Avenging Angel – Anne Marie Becker – 3 stars

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I struggle to write down why this only gets 3 stars and the only thing I can come up with is it was a bit jarring at times.

Vanessa is working at an art gallery in Chelsea when her intern is brutally murdered.  As the story unfolds you get to see her come to terms with the murder but also discover what she really wants in her life.  She has been seeing Kenneth for 2 years but realizes early in this story that it wasn’t meant to be even though she knows her family will not approve.  She meets Noah and the sparks fly between them from moment one.

Noah is a Chicago detective in town to help his “adopted” family uncover who murdered a young member of the family.  He has a past that is heartbreaking and beleives himself unworthy of love.  Things like that happen to people who deserve it and not those who never truly had it other than the love his “adopted” family gave him.  He has always felt like an outsider so when he finally realizes his feelings it is almost too late.

I think my issue was we moved from moment to moment and it didn’t seem like you could keep track of the true timeline or perspective we were being told about.  It felt a bit disjointed and kept throwing me out of the scene just when I would start to get completely comfortable with it.  This being said I did enjoy the story and would love to see more of the main pair plus the secondary characters.  I also didn’t see the killer until it was revealed in the book which is pretty cool but then maybe that is why it was a bit disjointed…  hmmmm…  thinking about it…. Anyway take a chance but be a bit prepared for some moments of “Hey isn’t this only supposed to be 2 weeks and ummmm”

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Avenging Angel – Anne Marie Becker – 3 stars


Can’t Hurry Love – Molly O’Keefe – 4 stars

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I have to say I was surprised I liked this as much as I did.

In Can’t Buy Me Love I did not like either character that much and was not looking forward to this one.  Call me surprised when after a bit of dear god he’s an asshole I found myself wanting Eli to have his HEA and even started to better understand and enjoy Victoria.

Victoria was a hard woman to like.  She was whiny, snobby, clingy …  I can’t even think about what else I want to call her but she was not likable.  I understood that her husband was disgusting, her knight in shining armor was a con-man, and her father was a cold vindictive jerk,  What got tiresome was that she just had no backbone or idea how to be strong.  She hid behind anything and everything but worse yet recognized it and did it anyway.  At the start of this you understand what exactly is holding her back but you also start to see her attempting to become a woman and not a child after years of subjugating herself.  She stands up and decides to make something of the crap she has been given while along the way discovers that love can be more than she ever imagined it could be.

Eli was harder to get to the bottom of at first.  He’s an asshole (I’m trying to put it nicely really I am…) you can sense and see he is horrified by his behavior but cannot seem to stop himself in this quest to get even with and pull one over on the Baker’s.  He is so full of hate and loathing that I didn’t see how he was going to be a hero or someone I could see anyone falling in love with.  I loved his turn-around and that it wasn’t overnight.  He hits bottom ..  HARD … but under all this hatred and bitterness there is a wonderfully sweet man that just needed to hit bottom to make things right.  He is a dirty, naughty man but there is a teddy bear underneath that wants to be loved so badly he’s hidden his heart to protect it.  I loved him and what he becomes as a result of his relationship with Tori.

If you read the first one and didn’t think that it was worth reading the second one please reconsider.  If you haven’t read the first one go ahead and try it but please read this one.  It was worth it.

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and Random House for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review.


When We Touch – Brenda Novak – 3 stars

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When We Touch (Whiskey Creek #1.5)

This was a nice quick read and sets me up to grab the next story set in Whiskey Creek.

Olivia was a nice character to meet and you feel horrible for the posistion she allows herself to be put in.  I liked her and understood why she went along with what she did even though I wish she had developed a backbone earlier than she did.  She is way too tolerant of her brat sister and the way her family treats her but she ends up with a great guy at the end who more than deserves to be her everything.

Brandon is just a wonderful leading man even if he doesn’t give himself enough credit.  He has wanted her for a long time but never felt like he was worthy of her or capable of being more than just a fling.  He knows that she is not the type of woman to have a fling with and knew even back in high school she was something special.  He has wanted her from afar (not too afar as he is the stepbrother of her ex-bf) but kept his distance until circumstances put them together again.  He was just oh so sexy and boy oh boy did the sparks fly from the first moment they spend time together in this novella.

Kyle is her ex.  They were together for a while until she decided to move away to get more experiences in life and open a wedding planning business away from Whiskey Creek.  As a part of that move she asked him for a break not realizing that her b of a sister would be waiting in the wings to make her move.  Noelle takes advantage of this break and purposefully becomes pregnant to tie Kyle to her.  Kyle being one to own up to his mistakes wants to make things right and decides to marry Noelle even though he isn’t truly in love with her (actually seems to realize he cannot stand the woman) but just doesn’t want to be a dad in name only.  He does seem to understand what he did was horrible but has made his bed and is going to lie in it no matter what.  He actually redeemed himself in my eyes and I didn’t hate him for what he did.  He and the main pair all have moments of closure and acceptance which made me very happy.

All I can say now is go out and give this novella a try.  It is short and sweet with some smexy moments …  

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and Harlequin Mira for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest opinion. 


Lakeside Family – Lisa Jordan – 4 stars

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I have to preface this by saying I am normally not a Christian Romance reader.  That Being stated this was a wonderful story about two people reconnecting after an absence with a child’s life hanging in the balance.

Josie is a single mom working hard to make ends meet while supporting a daughter, Hannah, who is sick with leukemia.  She starts this story by making a trip to a nearby town to speak with Hannah’s father in hopes that he will be a bone marrow match.  She believes that he doesn’t care about them as he never has tried to contact her since he left about 10 years ago.  In her eyes this means he really doesn’t care but she is desperate for a cure or hope for her daughter.

Nick is a college professor who is understandably shocked to find out he has a daughter.  You see his mom kept the news from him and was killed 8 years ago in a car wreck that he feels responsible for.  This wreck not only killed his mom but left his younger brother unable to live on his own.  He is a good man and wants only to step up and do the right thing by the woman he realizes still holds his heart.

For those who like heat this is not the book for you but if you like a nice story about forgiveness and trust then this is the book for you.  While there is a bit of preaching it was not too heavy handed and the story flowed nicely as you got to see that at times things do work out in the end.  Love that is meant to be can and will win.  Time can heal a lot but when things are meant to be they tend to find a way to work.

I would recommend this to anyone that needs a heartwarming read and isn’t bothered by some Christian overtones.  Nice job to the author and I would be willing to read more by her.

Thanks to NetGalley.com and Harlequin – Love Inspired – for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Lakeside Family – Lisa Jordan – 4 stars


By Royal Command – Laura Navarre – 3 Stars

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This was a hard one for me to read and review.  The book is good but a bit cumbersome and the female lead wore a bit on my nerves.
Katrin is the daughter of the bastard brother of the king.  She was married off for political gain (also revenge on her mother) by her uncle the king.  This marriage was definitely not a love match but one of duty.  She has never known passion and when her husband died she thought she had a shot of being left alone by her uncle.  Unfortunately he has now decided she could serve him well by another political marriage.  He has sent his thayne to bring her back to court to meet her next husband.
Eomond is the thayne sent to bring her back to court.  He is of Viking blood but bound to the king in servitude.  He and Katrin have a lust/hate pull for one another and act on it once.  Katrin however knows that as a high-ranking woman she cannot have the low-born thayne even though she (eye-roll) loves him.  I understand that in this time period women were property and were not allowed to make decisions but her “love” of him was a bit overstated.  She ends up pregnant as a part of this one indiscretion and the king arranges for her to miscarry.  She makes the agreements with the king for her remarriage based on her misconception of Eomond’s relationship with another high-born woman and as a part of this agreement with the king Eomond gets a minor title and a measure of freedom as a landowner.
Now on to the hero of this book….  Rafael was an enigma and I can see why Katrin would have fallen in love with him.  He was going to be a bishop but instead came home to fulfill family obligations..  now that being said what a loss it would have been to have him bound in the priesthood but what a gain it was for Katrin.  I would have liked to see more of just this relationship without all the other mess that came with the rest of the story but oh well…
Again I enjoyed parts of the book but her what do I say ..  what do I do…  got a little old.  I understand the time period and the role it plays in this behavior but it just made the book drag out more in my opinion.
Thanks to NetGalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 


Slave (Book 1) and Need (Book 2) – Sherri Hayes – 5 stars

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I recently  finished reading two books by Sherri Hayes – Slave and Need.  I have to say these were fascinatingly dark and tortured but with a ray of hope as the pair come to terms with each other and realize what they mean to each other.

These books ARE NOT for anyone that cannot handle brutality towards women and the reprecussions of abuse.  Please note that the hero in this series IS NOT the person who did this to her nor does he ever treat her badly.  He is there to help repair this horrificly broken woman and in turn she becomes his world in more ways than he ever imagined.

Stephan becomes aware of Brianna (Anna) thru a friend who advises there is a slave that he knows is not a slave of her free will and needs to be rescued.  Once he meets her and sees what his friend has said is true he purchases her from her slave master even though it is intrinsically against everything he beleives.  He will work to heal her spirit and give her back a free life.  He has to do things that he isn’t happy with but knows to get her back he has to become her Master at all times not just when playing.  He is incredibly patient with her and does nothing but attempt to win her trust.  He accomplishes this by slowly making her voice her opinions and by showing her that he won’t hurt her or lord her mistakes over her.  He gets her a car, works on getting her back in to school, gives her space to be herself and in general shows her that he wants her to come to him at any time she needs to plus that he will not ever ask her to do antyhing she is not capable of even if he wants it.

Brianna (Anna) has endured the most horrific treatment at the hands of her father and the man he sold her to.  She has been tortured, raped, and broken.  She is only 18 and this abuse started when she was 17…  She has never been made love to but instead was shown that sex was just pain and degradation  At the beginning of Slave you see a shell of a woman who won’t speak unless forced to, panics at the thought of thinking for herself and is constantly afraid of what will be expected of her or making a mistake.  She gradually starts to change and open up under the patient guidance of Stephan and is beginning to trust him.

I loved the way this worked as you watch an amazing man work his magic over a broken shell of a woman.  He was so patient even though his body wanted her, his heart cried out for her and his mind was so consumed with her.  He worked very patiently to bring her back and pushed when it was needed.  The only times you see him lose his temper are when she doesn’t communicate and even then he holds it in check so she won’t completely pull away.  I loved the pairing and am looking forward to more of this story.  I want to see what she becomes and how much more healing can be accomplished.

Thank you so much for allowing me to read this via NetGalley.  Keep me posted as more becomes available. 


Where the Heart Lies – Michelle Garren Flye – 4 stars

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This was a really sweet, sad story with a great ending.

 Alicia is a recently widowed woman who has moved her kids and self to her husband’s hometown to run the bookstore his parents own.  She is trying to hang on to her memories of him and do right by them.  There is a bit of sorrow to her that seems to lighten up when Liam is around.  

 Liam was her husband’s best friend in his younger days and has a lot of guilt over an incident that happened when they were both teenagers.  He also holds close to a major secret that her husband didn’t know about and it plays a part in some rough waters at the near end.  He is a very good man but the entire town seems to be warning Alicia to stay away from this supposed bad boy.

You as a reader will feel for her in her attempts to remain true to a man who is no longer there but plays a massive part in her heart and mind.  She is trying to reconcile the want she feels for Liam with the belief that it isn’t right for her to move on or want someone after such a short time.  Compound that with people telling her to stay away and that Liam is not the one for her or gossiping about things that haven’t even happened and you have a bit of angst.

I loved the story and would love a chance to get to see them again…  maybe a short story about what happens a year or so down the road would be wonderful.

If you want a sweet story with just a little heat this is a good fit.  It will make you sad but will also make you smile at the heart behind it.

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Where the Heart Lies – Michelle Garren Flye – 4 stars


A Scandalous Affair – Karen Erickson – 3 stars

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A very quick read but enjoyable just the same.  I wish that this had a chance to be fleshed out in to a longer novel but enjoyable just the same.
 Daphne was entertaining and not a tradtional heroine for the period.  Of course this probably has a lot to do with being a widow which makes it where she isn’t as naive as others of her time.  She knows what she wants and goes after it once she sees it.
Hartwell was sweet in his misconceptions of self and the one time you get to see his more blatant sexual self it was hot. I enjoyed his attempts to keep up with her and break out of the shell he put himself in as a result of his upbringing and the misconceptions of the ton.  Daphne got lucky that noone else truly saw him.
 I would like to have seen a longer treatment just so we could have had more of the two of them together but if you just want a quick read this is a nice one to pick up.
Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this one in exchange for my honest review. 

A Scandalous Affair – Karen Erickson – 3 stars


Monster in my Closet – R.L. Naquin – 4 stars

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Monster in My Closet

I have to say this was a pleasant surprise.  I am hoping that we will get to see more of Zoey, Riley and Maurice as I would like to watch the romance play out for Zoey and Riley plus the antics of Maurice.
 Zoey wakes up to a noise and proceeds to run in to her closet monster from when she was little.  His name is Maurice and he quickly apologizes for the misunderstanding from her youth and opens her eyes to the world of the Hidden.  You see brownies, sea monsters and other things you were told when you were little do exist.  Unfortunately her abilities as an empath have brought her to the attention of an incubus who starts killing people she has a link to.  She just can’t seem to catch a break with all of this information coming to her in quick succession but manages to not only make the best of it but also snags the attentions of Riley…  

Riley…  sigh…  Where can I get my own Reaper??  He’s just a sigh-worthy love interest and saves Zoey from the incubus while still trying to woo her.  I loved the fact that you get the build-up in this book and the only reward was a kiss on the cheek…  Of course this is a good idea because now I want more…  I want to see how the empath and the reaper manage to make it work and if Maurice will ever get comfortable with having a reaper around.

A cast of supporting characters really gets you rolling in this quick read and will make you grin.  I know I had a silly grin on my face at this wonderful story.

Thanks to NetGalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Monster in my Closet – R.L. Naquin – 4 stars


Rogue’s Pawn – Jeffe Kennedy – 4 Stars

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Rogue's Pawn

This admittedly was a hard review to write due to the abrupt ending.  If I had not heard that this is only book 1 then my rating might have gone down to a 3 due to the ending.

Good news is this is book 1 so my hope is that the rushed ending will be fleshed out more in book 2 and  we will get to have the details plus resolution you crave at the end of this work.
 Gwynn (Jennifer) is a strong heroine in that while she does have some moments of self-pity they do not overwhelm her and rule her life in this new strangely compelling world of magic.  She decides on a whim to finally leave the man she is set to marry but does not love and is drawn to Devil’s Tower where she unknowingly opens a bridge to a world of magic and fae.  Once there she discovers that she has magical powers and has to quickly learn how to play by rules that are not explained to her or die.  She ends up being a pawn of stronger fae including the enigmatic Rogue…  She is tortured and manipulated by all that she comes in contact with but underneath the panic and mistreatment a kernel of self remains that sustains her thru the torment.  She also is drawn to Rogue even though he let her be taken by those who tortured her.

Rogue…  sigh…  you really tore me up with sitting back and doing nothing while Gwynn was put thru the wringer by her torturers and then did some master manipulation of your own on her.  This would be unforgivable to some but as I see more and more of the world in which you move I can on some levels understand and not condemn you for it but I can see where some others might not be so forgiving.  You allowed your other half to be tortured, beaten, sexually abused and tormented until most would have completely broken without truly revealing what she means to you.  This could have lost you everything but thankfully she redeemed you in her actions at the end.  I still find you incredibly magnetic and beleive you were trying in small measures to help her within the constraints of your world.  

This is a strangely compelling story and world with a lot of intrigue.  Pay close attention as Gywnn has to in order not to miss the nuances of the world and characters we are shown.
 I personally am looking forward to the next glimpses at Rogue and Gwynn.

Thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this book in exchange for my honest review.  

Rogue’s Pawn – Jeffe Kennedy – 4 Stars