I most enjoyed that she was honest with him and herself about how conflicted she was at this point in her life.  I felt for her when you learn how badly her ex messed with her self-confidence and soul but cheered for her when she finally woke up and reached for something that, while scary, is the best risk she’ll ever take.

Brett is just a character.  In a great way he brings so much joy and life to the story that I can’t describe it and do it justice.  He’s such a fun character and seeing him work so hard to get Carrie to smile and start living again was just fun.  He can come across as a bit simple unless you pay attention.  This is a man who really embraces life and when he sees something that he wants will pursue it to the ends of the earth.  I’m not going to tell you much more than that about him because part of the fun of the story is getting to see who he is and what he really is made of.  He’s definitely a keeper and I’m happy that he understood that Carrie needed to make her own choices and to give her the time she needed.

Overall this is a very heartwarming story of finding something to believe in when you didn’t think there was anything left for you to enjoy.  I can’t thank Jax enough for giving me the chance to read this with no expectation of review.  I adored the story and her gift of it to me had no impact on my rating or review.

My only question for Jax is:

When can I expect more???  Ya know more Hauk/Jolie would be awesome but hey more stories period will work…  🙂