Author: Christine Bell


Down On Her Knees – Christine Bell – 4 stars

February 26, 2014 Entangled Publishing, Purchased, Read in 2014 0

Down On Her Knees – Christine Bell – 4 starsDown on Her Knees (A Dare Me Novel) by Christine Bell
Published by Brazen, Entangled Publishing on 2014-02-24
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, General, Romance
Pages: 250
Format: eBook
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Four lessons, no strings…Detective Rafe Davenport has always made Courtney DeLollis uneasy. While her instincts whisper, Touch him, her mind says, Run. But since she learned that he’s dominant in the bedroom, she hasn’t been able to forget about it. She should be appalled—she knows all too well what happens when a man has too much control—but a deeper, darker part of her is fascinated...And so is Rafe. The sexual tension between them is thick enough to touch, and damn, does he want to touch. So he suggests something that will benefit them both. Four scenes—because anything more is a relationship, and Rafe won’t go there ever again. Each scenario is designed to tease and torment. To show Courtney that with every submission comes the reward of scintillating pleasure. But once he has Courtney down on her knees, Rafe realizes that she might be the one woman capable of bringing him to his…

I have been looking forward to this story as we’ve seen the heat that the main pair throw off when they are in a room together for more than 30 seconds.

Courtney is a nurse who has no room in her life for a relationship.  She’s not looking for anything due to her ex but when she hears about what Rafe likes to do with women she’s on the outside horrified but on the inside intrigued.  She equates BDSM with abuse because of her past experience with a controlling boyfriend but when Rafe pushes her to try it for only four scenes she’s interested enough to jump at the chance.  Well…  maybe not jump but she does decide that she can trust him enough to try it before she loses her nerve.  She ends up getting more than just amazing sex out of the bargain, she gets her sense of self confidence and power back.  I liked seeing her emerge from her past to become someone that loves life.

Rafe is a love-em and leave-em kind of man since his girlfriend died years ago.  He’s not looking for anything other than short-term, 4 scene maximum things so when he decides to act on his attraction to Courtney he fully expects this to be nothing different than getting her out of his system.  All romance readers will roll their eyes at that thought because as we all know this is not the way it works in these stories.  As they spend more time together and he scenes with her there are boundaries that are crossed and walls that start to come down.  He does the normal stupid hero BS but I loved his grovel (short but very honest) at the end.  He’s really not a bad guy at all but has a heart that has already suffered a horrific loss and fears that if he lets someone else in that he won’t survive another loss.  He’s growly and sexy but dear lord how much he craves Courtney’s happiness sparks off the page…  She’s a lucky woman for catching this sexy Dom.

Short hot and oh so good….  make sure you read it and the others in this series.  🙂