The Cowboy Solider’s Sons – Tina Leonard – 2 stars

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I wanted to like this one but… just couldn’t really love it. 

When we first meet Tempest (Zora) we find a woman drawn to a man who isn’t afraid to get down and busy with someone she has only physically known for maybe 30 minutes.  I mean it was fast fast fast….  She’s an actress who is back in her hometown to see a young fan who happens to be related by marriage to our hero.  She’s got baggage but is a nice person.

Shaman has issues of his own but when this gorgeous woman wants to bed him he doesn’t complain.  He’s got physical and mental scars from his time in the military but his inability to see why she might be attracted to him got a bit bold.

Anyway…  she becomes pregnant and they get married in order to provide the kids his name (yeah that’s needed) but then he finds himself wanting it to be real and she finds herself wanting it to be real but they just don’t talk to each other.  We have a bit of drama with her “family” but otherwise this is just a story of two people who hop in to bed together then end up realizing they want it to be more than just sex.

I wouldn’t say run out and get this but it wasn’t a horrible read.  I found I liked Shaman a lot even though he tends to react first then think it thru later.

Thanks to and Harlequin for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest opinion. 

The Cowboy Solider’s Sons – Tina Leonard – 2 stars


Watch Me – Lisa Renee Jones – 3 stars

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Meagan is just trying to get her dream off the ground and give the viewing audience a chance to see dancers at work.  She used to dance until an injury pulled her from it but has made the best of things to become a producer who has sold the network on a dance competition show.  She’s driven to make it succeed even with what appears to be a curse operating on set.  We first meet her when she is forced out of the house they are staying in by a fire alarm complete with sprinklers.  While trying to turn them off she runs in to Sam in the basement and all sorts of sparks fly.

Sam is the studio security head.  He’s a great guy who just wants things to succeed and finds himself drawn to Meagan even though all they do is fight.  He’s got items in his past that drive him but once he decides she is what he wants he does what he can to help her trust him.

There is a lot of drama around the show but all in all it was a nice story with two people finally finding the one that completes them without taking them over.  I am going to have to pick up the others in this series as they come out.

Thanks to and Harlequin Blaze for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Watch Me – Lisa Renee Jones – 3 stars


The Reluctant Amazon – Sandy James – 3.5 Stars

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I enjoyed this book enough to know I can’t wait until she gives us more…  🙂

Rebecca is having the day from hell on what should have been the happiest of her life.  I mean she’s dumped at the altar…  lives thru an earthquake…  and is now being told she’s an Amazon???  How much more messed up can this day get?  Well we find out because she gets attacked by revenants (zombies) and taken away to Avalon.  In the midst of all this she meets Sparks and her “sister” Amazon.  She is one of the chosen Amazons who happens to wield the powers of Earth.  She isn’t a fighter when this begins but is more the mothering type but once she figures out who she really is and accepts her powers she becomes the warrior she was always meant to be even if she didn’t know it.  She’s conflicted most of this book by her feelings and doesn’t really want all the power she can wield.  I have to say this is what I liked about her.  She can be annoying due to her self-doubts but she isn’t willing to take the easy way out when she is offered it.  She loves and loves deeply plus has a deep need to protect and nurture.

Altair..  sigh..  sexy to the extreme this Alpha male will have your heart as quickly as he has hers.  He’s longing for a wife and family but his duty is important to him so stays on while his replacement is trained.  He finds Rebecca enthralling but realizes very quickly that he needs to push her to keep her safe and not get others killed.  He is willing to take a stand even if it gets him in trouble with the Goddesses. I loved how as hard as he tries to keep away from her that when he tears the walls down to have her he stays true to his character and loves her with all his being.  He knows that as an Amazon she can’t have kids but he discovers he wants her more than he wants what he thought his dream was.  

There is a lot of action in this and people get killed that you care about but the story is compelling and the hits keep coming.  I loved watching two people find each other plus loved seeing how the ending played out.  I am looking forward to more set in this world…

Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

The Reluctant Amazon – Sandy James – 3.5 Stars


Long Shots (1-3) – Christine D’Abo – 4 Stars

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Please note that all of the stories have been released previously but I had not read them in their original form.

This book gives you stories surrounding 3 siblings finding the loves of their lives.  I say this because all of them find happiness even if they didn’t really know they were searching for it.

Double Shot –
Sadie is all work and very little play.  She has a great friend, Paul, and a new business with her siblings.  Sure, she’s always lusted after Paul but hey he doesn’t feel the same way and why risk this all important friendship for something that might not work.
Paul has wanted Sadie from almost day one but thinks she has never looked at him as anything more than a friend but he intends to make his feelings known to her and boy oh boy does he do so…
Josh…  Paul’s friend and the owner of Maverick’s, a private sex club.  Dear gawd is he sexy and he is invested in Paul as both a friend but has some feelings for him sexually.
All I can say is Sadie is a lucky, lucky woman cause man oh man do the men show her a hot time but more than that Josh forces Paul and Sadie to own up to how deeply they really feel about one another.  I liked that he pushed the issue and that she felt comfortable enough for Josh to also show Paul how he felt about him.  Sadie and Paul are great together and I would love to see Josh get his own HEA.

A Shot in the Dark –

Paige is a submissive who didn’t understand the difference between a healthy D/s relationship and the hell she was in.  She has been suppressing her needs since leaving her ex but recently has been craving the release she experienced at the hands of a Dom.  She meets Carter at her shop and while they have instant chemistry she is wary of being near another Dom.

Carter is a firefighter and Dom who is intrigued by Paige but senses there is more to the story than what little she gives to him.  He wants her for more than just a temporary fling but isn’t sure he can bring her back to herself.  He pushes the boundaries with her but in a great way.  If I were a sub I would want a Dom like this that truly cares for my well-being but knows where the true boundaries are and will push the limits.  

This story was hot in more ways than one and I loved to see both find more than they ever expected in each other.

Pulled Long –

This story has been building since the beginning where Ian (the lone brother) meets a man they call Blue Eyes.  You get to see the flirting and the intense connection the two men have before you even get to know his name.  You also get to see the betrayal Ian feels when he finds out that Blue Eyes is in the process of finalizing a divorce.

Jeff and Ian have a very intense attraction but due to issues in Ian’s past he is afraid to play the game with another straight man wanting to play gay for a thrill.  I loved watching Ian break down under Jeff’s care and hearing what Ian has kept to himself and from his family for all these years was heartbreaking…  He’s a great guy who deserves happiness even if he doesn’t believe he is worth it.  I enjoyed seeing him finally reach out and grab the happiness he deserved even though it was hard sometimes things are worth fighting for.

All 3 stories are quick reads and all have some definite heat but I liked the interactions between the family and how each of the men brought key pieces in to the family..  🙂

Special thanks to Carina Press and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

Long Shots (1-3) – Christine D’Abo – 4 Stars


How to Date a Henchman – Mari Fee – 3.5 Stars

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This was a cute quick read with a little bit of heat but mainly some fun repartee between the characters.

 Our heroine, Gina, is stuck in a dead-end job with no real idea of what the future will hold for her.  She’s not happy being a little cog in the machine but hey..  a job is a job….  I felt bad for her at the start of this cause I know how that feels. She’s smart but tied down in a lot of respects with her family and what they expect from her.  She isn’t quite sure what the company does she just knows it has to be something big since there is a lot of secrecy and security.  She’s sarcastic and witty plus very attracted to our hero from the moment they meet.

Burke..  our hero…  is instantly attracted to Gina and his boss is not 100% happy about it.  You see Burke is a henchman to a “bad”guy.  He is a sexy man and also very sarcastic with his boss and our heroine.  He’s on the “wrong” side according to the press and the superheroes but once you get to see more of the superhero and villain you wonder who really is the “bad” guy.

Our villain is not really a bad guy he just doesn’t always think things thru before he acts much to Burke’s chagrin.  I loved laughing at his mistakes but also enjoyed what he actually was trying to do.  
Burke and Gina have chemistry and work well together.  I was very happy to see the pair work thru the battle with the superhero and loved that Gina actually saves the day.

Thanks to Carina Press and for a chance to read this cute story in exchange for my honest review. 

How to Date a Henchman – Mari Fee – 3.5 Stars


Temptation in a Kilt – Victoria Roberts – 3 Stars

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Take one virginal yet spunky heroine and one verra verra sexy protective Highland Laird and you get this book.

Rosalia is running away from an abusive family and the arranged marriage they expect her to accept.  The man she is supposed to marry is one despicable scum…  and I am editing..  he basically tells her it will be an open marriage as long as she gives him a heir and that it won’t be so bad bedding her even if she is a bit larger than he would like.  She decides to chop her hair and run away but succumbs to pain sooner than she would have liked.  She gets lucky in that a man who caught her eye last time her family was at King James’ court happens upon her with his men.  She doesn’t want to need anyone to get her to her dad’s family in the Highlands but the man won’t take no for an answer and proceeds to protect her all the way back to his home.  I have to say I liked her a lot and was proud of her spunk, wit and strength of will.

Ciaran..  he’s a verra verra sexy piece on man-meat in a kilt.  He is a lusty man but so honorable that as much as he wants his lass he cannot keep her due to a vow he made to his father.  He spends time with Rosalia where they get to truly know one another while the chemistry between them burns brighter and brighter.  He does some traditional stupid male stuff but he really wants to do right by everyone even at thesacrifice of giving her up.  There is a lot of bickering between him and his siblings but you see the true love that is behind all the fighting.  

I only had one true complaint with this and that was the usage of the Gaelic language which at times did not have translation.  I did figure it out since the same phrases were used repeatedly but…  it would have been nice to have a glossary.

Other than that if you want a book with a fair amount of heat but no sex…  a bit of fighting…  some death… and a bit of outside tension….  this is a nice read for all the above.

Special thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  I will have to pick up more by this author. 

Temptation in a Kilt – Victoria Roberts – 3 Stars


Charming Blue – Kristine Grayson – 3 stars

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This was an interesting take on Bluebeard.

Jodi has been in our world for a very long time doing what her magic does best…  fixing things.  She works in Hollywood as a talent agent but in reality does so much more for the magical community.  She is asked by Tank (I loved Tank) a fairy to help her friend Blue out of a bad situation.  You see there is a stalker that is claiming to be Bluebeard while frightening women in the middle of the night by appearing in their rooms.  Jodi is understandably skeptical because you know..  Bluebeard did kill 15+ women and keeping their heads….  I mean just cause she didn’t witness any of the killings the fact that he is always drunk, disgusting and soaked in Aqua Velva should be enough to say No. Tank has a way though so Jodi heads to meet Blue to see if there is any truth in Tank’s beliefs.

 Blue…  I loved the heartbreak that is Blue.  He’s in rehab when we meet him and discover he really isn’t the monster people make him out to be nor is he the killer even he beleives himself to be.  He’s such a sweetheart in this and you just want to hug him until this all goes away.  I loved watching him open up as he is forced to actually see everything that happened and look at items without the burden of guilt.  He is hundreds of years old and never had sex.  Poor dear…  he cleans up nicely though and is willing to trust Jodi while at the same time not wanting her to be hurt.  He’s an all around nice guy and I was happy to see him come in to his own by the end of the book although I wish it had been much much longer just so I could have more of him.

All in all this was a sweet story with no sex but a lot of tension.  Give this a quick shot as I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Charming Blue – Kristine Grayson – 3 stars


Rodeo Rebel – Debra Kayn – 3 stars

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Rodeo Rebel is a cute quick read but there were times when I just wanted to hurt both main characters.

Florentine is a strong woman who only wants to help other females get whatever they want out of life.  She decided that she wanted to make it to the PBR and is pushing herself to be the perfect bull-rider…  lone female in a world of men.  She does this by really suppressing her inner feelings and not letting anyone close.  She doesn’t want to appear to be needy or let anyone see the real her.  She loves her family and ultimately wants to have it all but has convinced herself the only way to make it happen is make the big show.  I have to say even with the dangerous job she really is an incredibly cautious woman and does know how to control the risks even if it doesn’t seem like it to outsiders.  She does this for the greater good and not the adrenaline rush. 

Cole frustrated me at times as much as Florentine did.  He is paranoid and controlling but I mean I get it …  I really do but….  it just got smothering.  I felt sorry for his daughter because of this characteristic she was coddled and kept in a cocoon.  I loved that he loved her but his projection of her mom’s stupidity and recklessness on everyone around her just got tiresome.  He does have moments though of not only realizing what he is doing but then the blinders go on again and you just want to slap him…
 He does redeem himself and is incredibly sexy when he gets going but I felt like the back and forth sort of detracted from the story at a point.

This being said it is a nice quick read and both main characters realize that not everything is what they think it should be and happiness comes with comprimises.  Not enough to break them but enough to acknowledge that the other’s happiness is more important than the self-imposed rules they have.

Special thanks to Entangled Publishing and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Rodeo Rebel – Debra Kayn – 3 stars


In Rides Trouble – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars

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In Rides Trouble (Black Knights, Inc., #2)

Well…  I have to say this book didn’t disappoint but I wouldn’t have minded more sexy scenes with Becky and Frank.  

Ok.  if you read Hell on Wheels you knew what was coming to a head for this book.  Becky and Frank were both trying desperately not to show how much they wanted each other in the last book and it comes to a head when Frank goes Alpha male on her causing her to decide she needs to get away from his “dillhole” self.

While you don’t really need to read Hell on Wheels I would recommend doing so before you read this one just to get a better idea of how the both of them feel.  Plus…  Nate is just hot..  actually HOT…  SMOKING BROODING ALPHA MALE HOT..  hmmm did I make myself clear???  I think so…
Ok back to the book at hand….
Becky owned a custom motorcycle shop that ends up being used as a cover for a black-ops organization.  While she isn’t  an operative she is a mechanical genius that ends up getting closer to the men who work for the Black Knights.  She has been in major lust/love with the head honcho Frank Knight but they have never acted on it as he always seems to either run away from her or treat her like a little sister.  At the end of the last book she lets him know she wants to be an operative which sends him off the deep end with Alpha male protect my female attitude.  She is incredibly hurt and decides she needs to get over him so goes off on a month long vacation with a friend.  She and Eve end up in the hands of pirates (Somali) which leads to Frank, Billy (her brother) and a new guy, Angel, having to ride to the rescue.  In the process of saving the two women Frank ends up getting hurt which leads to an incredible crumbling of his barriers to her but only for a moment.  I will have to say that moment was as funny as it was heartbreaking but hot hot hot. Of course there are more misunderstandings but we all know how this has to end cause Julie Ann Walker would have had a riot …  LMAO

Frank…  sigh…  bless your stubborn heart.  He’s a great guy.  I mean really great guy…  He wants her with all his being but due to being 13 years older than her and items in his past is trying to do the whole virtuous thing and push her away.  He loves her, lusts after her, wants to protect her and wants to strangle her but the man just keeps suppressing this.  Everyone is convinced he has someone he is involved with but that part of the story when it comes to light is understandable.  It isn’t what people think but I understood why he kept it so tightly hidden.  Once his big secret and the reason why he has kept himself from love comes to light you will want to go “Really??  That’s why you pushed her away time and time again??  Really??  Come on man…”

Anyway…  I would gladly want Frank for my own but he and Becky are a great match for one another and I personally am ready for the next one plus…  I am reallylooking forward to Billy and Eve…  (Julie – Hint hint..  sooner rather than later) Oh and Angel..  sweet, sexy, dangerous Angel.  I loved you tried to help the two of them but am glad you finally helped Frank see what he was losing if he didn’t get his head out of his ass.

A great quick read and worth the time to read both in the series with more fun Alpha males to come.  Thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the chance to read this early in exchange for my honest review. 

In Rides Trouble – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars


Howl For It – Shelly Laurenston/Cynthia Eden – 5 stars

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Howl For It (Includes: Pride, #0.5)

Ok..  I am putting this cover up in a larger format than normal cause I mean…  Look at him..  Yum!!

And to get another thing out of my system…


Ok now I feel better….  huge breath…

This is yet another entry in the pairing of short stories/novellas from Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden.  I have to be honest I get these for the Laurenston stories but I am happy to say that due to these I did discover Cynthia Eden and have enjoyed other works by her outside of these.

Like a Wolf with a Bone – Shelly Laurenston – 5 stars:

Laurenston takes us back in the history of her Pride series and gives us the story of Dee’s parents…  Darla and Eggie.

Darla Lewis is on “vacation” from her job as an assistant pastry chef for a Van Holtz restaurant in San Francisco.  She has been sort of forced to come home to rest and relax although with her family and the Smith boys who are their mates there is no way she is really resting.  She’s an interesting soul in that she is a feminist, a pacifist and definitely a She-wolf.  You see how she gets sort of lost with her more vocal and outgoing sisters but you also get to see the strong backbone she has.  She is willing to stick up for what she believes in even if as a wolf she shouldn’t really care about the full-humans or other such nonsense.  She is attacked and Eggie comes to save the day.  Unlike others she feels incredibly safe around the wolf that most run away from or at least back away very slowly and pray that he doesn’t feel like pursuing them.

Eggie… *sigh* … *wipes drool off chin*…  he’s such a misunderstood wolf.  Sure he’s scary….  yes he kills with no real outward emotion…  yes he isn’t a talker… a bit of an odd one…  a loner… but dear gawd is he such a sweeite under the surface.  Noone has ever seen him the way Darla does and he quickly discovers that this is HIS She-wolf and he will protect her as long as he has a breath in his body.  He doesn’t say much but his actions say what he can’t.  He can’t believe she trusts him and is surprised he has found his mate.  I don’t think he ever thought that day would happen and watching this incredible man work out how much he loves her was aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww worthy many times.  His declaration of love has to be one of my favorite moments in this series and I am glad Laurenston was able to give this to us.

I have to say I want her to go back and also give us Bubba Ray and Janie Mae cause the glimpses we got in this have me wanting more more more.

Please go grab this work as it will make you look at Eggie in a different light than the killing machine everyone else sees him to be.  Darla is one hell of a lucky woman.

Wed or Dead – Cynthia Eden – 4.5 stars:

Quick read about a hunter and a werewolf.  Neither is completely what the other expected but is exactly what they each needed.

Kayla lost all her family but her brother in a violent werewolf attack and she has the scars (mentally and physically) to prove it.  She takes an assignment from her boss to get close to a local Alpha by any means necessary so she can kill him.  We start this at the Vegas wedding ceremony and find that she is attracted to him but feels in the back of her mind she still has to kill the monster.  We see her work thru a few issues in this quick read to end up paired with an incredible man/beast that makes her see every species has monsters not just the werewolves/

Gage is Alpha to the core.  He is not a monster but is a fair leader and will kill only if it is needed to protect the innocent or his Pack.  He knows that she is a Hunter but also knows she is his.  She is the mate he has always wanted strong… sexy and  powerful in her own ways.  They have a great honeymoon night together but understandably he is a little pissed when she tries to go thru with her original missions.  She doesn’t really put much effort in to it as she does feel that incredible connection as well.

This story has some nice sexy times but a lot of it is focused on the insane leader of the hunters and not truly on the main pair.  I loved seeing Gage cause I mean he is one sexy beast but we just didn’t get enough relationship building and that sort of disappointed me.  I still loved it though so give it a chance.

Go grab this quick read and then go grab more Laurenston…  Cause ya know ya want to …

Oh…  and BTW – Her G A Aiken Dragons have a book coming up on September 4th so go pre-order or grab that as well.

And to get ready for that..




I am so happy this is finally getting told and dude..  he better have some major groveling chops cause I mean damn he was an ass to her..  LOL