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de La Vega Cats – Lauren Dane

April 24, 2012 Uncategorized 0

I will just say now that I love this series!!!!  I have not yet read the Cascadia Wolves series and while that would have been nice it wasn’t needed to get in to these books.

Book 1 (Trinity) starts with Galen (Jaguar shifter) and Renee (witch) who have been a couple for a while and according to jaguar custom are married/imprinted,  Renee is feeling a little out of sorts like something is around the corner waiting for her when she runs in to Jack (wolf shifter).  It turns out she is also the mate for Jack.  I wasn’t sure how to feel about this as I don’t normally feel comfortable with a committed relationship suddenly adding a third partner this one worked.  I loved the give and take between the two obviously Alpha males and the way they banded together to protect and cherish their witch.  Renee has a lot of issues to work thru caused by her upbringing and to see her come in to her own was fun to see.

Book 2  (Revelation) focuses on Max (Galen’s brother and Alpha in waiting) and Kendra (Renee’s sister and witch).  Kendra has moved to town as a result of situations that happened in book 1 and is starting to form great ties with her long-lost sister.  She is also taking lessons from another witch in defense and expanding her natural gifts.  She and Max build a great relationship out of mutual love and respect with a healthy dose of lust.  I liked seeing Max open up and really step in and start to lead the jamboree.  I also liked seeing the support that both of them received from his parents and most of the jamboree.  The story line with Carlos was heartbreaking as you love Max and his dad Cesar.  What they had to do to protect the rest of the jamboree as well as the witches was horrible but necessary.  Scenes with Kendra and Max were hot, loving and just plain yummy.

Book 3 (Beneath the Skin) focuses on Gibson (the Bringer, Max/Galen’s brother) and Mia (Jaguar shifter).  This has to be my favorite of the 3 books as you really get to see the level of respect and love the main pair have for one another and their families.  Mia’s family has been treated unfairly due to something done to her grandmother by a member of the de La Vega clan years ago and it hasn’t really healed.  In this book both sides come together to support the main pair plus heal the damage caused by one man’s selfish actions.  Mia is a strong character in her own right and to see her and Gibson work thru issues caused by his need to protect and her need to act were fun to watch.  Plus…  the sex scenes were just plain yummy.

Overall I would highly recommend this series to anyone who likes sexy shifters and strong female leads.

Amazon Kindle links:

Trinity – de La Vega book 1
Revelation – de La Vega book 2
Beneath the Skin – de La Vega book 3


The Importance of Humor

April 22, 2012 Uncategorized 0

  As I tried to come up with something to post this week I looked back at some of my recent favorite reads. It seems that my sense of humor still plays a major factor in the books I like and the books I love.
  I recently read the latest book from Shelly Laurenston, Bear Meets Girl, and absolutely adored the fact that she does not make her characters too serious unlike most authors of paranormal romance.  They are weird and wonderful.  I mean take Bo…  he’s an OCD bear-lion hybrid who is engaged to one of the flightiest women on the planet.  One of the things that hooked me on the series is that the shifters all have weaknesses just like the animals who share their bodies.  Mitch and the lion males all have a thing about their manes and figure everything on the planet has been put there to serve them.  The wild dogs are easily distracted with shiny or sparkly things…. I just love the series and the humor.
   In other series the humor comes from other means…  Shannon Stacey has a character – Sean (Yours to Keep, Kowalski family #3) – that tells Emma he has a magic penis…  Thankfully I was not drinking anything when I read that otherwise it would have ended up all over my Kindle.  She has a wonderful sense of humor thru the series so far and I cannot wait until the next one comes out.  (Hint Hint)
   From a non-romance standpoint other authors to take a look at:

                      Terry Pratchett – Discworld Series – I mean come on who is going to have a Death of Rats who just says “SQUEAK!!”

                      Douglas Adams – Hitchhikers Guide – Don’t Panic and do you know where your towel is?

                      George Carlin – I loved to listen to him and reading Brain Droppings was just like getting to see him. – side note – I got to see him the last time he was here in Omaha.  I feel so lucky to have had that opportunity.

My brain hurts but if you don’t want to read (shocking I know) these guys are all still worth a look …  Try them…



April 19, 2012 Uncategorized 1

Welcome!!  My name is Stephanie and I’m a Book-A-Holic….  LOL…  Anyway…  Yes I am an avid book reader but I do also know that I have a problem.  Although I don’t necessarily consider it an issue as I still hold a regular job and have a life outside of reading.  I post some reviews on and also comment occasionally on Twitter about my latest book reads.

This blog was created to allow me and potentially others to comment on, recommend, review and discuss any and all books that happened across your world.  I read a lot of genres but recently have been reading more and more romance novels.  If you had told me even a year and a half ago I would be reading mainly romance novels/novellas I would have looked at you like you were insane.

My attitude towards the genre has drastically changed and I have found that within that heading there are a lot of great stories available to a reader.  Not that I read exclusively romance but it does tend to be a big portion of my current stack of material.

Please feel free to comment or if you would like to write a full post I would be happy to put it out here for you.

Thanks and Happy Reading!!