Eliza’s Awakening – Zaide Bishop

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This was a hard one to rate/review…  I gave it a 2 because the author shows some promise but I have to agree with another reviewer that found the actual scene with her loss of virginity discomforting to say the least.  I believe if we had been able to see a bigger picture then this might not have been so shocking and stark but in this short format it just left a huge feeling of discomfort.

I would like to see a longer treatment done by this author as I think some of her imagery and thought process is intriguing to me but this was not a great read.

If you just want a quick, explicit read this would be it for you but if you want a complete story and have an issue with scenes that do have a feel of rape to them then please pass this.

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


The Ravenous Dead – Natasha Hoar – 3 stars

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I’m going to have to go back and read the first book.  I enjoyed it but I did feel a little lost with the world.  Hopefully reading the first one will pull it in to perspective.

Even with this minor issue I found I enjoyed the book.

Rachel is a rescue medium and a very capable woman.  She kicks ass and has a heart.  She is working on training Kit, a half-human/half rodach (wraith) and making sure he is capable of living in his new reality.  The first book in this series is supposed to show how they met one another and my guess is helps you understand more of this world.

There are a few murders in the beginning of this book and Rachel is called in because it appears they have a reaper on the loose.  She meets a mysterious man named Luke and then heads on to banish the reaper once his identity is revealed.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the 3 of them and wondering if the relationship between Kit and Rachel will become something more than mentor/student.

Solid quick read and worth a try.  I think you might want to read the first one then this…

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

The Ravenous Dead – Natasha Hoar – 3 stars


The Officer Says "I Do" – Jeanette Murray – 3 stars

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I have to say this was a cute quick read.

Skye is a restaurant manager out for the evening with her friends.  She was raised in a commune and is a vegetarian.  She believes in Fate and also in being in the moment.

Tim is a Marine….  born…  bred…  raised a Marine.  He is out on a last pre-deployment leave with his buddies in Vegas.  After being on great behavior the entire trip he finally lets his guard down and starts playing blackjack with a great winning streak.  He is also drinking heavily although he doesn’t show it to those who do not know it well.  While drunk and in a moment of pure craziness, he meets and then makes out with Skye.  In the middle of this heavy kissing session behind a potted plant he asks her to marry him and she not only accepts…  they go do the whole quickie Vegas wedding.

The morning after leads to him leaving her without saying goodbye and heading back to base.  She tracks him down and the fun ensues.

I loved this book and am looking forward to the additional stories along with more glimpses of Skye and Tim.  They really do seem to be a good match in that she brings him out of his shell and he brings a needed grounding to her personality and life.

You will find yourself frustrated at times because like most conflicts…  they could be resolved if the two would just talk to one another but in this case I think it was easier to understand because they truly did not know one another.

Thanks to netgalley.com and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing this to me in exchange for my honest review.

The Officer Says “I Do” – Jeanette Murray – 3 stars


Island of Secrets – Janni Nell – 3 stars

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This was my first foray in to this series and while cute was nothing truly noteworthy.  I enjoyed it enough where if I have a window of time for a quick read I would go back and read the others but not enough for me to go running out and filling the back-list.

Allegra struck me as someone who wants to do stuff on her own but is too reliant on the fact that she has her very own Guardian Angel.  She does things that bite her in the a@# but then seems to get upset if he doesn’t get there in time to rescue her.  I mean come on…  use your head and think things thru so maybe just maybe you won’t end up in a situation he has to rescue from.  Her childish ways weren’t enough to completely turn me off the book but I just hope that in future stories she grows up a bit and stands more on her own two feet.  I also enjoyed the sexual tension you see in this and hope that for both their sakes it gets resolved soon.

Casper…  sigh….  where can I get my own Casper??  He was extremely patient with her and you can see that the fact he can’t do anything sexual with her is getting a bit harder to resist but he’s a good man and keeps that to himself.  Sexy and patient is a powerful aphrodisiac to most women so he’d be able to get anyone he wanted to if he was able to.

Overall the story was good but Allegra’s TSTL moments wore on me although she does have brains you wonder why she acts first then whines cause she gets stuck…  LOL

Anyway…  thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

Island of Secrets – Janni Nell – 3 stars


Sharing Hailey – Samantha Ann King – 4 stars

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Where oh where do I start on this one..

Dear gawd hot and sexy – Check
Alpha males who like to take charge – CHeck
Males who have manners and treat their woman like a queen – Check

I loved this book.  It was more than just sex and more than just the classic friends to lovers story.

Hailey is a smart woman who has just ended a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere and as you get in to the story you see how truly abusive it was.  She doesn’t see it that way until late in the story and that portion is heartbreaking but very well done.  It isn’t glossed over and the author does a great job showing the denials and pains that victims go thru as they come out from  under the spell.  She has been friends with Mark and Tony for years and has lusted after them all that time as well.  She loves both of them and can’t bear to lose them as her friends.  She is going away with her brother and brother’s pregnant wife to Hawaii for the typical family vacation.  The 2 men will also be there as they are truly a part of the family.

Mark and Tony….  yummy yummy yummy ….. Those two are the epitome of Southern gentlemen with wonderful naughty sides.  They both want her and originally had thought she would have to choose one or the other of them but then as they thought about it realized they would be willing to share her if it meant everyone would be happy.  This relationship moves extremely quickly once the feelings are out in the open between them but they are hiding it from her brother since he would not be happy at all.  When he finds out there is a huge moment of tension but that doesn’t last.

The relationship is hot, sexy and yet sweet so it was a great read.  I especially liked towards the end where some acknowledgement as to the speed of the relationship occurs and you get to see this is one that will stand the test of time as the 3 are truly supportive of what each individual needs and are willing to give the space that is needed to fulfill all of them not just one vs the other vs the other.

Go out and grab this…  You won’t be sorry….

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for giving me a copy to read in exchange for my honest review…

Sharing Hailey – Samantha Ann King – 4 Stars


Secret of the Wolf – Warriors of the Rift #2 – Cynthia Garner – 3 stars

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Interesting premise and a nice quick read.

Tori is the main female lead and a werewolf…  but unlike the traditional sense of a werewolf she is actually a rift traveller who has been sent here as a form of banishment for a crime a relative did back in her home dimension.  She is a strong female lead and has her own issues with family – she wants them to be this happy loving entity but her reality is a brother who is aloof at best and a cousin who isn’t who she wants him to be.  She has to go thru a lot in this and fortunately she meets and falls in love with Dante…

Dante…  sigh…  is a human detective who works a lot of cases with Tori.  They are definitely in lust with each other but he has his own demons to slay.  He is a great man in that he has taken his sister and nephew in when their lives went to s#$%.  There are quite a few steamy moments before they give in to their lusts and you see that while there is definitely heat there they are truly matched.

The bad guys in this aren’t surprises but you feel for Tori as she realizes what is going on and you hope with her that Dante will stick it out and become the perfect match for her.

All in all a very solid read and it does make me want to go back and read the first book plus follow any others that come out.

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for allowing me to read this in exchange for my impartial review.

Secret of the Wolf – Cynthia Garner – 3 Stars


Dangerously Close – Dee J Adams – 3 Stars

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I enjoyed this book even with the roll the eyes moments with the baddie of this…

Seger/Mel is a sigh worthy leading man with his wish to regroup and regain his sense of self.  He has had an extremely eye opening moment and is taking some time at a home his fans don’t know about to regroup.  He goes thru a lot in this book as he not only falls in love but also regains his love for music and life in general.

Ashley is a good match for the man Mel truly is.  She has had a lot of things thrown at her in a relatively short period of time and while she does have those “WHY ME” moments you get to see her come in to her own.  She doesn’t get too melancholy and considering what she is going thru I could understand it.  When she and Mel get together it is a wonderfully healing thing for both of them and you want them to get the happiness both deserve.

I am going to have to go back and find the others in this series but this can be read alone.

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for providing me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Dangerously Close – Dee J Adams – 3 stars


The Darkest Day – Britt Bury

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This was a great start to a series and has me wanting more…

Izel was a great heroine who has been led to believe she was a weak Fionn but in reality she is sooooo much more valuable and rare than expected.  She has been unable to feel emotions and is very naive when it comes to real life.

Kelvin…  ahhh Kelvin ye of the loverly Scottish brogue… is a Pookah who has sworn vengeance on the clan who killed his father.  He is loyal and while an Alpha also has a wonderful heart and soul.

The issues arise due to her being the last living (on Earth) relative of the man who killed his father.  He needs to kill her to complete his vow but the fun begins when a twist is revealed.

I’m being good and keeping the twists out of this but go pick this up and see how these two work things out and both become whole as a result.

Hot smexy scenes and a great main pairing make this a must read.  I can’t wait until the next in the series.

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Grand Central/Forever Yours for providing me a copy of this in return for my honest review.

The Darkest Day – Britt Bury – 4 Stars


Blade Song – J.C. Daniels – 5 Stars!!!

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Blade Song

Blade Song – J. C. Daniels – 5 stars

I must say I truly enjoyed this foray in to UF.

Kit is just a wonderfully strong heroine who has not had an easy life. As a half-breed she was severely mistreated by her mother’s family and has major issues to overcome due to that abuse. She has a fair amount of luck and doesn’t waver in her willingness to do the right thing even if it puts her in danger and seems stupid to outsiders. Her main weakness is a soft spot for kids.

Damon… how to describe this Alpha male… is just growly as all get out but you end up loving his intensity and his willingness to be there for Kit even if she doesn’t want him there. He just is yummy and even though this isn’t a romance I was cheering for he and Kit to get together. 

The story itself was fun to read and seeing this new world develop was a great ride. The bad-guy in this was fun to figure out but I am really hoping that J.C. gets the chance to continue this series as there is a bit of an open ending to both his story and Kit/Damon.

J.C. – Thanks for providing me a copy of this to review and read. I really appreciated it and this had no influence on my rating.

Everyone needs to go out and support this author in her self-publishing endeavor and enjoy this book as the reward!


At Last – Jill Shalvis – 4 stars!

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This is my first in this series and, while I am definitely going back to read the rest, I didn’t feel lost in this book at all.

Amy and Matt are a great pair in that neither one is looking for love but…  like usual…  love finds them.

Matt is just a sigh-worthy hero in that he wants to help and support people but thinks that he is a failure when it came to his first marriage.

Amy is at a crossroads in her life and just isn’t certain what she wants but knows what she doesn’t want is the complication of a relationship.

These two are great to watch come together and it is fun to watch them heal and support each other.

I truly loved it and am looking forward to going back and reading the other ones plus going forward to Grace’s story.

BTW – Thinking I need to have a group like they do for chocolate…  🙂

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Grand Central Publishers for a copy of this in return for my honest review.

At Last – Jill Shalvis – 4 Stars!!