Kansas City Cowboy – Julie Miller – 3 Stars

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Kansas City Cowboy

Not a bad read and has me wanting to read more in this mini-series.  I want to know who the Red Rose Rapist is and if we actually met him in this book.  I’m thinking we did and maybe just maybe I know who it is…

Both leads in this book have a common experience in infidelity and it plays a major role in some of the problems they encounter as they start to act on their amazing chemistry.

Kate is the Kansas City Police Department Forensic Psychologist and also acts as the public face for a task force investigating a serial rapist who may have just added murder to his repertoire.  She was cheated on by her husband and best friend which was brutally revealed to her when he had a fatal heart attack in the midst of a tryst.  She still has to deal with the ex-best friend and has shut off her heart and ability to trust anything other than her work since that time.  She is directed to handle Boone by the task force as he wants to barge in on this investigation due to the murder victim being his baby sister.  She also is having to deal with being targeted by an unknown assailant driven to leave messages on her vehicle and violate the sanctity of her home.

Boone is a small town sheriff burned by his now ex-wife who not only cheated on him but trashed his love of the small town and being comfortable with the country/ranch life.  He doesn’t quite know how to handle his sudden attraction to Kate or his fear that she will be exactly like his ex and not understand or be able to live a slower paced life with him.  He understandably is also reeling from his baby sister’s murder and the secrets it uncovers.  He’s brooding…  Alpha….  protective…. annoyingly stubborn…  and oh so sexy when he makes up his mind to act on this chemistry with Kate.  He pushes her past her insecurities and what they end up with is a wonderful thing to see.  I really hope we get to see them in the future and they truly remain blissfully happy.

The suspense and mystery of who killed his sister and who the rapist is were wonderfully done with a slight twist of who the mystery assailant was playing nicely in understanding the main pair and a really great insight in to how they can/will make their relationship work in the future.  After all everything between them is about trust and they realize that they can truly trust each other which is wonderful to see.

Special thanks to Harlequin Intrigue and NetGalley.com for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


The Druid Stone – Heidi Belleau – 3 Stars

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Let me start this by saying I am relatively new at reading M/M books but this one was so much more than the romance.  You have sidhe, druids, and other Irish folklore appearing thru this book.  You also have some heavier pschological issues at play which makes this a compelling read.

Sean has inherited a stone from his grandfather and since it became his it has given him nightmares of being tortured and killed in Ireland.  He has decided to give one last shot at clearing this up and maybe get a life by coming to Ireland to force a druid to help him.  He finds not only the cure to the nightmares but something he never expected.

Cormac..  sigh… what a tortured troubled soul.  Haunted by his past lover being taken to the sidhe realm he isn’t looking for anything other than a series on one night stands and even has a section on his phone called “Reliable” for those who would be good to hook up with as needed.  He doesn’t want to help Sean but gets drug in to this hunt for how to help him.  As this occurs he also gets pulled in from a more personal standpoint and finds himself falling for someone that will turn out to be more than just a temporary part of his life.

I enjoyed the dynamic between the two men but to be honest the sidhe and the history was more interesting to me than the main pairing.  The story is richly drawn and is a good bet if you are interested in Ireland at all.

Thanks to Carina Press and netgalley.com for giving me the chance to read this as it turned out to be more than expected.


Planning for Love – Christi Barth – 4 stars

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Planning for Love (Aisle Bound Trilogy, #1)

Let me start this by saying I’m normally not a fan of those people who in real life are like Ivy.  Those are the people in real life I want to just strangle…  but for some reason in this book I liked her.

Ivy is one of those women who is in love with love.  She has rose-colored glasses onwhen it comes to love which makes her chosen profession a good fit.  She is a wedding planner who is blindsided by a reality show at one of her events.  She of course is very concerned when she finds out as this show is known for hyping the trash factor and making it look more scandalous than it often is.  She meets Ben and they have a very intense one-night stand – day after until she makes a comment that makes Ben freak out on her a bit…  Just a wee bit..  but picks up the scraps and goes back to reality until..

Ben is not in the market for any sort of relationship other than the no commitment type..  aka sex and just sex but nothing more.  He doesn’t even really have a home but has his stuff floating from place to place with his sister.  He believes his family is cursed when it comes to love since that is an old family legend.  Plus I mean if no-onein your family for a few generations has been able to have a relationship work there has to be something to the whole curse thing right???  He comes back in to Ivy’s life by virtue of another show that the network has decided to do on wedding planners.  He was going to leave the network but the other job fell thru so now back to reality TV.  The crew fell thru and back to the grind he goes.  He and Ivy come to an understanding that they will have to work together so deal with it.  

This is where the fun begins…  you see their chemistry is off the charts but Ivy does relationships only and Ben doesn’t so we can’t act on it..  nope not going to act on it…  but *sigh* I have to act on it but it doesn’t mean what you think it means Ivy so lets just go out.  — Note how clueless he is —  

Ivy plays along but hopes that he will come around as long as she keeps sex out of the equation he’ll realize that he really loves her and finally join the land of the committed.

I’m going to be good and stop at this point so I don‘t give it all away but take a chance and read this.  I enjoyed watching the clueless Ben fumble his way thru this and the supporting cast was enjoyable.  Please give us more of these people in the future… Please…  LOL

Thanks to NetGalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Planning for Love – Christi Barth – 4 stars


Deserving of his Diamonds – Melanie Milburne – 3 Stars

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This was a nice read.  Reminded me a bit of old-school Harlequins but not quite as cheesy.  

 Emilio finds out 2 years after he broke his engagement to Gisele that he should have believed her when she said she was innocent.  You see he broke the engagement due to the discovery of a sex tape purported to have her with another man.  He watched the tape and believed that she was lying to him.  Unfortunately for him she was innocent and the woman in the tape was her twin that she didn’t know about.  He then decides he must see her again to get the woman he believes will make the perfect corporate wife.  Once he sees her again he realizes she isn’t the meek woman he used to know but has more backbone and a feisty temper to match him better than he thought ever could happen.

Gisele was a meek innocent woman when she and Emilio first met and became involved.  The cruel way he cut her out of his life was underscored by what she discovered after their split and the aftermath of that discovery.  She has rebuilt her life in Australia far away from him in Italy.  She is still picking up the pieces but is determined to not let him back in to her life since she wonders he must really not love her.  I mean he never said it and his actions both then and now have her wondering if he is capable of loving her and trusting her the way she deserves.  She gets persuaded to act as if they have rekindled their relationship by him blackmailing her but then realizes he is the only man that can hold her heart.  
They of course have ups and downs in this reunion but overall it was a satisfying story.  Take a chance but suspend your reality lenses and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to NetGalley.com and Harlequin for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review. 


Ten Girls to Watch – Charity Shumway – 4 stars

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Ten Girls to Watch: A Novel

A wonderful look at growing up and what might have been but what is truly worth having.

Dawn is a recent college graduate in New York City trying to make it as a writer.  She doesn’t quite know what she wants in life but thought it would include writing and her on/off again boyfriend Robert.  Unfortunately she and Robert are off again and he appears to have moved on with Lily.  He however continues to be a part of her life and Lily seems to be ok with having her there which makes Dawn a bit confused.  She writes under a pen name for a lawn care blog and due to a party invite from Robert and an introduction from Lily stumbles in to a chance to do a project for Charm magazine.

This is where the 10 Girls to Watch comes in to play.  You see Charm has done this feature for the past 50 years and needs someone to track these women down to get their stories.  Dawn learns a lot thru this process and also ends up meeting Elliot who is a bit of an ass.  She and Elliott go out a couple of times and to her it appears that a relationship outside of being with Robert might be starting but things are not always as they seem.  I loved seeing her grow up in this novel and find her way in the real world.  I also enjoyed seeing her friendship bloom with someone you wouldn’t expect.  I think I would love to see them again about 10 years in the future to see how they both end up.  My guess is happy, still friends and in love with their perfect partners…

Anyway..  for a good quick read and some major feel good moments grab this one.  It is deeper than I expected but still has some laugh out loud moments.

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and Atria Books for givng me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

Ten Girls to Watch – Charity Shumway – 4 starshttp://www.amazon.com/Ten-Girls-to-Watch-ebook/dp/B0061QB1EG/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1343736953&sr=1-1&keywords=ten+girls+to+watch


Shadow Rising – Kendra Leigh Castle – 4 stars

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Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties, #3)

I have to say this was an interesting read.  I found the world Kendra has built to be a fascinating one that I will have to read more of.  This is the third book in the series but my first one so I can feel safe in advising that you can read this without having read the previous books.

Ariane is a Grigori, a noble vampire race that is mysterious to all outsiders.  She has lived a life trapped at the luxurious desert compound and wants out to find her friend that has vanished.  She is unusual for a Grigori due to her emotions which have made her an outcast in her society.  She escapes the compound and promptly begins her search for her friend.  One of the leads she follows up on leads to her run-in with Damien.  She finds him annoying, overbearing and sexy as hell.  As much as she doesn’t want anything to do with him she knows she will need to work with him to get to the bottom of Sammael’s disappearance.  Of course those of us reading know these two have some smoking hot chemistry and will at least scratch the itch if not make it more permanent.

Damien is one broody, overbearing man but this masks a surprisingly tender man.  He believes himself to be worthless and doesn’t think that he deserves or is capable of love.  He tries at almost every turn to deny his feelings for Ariane but knows he wants her in his bed.  He is frustrating at times and towards the end of the book you just want to slap some sense in to him.  Even with all this going against him he is one majorly sexy beast that purrs.  He has friends that he is incredibly loyal to even if he acts like he has no cares in the world.
When the two of them get together it is not only smokingly hot but unbelievably tender. They are a perfect match in that he will protect her but understands she can kick butt provided you can get her to think for a second before she acts.  She will make him feel and provide him a safe harbor where he can finally belong and let his walls come down.  

The story itself was interesting and I am looking forward to reading the first 2 in the series plus any additional books that come out.  The next book should prove to be interesting as this one leaves the world in a bit of a mess.

Go grab this and take a chance.

Thanks to NetGalley.com and Grand Central Publishing/Forever for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Shadow Rising – Kendra Leigh Castle – 4 stars


Forever and a Day – Jill Shalvis – 5 Stars

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Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6)

I loved this book…  You’ll get hysterical laughter moments…  some sniffle moments and some Awwwwwwwwwwwwww moments in this book.

Grace has never felt like she quite lived up to the expectations of her adoptive parents.  She is incredbily driven and smart but compared to her parents not quite up to snuff.  She is at a crossroads in her life and landed in Lucky Harbor with no permanent job but the willingness to work hard anyway.  She is not looking for love nor is she wanting a commitment of any kind since she doesn’t know what her future holds.  

Josh is burning the candle at both ends with his practice, time in the ER, volunteer shifts, raising his son, raising his sister and you name it.  He doesn’t make time for himself or relationships as he can’t figure out how anyone would want to sign up for being a part of his life.  That and his son’s mom was a piece of work.  I mean who walks out and leaves her child behind.  He’s not looking for anything other than maybe a quick roll in the sack but he can’t deny that his chemistry with Grace is off the charts.

They come together due to a mistaken belief that she is a dog-walker (Tank is wonderfully insane) then spend more time around one another as things come up that have her stepping in to take care of his son.  As they spend more and more time together the heat keeps building until, after a series of near completions, they finally come together in a scorching way.  This of course leads to more playing around and then….

Ok I have to stop now otherwise I will give a bit too much away.  There are quite a few people that you see along the way and will adore.  This was just a wonderful read and I hope she comes back for more in this town.  I know I have to go pick up the rest of the series as I have only read books 5 and 6.  

Loved it so go give it a try…. 

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and Grand Central Publishing/Forever for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.



Deceiving the Witch Next Door – Melissa Bourbon Ramirez – 3 stars

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Deceiving the Witch Next Door

This was a cute steamy read.  I loved the idea behind the story and am looking forward to more from both this author and potentially this series.

Storie Bell would like to forget at times that she is a witch.  She feels alone and isolated due to this fact but has a great friend who has become her only family.  She comes back to Bloomington TX to set up a home and a bakery/coffeeshop/bookstore.  She wants nothing more than to plant roots in the one town where she felt like she could be at home.  She isn’t expecting to ever find someone to love her…  I mean why should she…  they would just think she was crazy when she told them she was a witch plus it isn’t like she can completely hide that fact.  If she keeps it too bottled up it escapes but if she uses it then she is drained.  She just wants to be normal somewhere…

Reid is a man who is at odds with himself thru most of this book.  He has beleived all his life that he wasn’t meant for a small town but meant for the city.  I mean his mom has basically drilled that in to him over and over again.  He has himself beleiving this and doing one last item for his dad until he can get the heck out of dodge.  He does however remember one thing about his first time seeing Stormie and seeing her working next door in the one place he needs to search leaves him wanting…

There are a lot of missed moments and miscommunications between them plus a lot of heat and heart.  The two of them are definitely meant to be together and even though he doesn’t admit it at first he knows she is something special and not just in the magic department.  He does like most of us would and tries to rationalize some of the things he witnesses but when push comes to shove he beleives in her and supports the woman he has begun to see he can’t live without.

This has some eye-rolling moments but in general is a fun read.  The miscommunication and bad guy in this are at times a bit cheesy but the main pair are fun to get to know and watch.  You’ll also like the ideas that are left out there for some additional books so go have fun and read this.

Deceiving the Witch Next Door – Melissa Bourbon Ramirez – 3 stars


Seven Day Loan – Tiffany Reisz – 3 stars

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Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners, #0.5)

Holy heck was this *throat clearing* hot and yet disturbing.  Not disturbing in the way you think but more ouch how would that be pleasing.

Eleanor is a trained submissive and as such does what her Master tells her even if she doesn’t initially want to.  She is being given as a loan by her Master to a Dom who needs help to come out of his self-imposed isolation.  She craves affection and love but is with a Master who is extremely secretive due to his posistion in society.  You don’t learn much from this on who he is exactly but you do learn what his posistion is.

 Daniel…  now this was an interesting man.  He is a Dom but has an incredible well of affection and a need for love that was sad to see.  Yes he does things to her that made me squirm but you see that she wants it even if to me it was umm shall we say cringe worthy..  LOL.  I loved seeing the way she does end up healing him but the ending made me sad in some respects.

I’m not going to give the end or anything away since I think people should give this author a try.  I have Siren and Angel on my TBR so I can see more of Tiffany Reisz’s voice and imagination.  I do expect there will be more times that I will cringe but what floats my boat is not the same as what some others may enjoy.

Go give this a chance but please understand it is BDSM so there are sections that may not make you happy or that you will not agree with but this is showing two consenting adults so…  to each their own. 

Seven Day Loan – Tiffany Reisz – 3 stars


Embrace the Dark – Caris Roane – 3 stars

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Embrace the Dark (The Blood Rose Series, #1)

This was a very quick read and has me interested in the series.

Abigail is a human opening a bakery in the Merhaine Realm.  She enjoys her time in this realm and is powerfully drawn to the mastyr vampire, Gerrod.  She finds herself powerfully drawn to him due to both his physical attributes and the fact that he is an extremely giving/noble man.  She is drawn more and more into Merhaine and does what she can to help protect the citizens once she sees a threat.

Gerrod is a wonderful leader but has convinced himself that even though he is incredibly drawn to Abigail he shouldn’t pursue a relationship with her since she is human.  He wants her but is convinced that it wouldn’t be good for her to stay nor would his people accept her as his mate.  He pushes her away but thankfully she is stubborn and gets him in a way that no-one ever saw coming.

I’ll not give away some of the main premise in the story but go check this one out if you are looking for a quick read and good start to a new series. 

Embrace the Dark – Caris Roane – 3 stars