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If you are a publisher or author who wishes for us to read and review a book please see below for each contributors rules and information:

Steph (Founder & Basic Wrangler):

While I tend to read a bit of everything I am not a huge fan of Christian romances that are heavy on the preaching. I also do not tend to read graphic novels, manga or comic books unless they are a part of a series I have already read.

I cannot promise a great review rating for your work and do not write full reviews for every work I read but I am willing to provide feedback to you if for some reason I do not wish to review it.  I also post reviews on Goodreads as sac402 but not for every work I read although I do rate them.

I try to write reviews that are balanced and do not have a policy of tearing apart a work but instead attempt to say what worked for me and what didn’t so other readers can form their own opinions.

I have just started enjoying audiobooks so these are also now being accepted for review.

How to contact Steph and what formats are accepted for books or submissions:

You can always fill out the form below if you want to reach me or send an email to me at

I own a Kindle so that format is always welcome but I also read paperbacks and use Calibre so almost any format works for me.

Also if you are ever interested in guesting on my blog or would like to just stop past to say hi please just drop me a line.




M. (Young Adult Only):

If you wish to submit a Young Adult title to the site for my YA reader (M – 14 year old female) to read and review please submit it to for review by her mother or Steph.  Please note we will be checking them just to make sure it falls within the boundaries we feel is appropriate for M and Steph may still choose to review it even if it isn’t something that would be appropriate for M’s pile.



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