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Second Chance at Passion – Heather Lire – 5 Stars

February 21, 2014 NetGalley, Read in 2014, Sent 1

I received this book for free from . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Second Chance at Passion – Heather Lire – 5 StarsSecond Chance at Passion Published by Desert Breeze Publishing on February 21, 2014
Format: eARC

Audrey Rodriguez has escaped her family’s life styles of the rich and famous by moving to the small town of Holiday, Vermont. She settles into her new role as bookstore owner, never expecting to run into her Vegas hook-up.

Ethan Cartwright has been ordered to take a vacation, by his mom no less. The only people he can imagine spending down time with is his family in Holiday. While there he discovers that woman he’d had the best sex of his life was living in this story-brook town.

When Ethan’s family needs help taking down a gold-digging-sperm-stealing-nut-job Ethan and Audrey go undercover giving them more than a second chance at passion.

Any of us that have read this series have been waiting for Ethan to get his happy ending and this book did not disappoint at all.

Ethan is work, work, work and more work with little to no time to relax and perhaps have a life.  While he acts like it is just what he does you had the sense that this is a man who really wants what his twin, Ryan, has with Morgan and the kids.  He put his focus on the two children he and his brother were guardians to and now with Ryan raising them he really is at a loss with what happens now other than work.  When a meeting gets postponed he has a weekend to waste time in Vegas but isn’t sure what to do, maybe a meal and some downtime will be what the doctor ordered?  He ends up meeting a woman at the bar who ends up shaking him to his core.  He’s so convinced that he doesn’t deserve love, happiness or anything other than the life he currently lives so meeting her and wanting more isn’t something he believes he can ever give.  I loved watching him bare his soul in this story and seeing what he’s been keeping to himself and letting fester until it finally comes out in a rush was sad to see but necessary.  He’s a very strong man who loves his family more than anything in the world to the detriment of himself.

Audrey has lived her whole life in the shadows of her more famous family and has never felt comfortable in the public eye.  She’s so used to people using her to get to them that she’s decided to open a bookstore in a small town (hmmmm wonder where) but is in Vegas for a wedding.  When she meets Ethan she’s convinced that he’s too good to be true when he doesn’t seem to care that her brother is a famous footballer or anything at all about her parents.  As they have an amazing weekend she’s finding herself drawn more and more to this man but when the weekend comes to a close and she is set to leave things seem to change.  The man that has been so open in his affections for her has closed down and lets her go without a fight or even a plea for more.  She tries to shrug this off as she starts her new life in Holiday but….

Ok…  Here is where I am going to stop and say that I can’t say more about the story without ruining the fun.  There are moments in this that will make you sniffle or out and out cry but they are very well done.  I can’t say enough about the way you become invested in this entire family so watching another one find what they deserve is just… *sigh*   Now…  the important question for Heather – Ummm when can I have CASE????? I can’t wait for his story to be told!!!

Special thanks to and Heather Lire for letting me get my hands on this one without any pressure for review.  I loved it and want more from this wonderful series.



A Holiday Christmas – Heather Lire – 5 Stars

November 1, 2013 Read in 2013, Sent 1

A Holiday Christmas – Heather Lire – 5 StarsA Holiday Christmas Published by Desert Breeze Publishing on November 1, 2013
Format: eBook
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There's magic in the air this Christmas Season in Holiday.

Averie Baldwin wants nothing to do with men. But her family and friends are determined she won't spend her first Christmas back in Holiday, Vermont alone. So far she’s managed to avoid all their attempts to set her up on dates. Until she’s chosen to represent the school district in the town's annual Christmas play...with the sexiest man she's ever seen.

Corey Evans has a job he loves, great friends and a loving, if interfering family, but something is missing. When Averie shows back up in town he knows exactly what he needs in his life. Her. Getting to know her however has proven difficult, until they are thrown together on the annual Christmas play.

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet just like the story.  I love Heather’s stories and am ready for her to give me more (Hint Hint).

Averie is a bit gun shy when it comes to men.  She isn’t really looking for a relationship but finds herself drawn to a local lawman who makes her wonder if maybe she should give having a man another chance.  She’s a sweet person who has a hard time letting her walls down but with him something just feels right.  She’s so willing to give of herself but it was nice to see someone want to give her the world and really get her.

Corie hasn’t had a perfect life no matter what the outside world thinks.  He’s a man who was abandoned by his family and lucky enough to land in the arms of a family who made him feel like maybe he wasn’t disposable after all.  He’s extremely loyal to them and when things happen that shake him to his core it causes him to have to rethink what he knew and what he knows now so he can have a future with the woman who has intrigued him from the moment he first saw her.  When we start this story we get to see two people who aren’t quite sure exactly who they are as individuals but as they spend more and more time around each other they sense what they can be  together.  I liked how willing he was to take things at her pace no matter what his body was telling him.  He’s such a sweet man and seeing him fall for her was fun.  I also loved how both of them became such a team in a very short time.

There are some moments that are a bit tough but you get to see what they are both made of in those moments and they end up meaning the world to both of them.  I can’t say enough to tell you to pick up this series for sweet romances with characters you really get behind.  I love that Heather has been wonderful enough to share these with me in hopes that I would love them like she loved writing them.

I have to say this but even though Heather was nice enough to provide this to me for review this has no bearing on my ratings.



Second Chance at Happiness – Heather Lire – 5 stars

August 2, 2013 Read in 2013, Sent 1

Second Chance at Happiness – Heather Lire – 5 starsSecond Chance at Happiness Series: ,
Published by Desert Breeze Publishing on August 1, 2013
Format: eBook
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When Colin MacCaffe’s  personal life comes crashing down around him, he leaves the big city behind for a fresh start in the small town of Holiday Vermont. As the Deputy Chief of Police he spends his time making sure the town he’s come to call his own is safe. The only problem in his peaceful life is the arrival of his next door neighbor’s sister. A woman who threatens to destroy the peace of his new life.

After years of putting one foot in front of the other, acting like she was fine for her family Brynn Sanderson – Jackson is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. All she wants is a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation while she house sits for her sister. What she gets instead  is a trip to the hospital, emergency surgery, and the neighbor next door. A man who makes her feel more than she wants to.

My Thoughts:

I have to start this off by saying I adore Heather and I’m so happy I had a chance to fall in love with both of her amazing heroes and the heroines who hold their hearts.

To see what I thought of Ryan you can click here but this is all about Colin and his lady love Brynn.

Colin and Brynn have always butted heads and snipped at one another but as we all know in romanceland this just means they are fighting an attraction that they feel isn’t appropriate or needed.  When Colin is pushed to go over and check on Brynn by his wonderfully sneaky grandma he discovers Brynn in the midst of a medical emergency.  He’s thankfully able to get her to the hospital in time but this shakes him to the core.  You see he’s started to realize there is something there and maybe just maybe he should pursue it.  Almost losing her before he’s had a chance to explore this growing need for her just makes him determined to find out exactly what they have.  He’s got major scars from his ex-wife and the fact that his idiotic sisters treat him like crap but he knows that there is something about Brynn that calls to him in a way even his ex couldn’t manage.  I adored his willingness to take Brynn in while she recuperated (yeah I know he was sort of ummmmm forced in to it by the manipulation of some clever friends/family) and the fact their relationship has to have a slow build to consummation because of her health.  He just made me sigh as he shows her through his actions how much she means to him and the fact that he accepts her for her and not her wealth just took it over the top. His acceptance of her past was another part that you just can’t help but adore as that could’ve caused a wedge between them but.. *sigh*

Brynn knows she’s lucky to have been found in time but she’s still a bit dodgy about getting involved with anyone no matter what her mind and heart are telling her.  She’s still grieving in her own way for her killed-in-action husband.  They had an amazing love story that was cut off way too quickly at such a young age so you understand why she’s still clinging to that memory.  I loved how she worked through this grief and shared it with Colin so he would know what was holding her back initially.  She’s a very strong character and you feel the love that she shared with both men and the fact that Colin is not a secondary love but is the love of her adult life.  I also liked how her past linked with Colin in a way neither of them knew.  She’s a very lucky woman and stands up for what she loves and believes in.  Her calling out his sisters for their behavior towards him for his treatment of the ex-wife was priceless and if it were possible I would definitely want to give her a huge high five as man oh man did they need to be bitch-slapped.  Her also putting the final nail in the coffin of the ex-wife was another OH YEAH moment that you just have to read.  She’s smart, sneaky and even though she tried to hide how much Colin meant to her initially it did just come off the page.

This is a couple that deserves every bit of happiness they get and I cannot thank Heather enough for being so generous in letting me read this one early.  I adored it and like I asked her yesterday….  WHEN DO WE GET MORE MORE MORE???  Huh Huh Huh…


Anyway…  go check out yesterday’s post for a chance to win this wonderful story.  The contest is up until August 9th at Midnight Central so go comment already…  🙂

As a bonus… I’m going to do a giveaway of an ecopy of the first book in this series (Second Chance at Forever) also ending on August 9th at Midnight Central.  All you need to do is tell me do you believe you can have a second chance at true love?