Stolen – Shiloh Walker – 5 stars!!

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As I try to write this in such a way as to not give away spoilers…  This was an awesome read that kept me wondering who was behind it all thru the entire read.  I loved the main pair and their love story was heart wrenchingly beautiful.

Shay has been in hiding for most of her life either from her abusive stepfather or life in general.  She keeps her dragons at bay by writing under a pen name and cutting off 99% of human contact.  She fell in love with Elliot but due to her own issues lost him because of her inability to let him in.  She’s vulnerable but once you get to know why she keeps herself so closed off you just hurt for her.

Elliot…  dear gawd is he one sexy sexy man.  He loves her with all his being but couldn’t take not having all of her.  He wants her so badly but knew it wasn’t healthy to stay if she wasn’t going to let him in and trust him.  I felt for him as some of what happens starts to unfold and cheered for the two of them to not only figure it all out but to finally get their HEA.  I mean come on why wouldn’t you want them to find happiness??  If you can manage to read this and not cheer for them I just don’t know what to think.

Thanks to Edelwiess and Ballantine Books for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

As I told Shiloh on Twitter:

I know… I’m gonna have probs writing the review… It’s gonna have to be super short… As in just go buy it dammit… LOL

So go Pre-Order it already!!!  LOL

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Stolen – Shiloh Walker – 5 stars!!


Captured Heart – Heather McCollum – 4 Stars

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Ahhhh another lovely Highlander steals my heart with his sexiness.  Ohhh and what a yummy cover..

Meg is running away from what will most assuredly be her death at the hands of her father.  You see she has a gift that in most people’s eyes would lead her to death by burning as a witch.  She’s a sweet person and very very strong to have withstood the horrible death of her mother at this man’s hands.  She can hunt with the best of them and protect herself from most attacks but when she meets our hero all bets are off.  She needs to reach the Highlands to get to her grandmother plus hopefully find evidence that her father plotted against the king.

Caden needs to abduct the niece of his neighbor in order to bring peace to his clan.  He happens upon Meg as he is fighting off some Englishmen and realizes he has the prisoner he needs.  He doesn’t tell her but as they spend more and more time together he is drawn to her with all of his being.  He works really hard to make her happy plus make his clan happy.  I loved him thru this book and understood what drew Meg to him.  I also liked that even though he kept a secret from her that almost drove her away he really meant well for everyone involved.

You’ll love the interplay between Meg and Caden both in the bedroom and outside of it.  I also enjoyed watching her blossom when people found out about her gift but didn’t condemn her for it.  It made me have a lot of hope for their future happiness.

Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Captured Heart – Heather McCollum – 4 Stars


Sky Riders – Fae Sutherland – 3 stars

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This was an interesting quick read where i liked the main characters and would not mind seeing more set in this world.
 Torin is a hard-ass mercenary captain (not really as bad as he makes himself out to be) but is also a man hurting after being betrayed by a user.  He’s picked up a pretty boy at his last stop who is making him want something he doesn’t think he should have.

Rain was a surprise.  He acts like a man who just wants to play but under that facade he has a great mind and heart.  I personally found him entertaining and loved how he pushed Torin’s buttons until he made him wake up and see what he really was.  He’s sexy and boy can the two men heat up any place they choose to play in.

I loved the crew and the premise but I hope that this isn’t the last story.  I liked both men and would love to see more adventures with them and the crew. 

Special thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 


Starved for Love – Annie Nicholas – 3 stars

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This was an interesting quick read where i liked the main characters and would not mind seeing more set in this world.

Pia is a succubus who made a mistake when she was younger.  She fell in love with a human who didn’t understand her need.  You see as a succubus she needs orgasms in order to feed.  Unfortunately like humans a diet of only one item makes her sick so infidelity is a given.  For most succubi it isn’t a big deal as monogamy is not the norm but one night stands are considered acceptable.  Unfortunately Pia is not capable of this lifestyle but instead has contracts with her suitors that feed her at scheduled intervals.  She’s ok with this but others worry about her as she just isn’t normal and when one of her suitors is unavailable plus the backup is out of pocket she is forced to go to Sin (her vampire suitor) out of schedule.  He agrees but only if she meets with Val.

Val is an incubus that is in town to find another wife.  You see he is fed by his wives who in turn go out and have sex with others for food enough to keep them alive but also feed him.  He’s a normal incubus where marriage is for business and food but love and affection do not have any place.  He meets Pia and is drawn to her which leads to some interesting times both sexually and mentally.

I liked seeing the two of them come together and realize they fulfill a primal need for one another.  It was sweet to see someone who never really has had love find the love he never thought he needed but once found..  craved it with all his being.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 


Spoiler Free – The Angel – Tiffany Reisz – 5 stars

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So I went in to this thinking…  “Can she really get me bawling a second time?”…

Answer –
                              HELL YES!!

The Angel takes up not too long after The Siren.  Nora is now back with her Søren and is playing sub to his Master again.

Nora –  In this book she is where she thinks she belongs but her heart still aches for her Wesley.  I will tell you she is still as manipulative as ever but I got the sense she is fundamentally broken at this point.

Griffin – He’s a wonderfully wicked man in this book and I enjoyed every minute of his unrepentant ways.  He’s a wonderful person in both heart and action so watching his play with Nora was fun.   I loved seeing why he hated Søren but am glad that the reason played out the way it did.  

Michael – Your heart will break then cheer for him in this book.  He’s such a broken soul but under the care of Søren, Nora and Griffin he shines.  He is sent with Nora to train while staying away from press following Søren’s inclusion on a short list to become Bishop. 

Suzanne – The reporter that causes Nora to have to go hide was an interesting side story. 

Kingsley – I liked seeing more of him in this one and love him.  I also loved seeing that there is a bit of tension between he and Nora which stems from jealousy and maybe will lead to some nasty times in the next book.

Søren – I will admit I was scared to death of him in the last book but after this one I see where he gets his personality from.  Man oh man is that one fucked up family.  

All in all I loved this book and though in some respects it wasn’t as draining mentally as The Siren it was just as draining emotionally.  I am seriously looking forward to The Prince and wondering what path down the rabbit hole Tiffany is going to take us on in it.

Go grab this one as again it will make you cry, laugh and think about what it truly means to love someone else.

Special thanks to and Harlequin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

The Angel – Tiffany Reisz – 5 stars


In a Fix – Linda Grimes – 4 stars

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I enjoyed this start to a series and am looking forward to watching this one play out.  We have action…  sexual tension …  and a triangle all in one book.  😉

The three main characters are all adaptors, human chameleons, and all use their talents for either spying or ,in the case of our heroine, facilitating situations to get tehpreferred outcome.

Ciel is our heroine and has landed herself smack dab in the middle of a mess.  She’s just supposed to get the proposal her client has been waiting on and then be out of there.  Unfortunately the place they have been staying is blown up and it is discovered that the man she was supposed to secure the proposal from has been abducted.  This leads to a fun bit of action as she tries to help when her two men don‘t want her.  She’s not exactly great at listening when people tell her to stay put and has a knack for dropping in to the middle of trouble.  She’s been nursing a huge crush on Mark and avoiding the annoyance also known as her “cousin” Billy.  I loved her quirks as I know she means well she just doesn’t always think before she acts.

Mark is her crush and a CIA spook.  He’s a sexy man but has always treated Ciel like a little sister.  He protects her and watches out for her but that is all it has been until now when it seems he might actually see her as a woman..  better yet..  he might actually be interested.  I liked him but to be honest I felt more drawn to suitor number two…  I mean he’s a good guy and sexy but ya know there is something about ….

Billy…  he’s sexy as well but has a wicked sense of humor and don‘t get squicked out by the whole “cousin” thing as they are actually not related by blood.  I loved watching him protect her but at the same time give her room to be herself.  He’s a bit of a wild-card and you’ll love him for that.  I got the sense that he has been biding his time before making a move and letting his intentions be known. 

Go grab this one because I know I am waiting for book 2 to come out so I can see if it goes anywhere with Billy or Mark…  Or heck I just would like to see more of the craziness that surrounds Ciel.  

Special thanks to and Tor Books for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

In a Fix – Linda Grimes – 4 stars


Navy Seal Rescuer – Shirlee McCoy – 3 Stars

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This is going to be a short, sweet review.  I liked this book and enjoyed the main characters but would have liked a bit more time to get to know everyone before it was just wrapped up.

Darius is a former Navy Seal now security expert that just so happens to live next door to a woman who was falsely accused of murder.  He’s sexy and very protective once his instincts are triggered.  He quickly falls for our heroine but has a few things of his own to work thru.  I liked him and loved his ability to play nice while still protecting those he cares for.

Catherine was at a great spot in her life…  She had the man she thought was the love of her life at her side…  her career as a nurse that she loved…  and then she’s accused of killing patients.  She serves time in prison and then thankfully is cleared but not everyone believes in her innocence. Some threats happen and she thankfully gets help from our wonderful hero.  

The story is fast paced but it works.  Thanks to and Harlequin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Navy Seal Rescuer – Shirlee McCoy – 3 Stars


Savage Redemption – Alexis Morgan – 4 stars

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I did not realize this was a series until after I had already read it.  I will tell you I don’t think I missed a lot but I will be going back to read the rest in this series.

Conlan is a human/vampire halfbreed and head of security for a vampire.  He’s a very tough man to get close to and in this story you understand why he has huge walls around him.  I liked seeing how strong he was but how soft he can be when he lets his guard down.  I loved seeing him come to terms with his feelings for Kat and as much as he doesn’t want to forgive her he really has no choice.  He’s sexy as hell and when he wants something he will move heaven and hell to get it.  She’s a lucky lucky woman.

Kat… I’m telling you this is an incredibly strong woman.  To have withstood all the loss and pain she has and still have the ability to love is a testament to her strength.  She’s on the run from someone who has already killed her family other than her nieces but isn’t willing to give up until she has them somewhere safe.  This leads her to a strong vampire and back in to the arms of the man she loved but left for his own safety.  She’s fighting her attraction to him but when the walls come down it made for some steamy times.  I loved watching them at the end and admired her for what she was willing to do even though she had nothing to be sorry for.  She is truly innocent in this mess but was willing to take the fall if it meant her nieces were safe.

Go grab this cause I know I am going to grab the back-list.

Special thanks to and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchangefor my honest review. 

Savage Redemption – Alexis Morgan – 4 stars


As You Wish – Elyssa Patrick – 4 Stars

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Although at times I wanted to kill both main characters, I really enjoyed this due to the dialogue.
Aubry is a ROCK STAR…  he has hit bottom due to a personal tragedy plus his own self-destructive behavior.  He’s a bad boy who never has claimed to be anything else but…  he really isn’t a bad guy.  Truly he isn’t but dammit some of the stuff he says and does to the heroine made me want to kill him then kill her for not having a backbone to tell him to take his attitude, sexy self and everything else and shove it where the sun don’t shine.  He needed to grovel grovel grovel more than she made him but despite all this I still had a soft spot for him.  He really does have a soft heart but damn does the boy hide it behind a hell of a lot of asshole.  
Portia is a doormat nice girl who is running her family’s floral business.  Unfortunately things aren’t going too well but she just can’t admit this to the rest of the family.  She has a car meltdown that results in her meeting Aubry.  They are intensely attracted to one another from the moment they meet which results in a majorly hot kiss.  She puts up with his asshat ways more than I probably could of but he does come around and I think there is a true HEA for the two of them.
My wish was that this was a bit longer so you could maybe see better groveling from Aubry as some of what he says and does were a little too hurtful for the quick everything is ok.
This is a very quick read with some nice hot moments and I am grateful to Elyssa for giving me a copy of this for review.
I wish her lots of luck in the future.


Takhini Wolves – Books 1 &2 – Vivian Arend

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I was lucky enough to be given review copies of both Black Gold and Silver Mine by Vivian Arend.  I have loved her wolfies in the past and enjoyed the start of this new series.

Black Gold – 4 Stars:

We start the series by meeting Evan (Takhini Alpha) and Shaun..

Evan plays a part in both books released so far and let me tell you he is far from being a traditional Alpha.  You’ll love his sense of humor and the fact that he really wants what is best for the pack not just power…  Helps that he is sexy but ya know…

Shaun is a bit of a lone wolf but he actually isn’t the shifter he tries to portray.  He runs from any sort of commitment but he is there when people need him even if they don’t think they do.  He really does try to help but if you asked him he would deny it until he was blue in the face.  I liked seeing the give and take between him and Evan especially when he gets drunk on Evan’s “special” hooch.  LOL…  this leads to a major OOPS that dear gawd made me laugh but at the same time you really feel for him.  He’s smart, sexy, devious when he needs to be, Alpha but doesn’t want to be the main man, and very protective of his mate when he finally understands that she’s his…  aka sober…  I loved watching his progression in this book and loved the little glimpses we got of him in Silver Mine.

Gemmita….  poor sweet, coddled Gemmita….  She meets her mate just as she is trying to come out from under the thumb of her well meaning Alpha father.  She’s not used to being so open with her wolf nor is she used to being accepted as someone who can truly stand on her own feet.  I felt for her as she not only tried to gain her independence but also had to learn that being independent didn’t mean shutting out her mate’s help.  These two took a bit to soften to one another but let me tell you when they come together…  watch out.. they are hot HOT HOT.

Anyway go check this one out so you can get addicted to the Wolfies… then head on to Silver Mine.

Silver Mine – 3.5 Stars:

I have to admit…  this one took me a bit longer to warm up to.  Not that the main pair isn’t hot but for some reason I just wasn’t as quickly drawn in.  I liked them both when I finished this but at first it just didn’t call to me.
This is an interesting book in that the main pair are both oddities in the shifting world…
Chase is a hybrid that is never certain if he will turn in to a cougar or a wolf when he shifts.  He’s a bit of a loner at the start of this but stands as the Alpha for a rag-tag group of shifters who just don’t fit in to a traditional pack or hierarchy for one reason or another.  He is heading in to town to pick up supplies for himself and the outsiders but also ends up getting seen for an odd wound that just won’t heal.  He’s very loyal to his adopted people and only ends up staying in town longer than expected due to the wound.  He is fascinated with the heroine when they first meet but this is no jump in to bed romp.  
Shelly is the half-sister of Caroline (Evan’s sort of lover/assistant… hmmm no they are lovers but dude you have to read both books to get a good picture) and a wolf that can’t shift.  She’s been treated poorly due to the inability to shift but has finally decided to come home to open a clinic…  vet…  she’s not completely aware of Evan and the changes he is making but you’ll like how he treats her when he meets her.  She’s not looking for a man but is also attracted to Chase when they meet.  
The whole mystery surrounding his wound was interesting and man oh man when the two of them finally get down to business the pages do heat up.  I liked seeing these two find something they weren’t looking for and was happy to see their HEA.
Ok…  This being said …  I’m impatiently waiting to see what Vivian does with Caroline and Evan…  they both deserve an incredible HEA and if they aren’t together she better make it worth our while..  (Hint Hint)…  LOL.  I’m left with some questions after this one but I think that there is more to their story than what we have so far but hey I have faith she’ll not only make us squirm for a bit longer but the payoff will be huge.
Go grab them both …  You should enjoy them.