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Blue Nebula – Diane Dooley – 3 stars

September 24, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 0

This was a decent read but I think I need to go back and read the first one.  

Sola has had a ton of enhancements done to her by her dictator father.  She’s married to Javan and it turns out she’s pregnant.  She doesn’t quite know how to handle this news as she plans on going to Earth to kill her father even though it will be extremely dangerous mission.  Her husband desperately wants to keep her and the baby safe but Sola is determined to do what is best for Earth even if that means losing Javan.  

Javan seemed to be a good man stuck in a relationship where he wasn’t kept in the loop about everything.  He doesn’t like her lies but that is all she has known since she was a child.  I liked what I saw of Javan but in this read he wasn’t there much.

I think the pair was a good fit for one another once the truths all came out but Sola is not a sympathetic or warm heroine.  Understandable with her upbringing but made it a bit difficult to get completely warmed up to the relationship.

I’m planning on reading the first story to see if it helps with my thoughts of her but it wasn’t a bad read as is.

Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 


Desire By Blood – Melissa Schroeder – 4 Stars

September 20, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Desire by Blood (By Blood, #1)
Ahh,,,  Sexy vampires and strong women…  such a wonderful combination.
Cordelia is a bluestocking that is making a living by being a reporter.  She’s the bastard daughter who always felt like an outsider and fears becoming like her mother.  She’s strong and unwilling to conform to society’s expectations of what a woman should be.  I liked her practicality and willingness to stand up for what she believed in but felt sorry for her own self-doubt and denial of her sensual nature.  She has no idea what she is going to get when she meets Nico.  She doesn’t know her total worth both from a mental perspective or as a woman in general for a man like Nico.
Nico…  sigh…  Nico…  such a wonderful Alpha male that still understands that a strong woman is something to treasure and not fear.  Of course he has his wonderful mother to thank for that mentality as she is a prime example of what good a strong woman can do for the family.  He’s not looking for his match but boy oh boy do the sparks fly when he and Cordelia meet.  This vampire that has all sorts of self-control can’t seem to muster it when near his beloved.  They end up in a situation that compromises Cordelia and to keep her safe/make it right he marries her.  This is not expected to be a love match and Cordelia initially fights it but relents as it is the only choice she can really make.  Once the two are married…  *fans self*…  all bets are off as they realize that not only do they have chemistry but there is a real love and respect there that should be cherished and nurtured.  
The story uses the concepts of Born and Made vampires in a new way but boils down to discrimination and the older more established ignoring the issues at the expense of innocents.  I liked the tension but am really looking forward to Malik’s story and seeing how he and Cordelia’s sister make things work between them while the fight against the old guard continues.  Oh and of course you know there is going to be some really sexy times cause man oh man does their chemistry shine in this book.
Thanks to Melissa for giving me a copy as I really enjoyed the start to this world..  You can send em to me any time you wish…  ðŸ˜‰


Beyond Shame – Kit Rocha – 5 Stars – Contest

September 18, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 3

I must bow down to the Mistresses…  ðŸ˜‰

Ok the people on Twitter (you know who you are) that said this book was deliciously dirty didn’t even come close to how truly naughty this book is.  I mean decadence can’t cover it..  you feel like a bit of a voyeur but man oh man can it give you some ideas.

I felt for poor Noelle when she ends up kicked out of Eden to make her way in the Sectors.  She is quickly seen as prey and ends up getting juiced by someone that wanted to take advantage.  Luckily for her she lands in the arms of a very sexy, dangerous man.  She’s innocent, naive and believes that the thoughts and feelings she’s been having are shameful.  You may think this makes her weak but as you get to know her and watch her grow …  she’s strong and such a lovely character.  Sure she likes to submit…  sure she likes to play with both men and women but…  she’s no weak plaything…

Jasper.. *fans self*…  man oh man can he get your motor running.  He’s growly…  possessive…  sweet…  lost….  and man oh man can he come up with some interesting things to say and try out.  I loved watching him in both his dealings with Noelle and the rest of the world we were immersed in.  I loved his ability to both want to keep her but knows that what he needs to do is let her come out of her shell by not completely stifling her.  He does some typical male bs but hey I can forgive a lot.

Now…  my comments would not be complete without mentioning the next pair that we will hopefully see…  and man oh man this will be an amazing book when the Mistresses give it to us..

Dallas and Lex…  dude these two are scorching in this book but man oh man…  Their book should be absolutely positively scorching..  They burn up the pages in this one and dear GAWD will they be hot …

I’m looking incredibly forward to more from this dystopian world and have to say they can send them to me any time they wish…  I mean I’ll buy them anyway but….

Thanks to and Kit Rocha for letting me get my greedy hands on it in exchange for my honest review.

Please leave a comment below to win an eBook copy (Kindle, Nook, or iBooks) of this deliciously dirty read.  Contest ends on 9/28/12 at 11:59 pm CT.  If you are having issues with comments please either tweet me to enter or send me an email.


Forever Werewolf/Moon Kissed – Michele Hauf – 4 stars

September 18, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 0

Forever Werewolf: Forever Werewolf\Moon Kissed

I liked the 2 books that came as a part of this title.

Forever Werewolf

Lexi is cold..  or at least appears to be cold to those that surround her.  She’s built up huge defenses after a life of being the oddity in a werewolf pack.  She can’t shift and if she can’t shift she can’t find a werewolf mate that would ever want her.  She’s determined to do what she can for her pack even though they don’t completely accept her.  She wants someone to call her own and when Trystan shows up she finds herself drawn to a man who drops everything to help save her pack even though he just arrived.

Trystan was one sexy male.  I loved how he dropped everything when the avalanche hit the compound to help find the missing even though it isn’t his pack.  He’s an outcast from normal werewolf society in that he is a vampire/werewolf hybrid.  He’s always been interested in pack life but knows he won’t be accepted once people know what he is.  He meets Lexi and is immediately attracted to this outwardly appearing cold woman.  He pushes her buttons and opens his heart and soul to help her warm up.

The bad guy in this was a duh but the chemistry between Lexi and Tryst made it for me…  cause when they act on their passions it was steamy.  

Moon Kissed

 I had read another book or two with the main characters of this one so knew about them already but I liked getting to see them coming together.

Bella is a human dancer that loves her life in most respects but you sense that she wants to find her one.  She runs afoul of some vampires while out jogging and then gets rescued (molested) by a man who seems to make her want him while she is still scared out of her wits by him and the vampires.  She tries to put it out of her mind but…  he keeps showing up and pushing limits with her.

Severo is an older werewolf that has met his match.  Bella calls to him in a way that no other female has ever called to him.  He’s frightened of what will happen when his were form comes out to play but wants her more than life itself.  He’s ALPHA from the word go but sexy as hell cause he goes for what he wants.  Man oh man would it not be nice to have his attention.  

There is more to this book than just wolf meets mate but I won’t give it away.  I need to go back in my library and find the next book in the series to refresh all my memories of this characters but it was a nice read. 

Both books are nice reads so go grab this book. 

Forever Werewolf/Moon Kissed – Michele Hauf – 4 stars


Yesterday’s Heroes – Heather Long – 3 stars

September 17, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 1

Fast read ..  really really fast read but Rory and Michael were hot.

The premise is a set of people were sent back in time to try to stop certain major events from happening in order to change the bleak reality they live in.  They have been back for 40 years so far and in one moment everything changes.

Michael has been following his target Rory for a few weeks and got close to her at a bar the night before he decides to complete his job.  You see he is supposed to kill her in order to bring out the man they know as  The Immortal.  For someone who never misses he is shocked when he doesn’t complete the mission but is also shocked by how intensely his mind/body is yelling MINE.  He’s sexy, Alpha and dear gawd is he yummy.

Rory is a kick ass heroine who is incredibly drawn to Michael even though he is keeping her captive.  She is definitely interested but at the same time worried for her missing partners.  I enjoyed their interplay and loved watching how she manages to control him even without meaning to.  I think another item that kept me interested is getting to the bottom of what exactly they need to do to get the future to be brighter.

My hope is that there will be more to the world introduced in this quick read and I will have to keep my eye out for it.

Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Yesterday’s Heroes – Heather Long – 3 stars


Risking It All – Jennifer Schmidt – 3 stars

September 17, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 0

Risking It All

I am going to start this review with a huge warning –

If you have a hard line towards infidelity then this is not the book for you. The female lead does cheat on her boyfriend and even though it was understandable I do know some people have a hard line on cheating.

Kennedy has had a major crush on her friend Memphis since they first met.  She’s always wished for more but didn’t expect it because he hasn’t ever hinted that he wanted anything other than their incredible friendship.  She’s  been involved with Brooks for a few years now but isn’t happy with the way he treats her.  When Memphis offers her a chance to go to Alaska, like she’s always dreamed of doing. she jumps at the chance.  She’s hoping that some time apart from Brooks will do her a world of good.  While in Alaska some doors open and true feelings are expressed but nothing is resolved.

Memphis is a great catch and I found myself saying “Come see me instead…  I’ll not waver in what I want from you…”  I liked that he put it on the line with her but when she wasn’t quite willing to make up her mind that he walked away from her.  He deserved better but at the same time he knew things weren’t broken off with Brooks completely when he made his move.  I was happy to see the ending that occured but I just wasn’t completely happy with Kennedy.

Brooks..  can I just say total freakin’ asshole??  I mean come on…  your GF has a major art show and your happy little ass couldn’t be there for her?  I mean one freakin night but…  I forgot…  He’s a self-centered asshole but at the same time she should have broke it off with him rather than cheat.  I didn’t like him but I also think that Kennedy was a waffling idiot when it came to the two men in her life.

I did have major problems with Kennedy and her inability to take a stand until forced at the end to wake up to what she was losing.  I was happy when the resolution came but damn if I didn’t feel that she deserved to lose it all since she wasn’t really willing to risk everything when the initial push came.  I mean Memphis was amazing and I adored his treatment of her plus his attitude towards the asshole that was Brooks..  

Nice read and thanks to and The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


Stolen – Shiloh Walker – 5 stars!!

September 17, 2012 Uncategorized 0

As I try to write this in such a way as to not give away spoilers…  This was an awesome read that kept me wondering who was behind it all thru the entire read.  I loved the main pair and their love story was heart wrenchingly beautiful.

Shay has been in hiding for most of her life either from her abusive stepfather or life in general.  She keeps her dragons at bay by writing under a pen name and cutting off 99% of human contact.  She fell in love with Elliot but due to her own issues lost him because of her inability to let him in.  She’s vulnerable but once you get to know why she keeps herself so closed off you just hurt for her.

Elliot…  dear gawd is he one sexy sexy man.  He loves her with all his being but couldn’t take not having all of her.  He wants her so badly but knew it wasn’t healthy to stay if she wasn’t going to let him in and trust him.  I felt for him as some of what happens starts to unfold and cheered for the two of them to not only figure it all out but to finally get their HEA.  I mean come on why wouldn’t you want them to find happiness??  If you can manage to read this and not cheer for them I just don’t know what to think.

Thanks to Edelwiess and Ballantine Books for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

As I told Shiloh on Twitter:

I know… I’m gonna have probs writing the review… It’s gonna have to be super short… As in just go buy it dammit… LOL

So go Pre-Order it already!!!  LOL

Kindle link:

Stolen – Shiloh Walker – 5 stars!!


Captured Heart – Heather McCollum – 4 Stars

September 17, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 0

Ahhhh another lovely Highlander steals my heart with his sexiness.  Ohhh and what a yummy cover..

Meg is running away from what will most assuredly be her death at the hands of her father.  You see she has a gift that in most people’s eyes would lead her to death by burning as a witch.  She’s a sweet person and very very strong to have withstood the horrible death of her mother at this man’s hands.  She can hunt with the best of them and protect herself from most attacks but when she meets our hero all bets are off.  She needs to reach the Highlands to get to her grandmother plus hopefully find evidence that her father plotted against the king.

Caden needs to abduct the niece of his neighbor in order to bring peace to his clan.  He happens upon Meg as he is fighting off some Englishmen and realizes he has the prisoner he needs.  He doesn’t tell her but as they spend more and more time together he is drawn to her with all of his being.  He works really hard to make her happy plus make his clan happy.  I loved him thru this book and understood what drew Meg to him.  I also liked that even though he kept a secret from her that almost drove her away he really meant well for everyone involved.

You’ll love the interplay between Meg and Caden both in the bedroom and outside of it.  I also enjoyed watching her blossom when people found out about her gift but didn’t condemn her for it.  It made me have a lot of hope for their future happiness.

Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Captured Heart – Heather McCollum – 4 Stars


Sky Riders – Fae Sutherland – 3 stars

September 16, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 0

This was an interesting quick read where i liked the main characters and would not mind seeing more set in this world.
 Torin is a hard-ass mercenary captain (not really as bad as he makes himself out to be) but is also a man hurting after being betrayed by a user.  He’s picked up a pretty boy at his last stop who is making him want something he doesn’t think he should have.

Rain was a surprise.  He acts like a man who just wants to play but under that facade he has a great mind and heart.  I personally found him entertaining and loved how he pushed Torin’s buttons until he made him wake up and see what he really was.  He’s sexy and boy can the two men heat up any place they choose to play in.

I loved the crew and the premise but I hope that this isn’t the last story.  I liked both men and would love to see more adventures with them and the crew. 

Special thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 


Starved for Love – Annie Nicholas – 3 stars

September 16, 2012 Uncategorized 0

This was an interesting quick read where i liked the main characters and would not mind seeing more set in this world.

Pia is a succubus who made a mistake when she was younger.  She fell in love with a human who didn’t understand her need.  You see as a succubus she needs orgasms in order to feed.  Unfortunately like humans a diet of only one item makes her sick so infidelity is a given.  For most succubi it isn’t a big deal as monogamy is not the norm but one night stands are considered acceptable.  Unfortunately Pia is not capable of this lifestyle but instead has contracts with her suitors that feed her at scheduled intervals.  She’s ok with this but others worry about her as she just isn’t normal and when one of her suitors is unavailable plus the backup is out of pocket she is forced to go to Sin (her vampire suitor) out of schedule.  He agrees but only if she meets with Val.

Val is an incubus that is in town to find another wife.  You see he is fed by his wives who in turn go out and have sex with others for food enough to keep them alive but also feed him.  He’s a normal incubus where marriage is for business and food but love and affection do not have any place.  He meets Pia and is drawn to her which leads to some interesting times both sexually and mentally.

I liked seeing the two of them come together and realize they fulfill a primal need for one another.  It was sweet to see someone who never really has had love find the love he never thought he needed but once found..  craved it with all his being.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.