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Charming Blue – Kristine Grayson – 3 stars

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This was an interesting take on Bluebeard.

Jodi has been in our world for a very long time doing what her magic does best…  fixing things.  She works in Hollywood as a talent agent but in reality does so much more for the magical community.  She is asked by Tank (I loved Tank) a fairy to help her friend Blue out of a bad situation.  You see there is a stalker that is claiming to be Bluebeard while frightening women in the middle of the night by appearing in their rooms.  Jodi is understandably skeptical because you know..  Bluebeard did kill 15+ women and keeping their heads….  I mean just cause she didn’t witness any of the killings the fact that he is always drunk, disgusting and soaked in Aqua Velva should be enough to say No. Tank has a way though so Jodi heads to meet Blue to see if there is any truth in Tank’s beliefs.

 Blue…  I loved the heartbreak that is Blue.  He’s in rehab when we meet him and discover he really isn’t the monster people make him out to be nor is he the killer even he beleives himself to be.  He’s such a sweetheart in this and you just want to hug him until this all goes away.  I loved watching him open up as he is forced to actually see everything that happened and look at items without the burden of guilt.  He is hundreds of years old and never had sex.  Poor dear…  he cleans up nicely though and is willing to trust Jodi while at the same time not wanting her to be hurt.  He’s an all around nice guy and I was happy to see him come in to his own by the end of the book although I wish it had been much much longer just so I could have more of him.

All in all this was a sweet story with no sex but a lot of tension.  Give this a quick shot as I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Charming Blue – Kristine Grayson – 3 stars


Rodeo Rebel – Debra Kayn – 3 stars

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Rodeo Rebel is a cute quick read but there were times when I just wanted to hurt both main characters.

Florentine is a strong woman who only wants to help other females get whatever they want out of life.  She decided that she wanted to make it to the PBR and is pushing herself to be the perfect bull-rider…  lone female in a world of men.  She does this by really suppressing her inner feelings and not letting anyone close.  She doesn’t want to appear to be needy or let anyone see the real her.  She loves her family and ultimately wants to have it all but has convinced herself the only way to make it happen is make the big show.  I have to say even with the dangerous job she really is an incredibly cautious woman and does know how to control the risks even if it doesn’t seem like it to outsiders.  She does this for the greater good and not the adrenaline rush. 

Cole frustrated me at times as much as Florentine did.  He is paranoid and controlling but I mean I get it …  I really do but….  it just got smothering.  I felt sorry for his daughter because of this characteristic she was coddled and kept in a cocoon.  I loved that he loved her but his projection of her mom’s stupidity and recklessness on everyone around her just got tiresome.  He does have moments though of not only realizing what he is doing but then the blinders go on again and you just want to slap him…
 He does redeem himself and is incredibly sexy when he gets going but I felt like the back and forth sort of detracted from the story at a point.

This being said it is a nice quick read and both main characters realize that not everything is what they think it should be and happiness comes with comprimises.  Not enough to break them but enough to acknowledge that the other’s happiness is more important than the self-imposed rules they have.

Special thanks to Entangled Publishing and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Rodeo Rebel – Debra Kayn – 3 stars


In Rides Trouble – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars

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In Rides Trouble (Black Knights, Inc., #2)

Well…  I have to say this book didn’t disappoint but I wouldn’t have minded more sexy scenes with Becky and Frank.  

Ok.  if you read Hell on Wheels you knew what was coming to a head for this book.  Becky and Frank were both trying desperately not to show how much they wanted each other in the last book and it comes to a head when Frank goes Alpha male on her causing her to decide she needs to get away from his “dillhole” self.

While you don’t really need to read Hell on Wheels I would recommend doing so before you read this one just to get a better idea of how the both of them feel.  Plus…  Nate is just hot..  actually HOT…  SMOKING BROODING ALPHA MALE HOT..  hmmm did I make myself clear???  I think so…
Ok back to the book at hand….
Becky owned a custom motorcycle shop that ends up being used as a cover for a black-ops organization.  While she isn’t  an operative she is a mechanical genius that ends up getting closer to the men who work for the Black Knights.  She has been in major lust/love with the head honcho Frank Knight but they have never acted on it as he always seems to either run away from her or treat her like a little sister.  At the end of the last book she lets him know she wants to be an operative which sends him off the deep end with Alpha male protect my female attitude.  She is incredibly hurt and decides she needs to get over him so goes off on a month long vacation with a friend.  She and Eve end up in the hands of pirates (Somali) which leads to Frank, Billy (her brother) and a new guy, Angel, having to ride to the rescue.  In the process of saving the two women Frank ends up getting hurt which leads to an incredible crumbling of his barriers to her but only for a moment.  I will have to say that moment was as funny as it was heartbreaking but hot hot hot. Of course there are more misunderstandings but we all know how this has to end cause Julie Ann Walker would have had a riot …  LMAO

Frank…  sigh…  bless your stubborn heart.  He’s a great guy.  I mean really great guy…  He wants her with all his being but due to being 13 years older than her and items in his past is trying to do the whole virtuous thing and push her away.  He loves her, lusts after her, wants to protect her and wants to strangle her but the man just keeps suppressing this.  Everyone is convinced he has someone he is involved with but that part of the story when it comes to light is understandable.  It isn’t what people think but I understood why he kept it so tightly hidden.  Once his big secret and the reason why he has kept himself from love comes to light you will want to go “Really??  That’s why you pushed her away time and time again??  Really??  Come on man…”

Anyway…  I would gladly want Frank for my own but he and Becky are a great match for one another and I personally am ready for the next one plus…  I am reallylooking forward to Billy and Eve…  (Julie – Hint hint..  sooner rather than later) Oh and Angel..  sweet, sexy, dangerous Angel.  I loved you tried to help the two of them but am glad you finally helped Frank see what he was losing if he didn’t get his head out of his ass.

A great quick read and worth the time to read both in the series with more fun Alpha males to come.  Thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the chance to read this early in exchange for my honest review. 

In Rides Trouble – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars


Howl For It – Shelly Laurenston/Cynthia Eden – 5 stars

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Howl For It (Includes: Pride, #0.5)

Ok..  I am putting this cover up in a larger format than normal cause I mean…  Look at him..  Yum!!

And to get another thing out of my system…


Ok now I feel better….  huge breath…

This is yet another entry in the pairing of short stories/novellas from Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden.  I have to be honest I get these for the Laurenston stories but I am happy to say that due to these I did discover Cynthia Eden and have enjoyed other works by her outside of these.

Like a Wolf with a Bone – Shelly Laurenston – 5 stars:

Laurenston takes us back in the history of her Pride series and gives us the story of Dee’s parents…  Darla and Eggie.

Darla Lewis is on “vacation” from her job as an assistant pastry chef for a Van Holtz restaurant in San Francisco.  She has been sort of forced to come home to rest and relax although with her family and the Smith boys who are their mates there is no way she is really resting.  She’s an interesting soul in that she is a feminist, a pacifist and definitely a She-wolf.  You see how she gets sort of lost with her more vocal and outgoing sisters but you also get to see the strong backbone she has.  She is willing to stick up for what she believes in even if as a wolf she shouldn’t really care about the full-humans or other such nonsense.  She is attacked and Eggie comes to save the day.  Unlike others she feels incredibly safe around the wolf that most run away from or at least back away very slowly and pray that he doesn’t feel like pursuing them.

Eggie… *sigh* … *wipes drool off chin*…  he’s such a misunderstood wolf.  Sure he’s scary….  yes he kills with no real outward emotion…  yes he isn’t a talker… a bit of an odd one…  a loner… but dear gawd is he such a sweeite under the surface.  Noone has ever seen him the way Darla does and he quickly discovers that this is HIS She-wolf and he will protect her as long as he has a breath in his body.  He doesn’t say much but his actions say what he can’t.  He can’t believe she trusts him and is surprised he has found his mate.  I don’t think he ever thought that day would happen and watching this incredible man work out how much he loves her was aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww worthy many times.  His declaration of love has to be one of my favorite moments in this series and I am glad Laurenston was able to give this to us.

I have to say I want her to go back and also give us Bubba Ray and Janie Mae cause the glimpses we got in this have me wanting more more more.

Please go grab this work as it will make you look at Eggie in a different light than the killing machine everyone else sees him to be.  Darla is one hell of a lucky woman.

Wed or Dead – Cynthia Eden – 4.5 stars:

Quick read about a hunter and a werewolf.  Neither is completely what the other expected but is exactly what they each needed.

Kayla lost all her family but her brother in a violent werewolf attack and she has the scars (mentally and physically) to prove it.  She takes an assignment from her boss to get close to a local Alpha by any means necessary so she can kill him.  We start this at the Vegas wedding ceremony and find that she is attracted to him but feels in the back of her mind she still has to kill the monster.  We see her work thru a few issues in this quick read to end up paired with an incredible man/beast that makes her see every species has monsters not just the werewolves/

Gage is Alpha to the core.  He is not a monster but is a fair leader and will kill only if it is needed to protect the innocent or his Pack.  He knows that she is a Hunter but also knows she is his.  She is the mate he has always wanted strong… sexy and  powerful in her own ways.  They have a great honeymoon night together but understandably he is a little pissed when she tries to go thru with her original missions.  She doesn’t really put much effort in to it as she does feel that incredible connection as well.

This story has some nice sexy times but a lot of it is focused on the insane leader of the hunters and not truly on the main pair.  I loved seeing Gage cause I mean he is one sexy beast but we just didn’t get enough relationship building and that sort of disappointed me.  I still loved it though so give it a chance.

Go grab this quick read and then go grab more Laurenston…  Cause ya know ya want to …

Oh…  and BTW – Her G A Aiken Dragons have a book coming up on September 4th so go pre-order or grab that as well.

And to get ready for that..




I am so happy this is finally getting told and dude..  he better have some major groveling chops cause I mean damn he was an ass to her..  LOL


Where There’s a Will – Karen Kelley – 3 stars

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Where There's A Will

Cute premise but at times you will want to hurt the heroine.

Haley is the perpetual wall-flower who has been basically bullied her entire life.  She’s not too tall and is very curvy but not fat.  Unfortunately she believes herself to be frumpy, ugly, fat, oh heck she just believes anything negative she can about herself. She is sooooo meek and suppressed that even the few times she has had sex it was in the dark with little to no playing.  She gets embarrassed by anything and everything even saying curse words or hmmm  cock.  LOL  This will get on your nerves as the story progresses but this is a good story even with that annoyance.She has a great friend who supports her but in her own way has held Haley back from becoming who she is meant to be.  She gets stood up, again, and in a moment of desperation prays for something she never though she could get…  a dating miracle.

Ryder…  sigh…  I want a Guardian Angel like him.. although I should say nephilim.  He answers her prayer and starts working on building her confidence and giving her the most amazing makeover in both looks but also personality.  He shouldn’t get involved with her but he just can’t seem to resist her pleas and her looks.  He gets in a lot of trouble as he becomes more and more involved with her until the showdown near the end of the book.  He’s sexy..  naughty..  sweet…  Alpha…  and oh dear god if I could have him I’d jump at the chance.  I mean come on wouldn’t you love your own naughty sex god…  LOL

Anyway…  read this for the chance to see some hot times but it is also nice to see a good girl with naughty thoughts get the man of her dreams.  I wish we could see more of this pair and maybe in a future book we will.

Thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Where There’s a Will – Karen Kelley – 3 stars


A Season for Sin – Vicky Dreiling – 3 stars

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A Season for Sin

I’m going to start this off by saying this is not a review for the entire story as it is just a teaser of what the book will be like.  This being said I did enjoy it and look forward to the full novel.

 Laura is a widow attempting to raise her stepson who is now 17 and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  She is trying her best to cope but soon is forced to make a deal with the “devil”.  She seems to be a good person and is immediately stunned by our hero’s looks and presence.

Bell…  Earl of Bellingham…  so sexy but so rigid…  He has recently ended his relationship with the latest mistress and needs to find someone to take her place.  He never wants to get married and is extremely strict with his life.  I mean the man gets bent out of shape when his chef tries to get him to try something new for breakfast.  This is a man who can’t bend but loves challengers.  He’s a bit out of sorts though as his friends are all wedding around him and settling in to married loving bliss.  He never wants to get married or have kids although we don’t get to see the full reason why in this teaser.


Faces of Evil Series by Debra Webb – 4 Stars

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Recently I have been reading a new series by Debra Webb.  There are 5 books planned for this series and I have so far been lucky enough to read 3 of them.  The series centers around a couple who were together towards the end of high-school and then college but split due to mitigating factors.  Their dynamic is wonderful and my hope is they end the series firmly as a couple with the past far behind them.

Book 1 – Obsession – 4 stars:

Obsession (Faces of Evil, #1)

We start this series off with a bang, Jess has been called to Birmingham by her former lover who is now the Chief of Police to investigate the disappearance of multiple young women.  These women are not the type to have just run away but instead are women who care deeply about their families.  She is still smarting from the disaster she has left with the FBI which is about to get her fired from the Bureau.  You see she got a little too involved in a case with a serial killer and went outside the lines to gather evidence which is now going to set the man free.  Unfortunately this makes others think she has gone off the deep end since not only did that happen but she is also smarting from the breakup of her marriage.  She is a smart woman who’s only crime I think is wanting to do her job to the point that she won’t always look before she leaps.

Jess is a brilliant profiler who can see things noone else notices.  She immediately takes over the investigation and pushes the task force to look outside the box.  She is also still in love with Dan which you see in this book but the tension between them is palpable in this book.  They split in college when Dan wanted to go back home to Birmingham and she wanted to go to the FBI like she thought they both planned.  They ran in to one another 10 years ago and had a memorable night together.  The chemistry between them is not gone and will  not leave them alone. They are a great match for one another but things just keep getting in their way during this book.  She pushes the team in this book to the point where they aren’t sure if she is truly sane or not but the results she gets give everyone a happy ending.

Dan is conflicted…  He wants this case solved because his ex-stepdaughter is one of the missing.  He sucks it up and calls Jess because he knows she will be able to solve this case.  He still harbors feelings for her even though it has been 10 years since that memorable night and 20 since they were a couple.  You feel for him since as the series progresses you understand more of what drove them apart originally and truly like him and them as a couple.

This story was a lot of fun and ends on a bang that sets up the next book perfectly.  So go grab it and the others….

Book 2 – Impulse – 4 stars:

Impulse (Faces of Evil, #2)

Impulse starts with the realization that Jess’ past has come back to haunt her.  Spears (The Player) has been released and Lori Wells (detective from case in Obsession) has been abducted.  Jess knows this has something to do with Spears even though others don’t completely believe her.  The FBI has basically called her out on her bizarre behavior and is implying that she may be making things up.  Not to say that Lori isn’t abducted but they do not believe that it is the Player but is instead a copy-cat.  Tension is high in this book and many others are hurt as the action ramps up.  We lose a couple of side-characters but if they had listened to Jess maybe they would have survived.  There also isn’t a 100% resolution to the Spears case but Jess gets her good name back.

In this book the focus is on getting the case that ruined Jess’ career solved plus we get a bit of release of the sexual tension that exists between Dan and Jess.  You get to see that she never truly got over him and he never got over her.  This is a couple that is meant to be and I find myself cheering for them to get thru all the obstacles and find the love they deserve.

I loved the side characters in both Obsession and Impulse which add a depth to the story you wouldn’t have otherwise.  Chet Harper and Lori Wells are a wonderful couple and I was extremely happy with the fact Lori decided to face her fears and open her heart to Chet.  Watching them in the series is just as much fun as seeing Dan and Jess come together.

This book ends with Jess being named Deputy Chief of a new division which means Dan will be her boss.  We have some ground rules set at the end of this which I had to laugh at since you know they won’t be able to follow them.

Book 3 – Power – 4 stars:

Power (Faces of Evil, #3)

Jess is trying to get her feet under her again and start to lead her new division at Birmingham PD.  Chet Harper gets a call out to investigate the death of a ballet instructor which at first glance appears to be a horrible accident but things just don’t add up to Jess.  The case is pulled from her team and assigned to another division by Dan which pisses Jess off.  He gives her another case of a missing teen who got written off by others at BPD.  While she is pissed about losing the other case she puts her mind to investigating this disappearance.

The teen’s disappearance quickly escalates as the girl he was trying to help happens to be deeply involved in MS13 (an extremely dangerous gang) and Jess crosses all sorts of lines to get to the bottom of this.  She ends up getting targeted by the gang which ends this story in a huge bang.

Jess also stays involved in the other case even though she isn’t supposed to and of course figures it out even though there is pressure to close the case and write it up as accidental.  Also the victim’s ex confesses to killing her so why not let it go.  The twists in both cases make this an interesting read even without the Dan/Jess story.

We get to see more of the tension between Dan and Jess as they try to not only figure out their professional relationship but deal with the fact that neither wants to admit their true feelings for one another.  Dan makes  some major first moves in this as he finally admits why they split 20 years ago and then in an aside to his ex admits that he wants Jess.  Jess ends up calling her ex for information on MS13 and we get to see him make an appearance at the end of this book which sets up some interesting conflicts for this next book.  Jess doesn’t know that Dan has confessed to his ex what he wants so she is still trying to act like his closeness with her doesn’t bug her even though it makes her jealous.   They really do love each other and each of these books reinforce the fact that they need to figure this out for themselves.

Overall this has been a great series to read and I am waiting for the final 2 books in the series.

Special thanks to and Grand Central Publishing for letting me read these in exchange for my honest review.


The Siren – Tiffany Reisz – 5 Stars – Contest!!

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The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1)
I have to start by saying “Why did I fucking wait so long to read this?????”
I also have to warn that this book is not for the fainthearted.  I know I cannot do it complete justice in my review but hey I’m going to try anyway.
The Siren deserves so much more than just 5 stars as it is an incredibly deep read with a whole lot of mindfuckery going on.  Yes I said it…  it is a MINDFUCK kind of book.  Sure there is sex…  sure there is BDSM but at the heart of this book are the mindgames that are used by Nora and Søren.  

I first got a glimpse of Nora in Seven Day Loan which shows her younger and still with Søren.  She’s interesting in that glimpse but the completely grown up version is so much more enjoyable.  You see at this time she has left Søren to become a Dominatrix by trade but a writer by preference.  She writes erotic novels that have resulted in her becoming famous but she isn’t satisfied.  She really wants to be a true writer and not just this hack.  She wants legitimacy and recognition plus the paycheck that goes along with working for a larger more storied publishing house.  She’s still a submissive but only with Søren otherwise she has all the power.  Sex is not something she balks at but it isn’t what she does with any of her male clients only her female ones.  

Zach….  sigh…  such an interesting specimen.  He starts this book by being incredibly judgmental and condescending but as he gets drawn more and more to Nora he opens up and man oh man can he be sexy. There is a mental game at play between Nora and he thru the book that while heartbreaking is such a wonderful thing to read.  He is still deeply in love with his wife and you can’t help but hope that he gets all the happiness he deserves.  Part of me wanted him to end up with Nora but the bigger part of me wanted the happy ending for he and Grace especially when you learn more about the pair.  When he finally breaks down the wall you see what he can be and what Nora always knew even though it broke her heart a bit.

Wesley …  this was probably the most heartbreaking relationship to see in this entire book other than just Nora herself.  He’s such a sweet young man and you want him to get what he wants but know it isn’t meant to be.  He’s just too innocent for the world Nora inhabits and needs to find someone that is truly a match for him.  He deserves better than he got in this book but I honestly loved watching how it played out.  I’m glad to see that we will not lose him completely but it was hard to read the ending of this phase of his relationship with Nora.

Kingsley – I just want to say I am hoping to see more of him in the future.  The glimpses you get have me interested but in this case he is more of a friend and boss to Nora.  

Ok…  and now to the hardest man to speak of…

Søren…. what can I say…  he’s just this presence that fills up the book even though he makes very few appearances.  He’s a priest…  Dom (although this doesn’t really do him justice)… Sadist…  and just in general an incredible master of how to mindfuck you.  He loves Nora…  he really does but may not be what she really needs even though she is drawn to him like no other.  He still owns her lock, stock and barrel even though she is “free” of him.  She loves him…  I think fears him…  and hates him…  scary thing to see but he does let her go and live a life apart from him even though he doesn’t want to.  I loved his true anniversary gift to her but watching how he manipulates those around him was a bit scary.  I would not want to cross him nor would I want to become something he was fascinated with he’s just too scary for me.  Not that it doesn’t seem to make me want more of him anyway..  LOL

Ok…  I’m babbling now but go out and grab this one cause damn…  sure there is sex but ya know that isn’t why I loved it..  I loved the way I was so drawn in to the characters that I cried like a baby during some sections of this book…  it was a mentally exhausting read but I loved every second of it.

Special thanks to and Harlequin for giving me this in exchange for an honest review..  I also went and picked it up since I loved it so much.

Go read this yesterday…  LOL

Just to encourage more people to grab this…  I am going to give away a Kindle version of this book to a lucky commentor.  Please leave your comment and email address you would want the book sent to by September 3rd at 11:59 pm CT.  


Born to Bite – Hannah Howell/Diana Crosby/Erica Ridley – 3 Stars

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Born to Bite

You know how at times when you get a book of short stories/novellas you only love one…  like a second one and really dislike a third?  Or you love one and dislike the other 2?  This thankfully wasn’t one of those times.  While I didn’t love love love any of them they were all nice quick reads and are worth the time you’ll need to read them.

Dark Secret – Hannah Howell:
Murdina is desperately trying to find the only family she has left and is trying to hide her psychic power lest she be condemned as a witch like her other family members.  She meets a mysterious man and is compelled to help him keep his secrets from other members of the household she is employed by.  This results in her running away with him to his homeland and discovering the love of her life plus a sense of home and belonging she didn’t have anywhere else.  This was a nice quick read and I would like to maybe read more set in this world.

Never Been Bitten – Erica Ridley:
This was sort of fun…  Vampire sent to bring back a rogue vampiress whounknowingly has a daughter.  It was fun seeing the daughter come in to her birthright and meet the man who would give up his position to be with her.  You see she isn’t supposed to exist and the culture in place at home would demand her death rather than letting her live in peace.  He is sufficiently hot and watching the dance between the pair was entertaining.  Oh and add the whole appearances in front of the ton and you have a recipe for a bit of humor because heaven forbid you have anything other than perfect manners or want to be more than just a flighty female.  🙂

Highland Vampire – Diana Cosby: 
Interesting premise in this one…  Fey and Vampire do not mix but in this one you have a Fey and Vampire who are drawn together despite it being a huge no-no.  Aedan was hugely protective and loved watching him decide he would take whatever punishment his need to save Rowan would bring down on him but she is his dammit.  Nice sexy read without being too little story too much sex.  

Overall I enjoyed the 3 stories and will keep an eye out for more from the authors.

Special thanks to and Kensington for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Born to Bite – Hannah Howell/Diana Crosby/Erica Ridley – 3 Stars


When Lightning Strikes – Brenda Novak – 4 stars

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I must say I have enjoyed the little novella and now this book set in Whiskey Creek.  My only wish was that this wasn’t a trilogy but maybe we will get lucky and see a lot more of this fun little town.

 We start this story in LA where Gail is desperately trying to save her business after she lets her opinion of a former client actually come to light.  She says some pretty hurtful things about him and although they are completely true probably not the best thing to do when in the PR business for entertainers.  She’s a bit uptight, driven and very loyal to her employees and friends.  She can’t bear to lose their livelihoods and all the business she has poured her heart in to just because she voiced her honest opinion.

Simon…  sigh…  such a tortured misunderstood man.  From the outside you just see an actor who is living the extreme party life…  the epitome of the bad boy.  After all he did cheat on his now ex-wife and then had a restraining order taken out on him by her after he fought her brother.  This results in him losing contact with his son which is something that is killing him inside.  He buries his pain under women and alcohol which loses him his PR manager, Gail, who gets fed up and drops him as a client.  When drunk he directs his manager to get a bit of revenge on her not knowing the depths that this a@# will go to.  Yes…  Ian is an a#$.  I can’t help but say that because he does some pretty despicable things in order to get Simon to keep making him money.

Anyway….  Gail goes to beg Simon to put a stop to the exodus she is experiencing so she can save her company and employees jobs.  Unfortunately her assistant didn’t know she was going to do this and manufactures a scandal that not only is out and out false but jeopardizes Simon’s hopes of ever getting to see his son again.  Needless to say he isn’t happy but Ian/Gail come up with a plan to not only save her business but reform Simon.  He has to marry and not just marry but marry the right woman who can redeem him.

Guess who fits the bill….  LOL…  This is a nice story in that both H/h find things out about themselves and the results are magical.  Simon is just such a naughty, naughty boy but with an incredible wounded soul.  He is just a big softy and when he truly finds what it means to love he does it hard and lasting.  

The ending was slightly rushed but I loved seeing the changes the two leads brought to each other and look forward to seeing glimpses in the future.

Also….  can we just give Kyle a break in either one of these books or give him a novella?  I’m hoping the person that this books hints at him divorcing is the witch he married in the prior novella…

Anyway…  thanks to and Harlequin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review. 

When Lightning Strikes – Brenda Novak – 4 stars