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Calling the Shots – Christine D’Abo – 3 stars

October 13, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

I have to say this was my least favorite of the series which made me a bit sad.

Josh has been in the background of the rest of the series so I was holding out a lot of hope that his story would be the best of the series but i think his own problems caused me to not get as invested in him as I would have hoped.  He’s got a lot of problems with his sexual needs (odd since he himself is the owner of the sex club where people can be open about their wants and needs) due to his mother and upbringing.  I loved the glimpses we got of his father as the man seems to have been there when Josh needed him although slightly delayed thru his love for the mom.

We met Beth in a past book under bad circumstances.  She was fired due to having sex with a co-worker/boyfriend at work but is a great person who made a really stupid mistake.  Thankfully for her she was hired by Josh to run his club and has had a major crush on him since day one.  She’s still smarting from her disastrous relationship but is drawn to both Josh and Oliver.  Seeing the two men in such a sexually charged environment like the club makes her dream of what it would be like to be with both of them.  She’s even entertaining thoughts of dominating Oliver but being submissive to Josh.  While watching the three of them dance around one another there is a threat from outside that causes Josh to run away from what they could have but I was happy that she and Oliver still wanted to be together even without him.

Oliver has his own problems…  You see he never thought of himself as bi but was married to a bitch of a woman.  He’s got issues to work thru with his need for Josh and add to that he likes the idea of submitting to his lover in all ways.  He didn’t know this about himself but he has been drawn to both Beth and Josh from day one.  I was happy to see him come to terms with his ex and to terms with his own needs/wants.  I loved watching him break down his walls plus push the boundaries with Beth and Josh.

While this was definitely hot I think the issues the three of them had to work out plus Josh being an ass during a good portion of the book took something out of it.  I still think it was a good read but not on par with the rest.

Thanks to Carina Press and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


Worth the Risk – Charlene Sands – 4 stars

October 13, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


Sammie has had a bad year.  Her boyfriend ran off with all her money which basically ruins her business…  Oh and since he was her boyfriend there went her love life as well.  She ends up having a one-night stand in Vegas with her new business partner but for the life of her can’t remember a single bit of it other than she was the one that initiated it.  I loved the fact this was a heroine having a memory loss rather than the hero and that she truly does feel guilty about it.  They both agree that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but…  as we all well know..  such intense chemistry doesn’t usually stay dormant for long.  She moves to Arizona to start her new boot boutique and a new life but things have a way of hitting you upside the head.  She ends up caving in to her cravings for our hero when they get caught in a dust storm but they again go in to denial mode when his ex makes an appearance.  She’s a strong person but seeing her with Jackson made the book.  They have such palpable chemistry and even though they both try to deny it things just make it clear that this is the man for her.


Jackson is a confirmed bachelor after his ex played the games she did with his heart.  He loves women.. but not to keep..  more to play with and let go.  Sammie gets under his skin though and starts to break down the walls he has built around his heart.  He’s supremely afraid of commitment but craves it just the same.  He makes some poor decisions in the name of wanting to not get too close but also tends to draw a line in the sand where she is concerned.  If another guy takes interest boy oh boy does he get his hackles up.  The scene with his ex where he finally discovers what he might be losing was awesome and seeing his way of showing Sammie what she means to him was heartwarming.  Their relationship had to go thru a lot to come in to being but I’d love to see them a few years down the road (hint hint).


Thanks to and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.


Austin: Second Chance Cowboy – Shelley Galloway – 4 stars

October 13, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

I found myself enjoying this book when I wasn’t sure going in I would.

Austin has an epiphany when he wakes up the morning after a really big bender.  He isn’t sure if he took a woman home or what happened…  Thankfully this made him wake up and decide to go cold turkey.  He owns a shop in town but has been fighting his whole life against what people think of his family.  I felt for him but he is something else.  Such a wonderfully complex individual comes to light as we watch him struggle against alcohol and against his feelings for Dinah.  He’s wounded but man oh man does he enjoy getting under her own walls to get what he wants.  It was nice to see a man who has such hurt and pain in him not drop down to cruelty when things make him appear to be the bad guy.  His talk with his father was wonderful to see as it shows that this family has a lot of issues to work thru but that redemption and healing are possible no matter how bad it gets.

Dinah…  she’s a piece of work.  I liked how much she was willing to give up to get the dream of being something in a man’s profession (at least in this town) but was even happier that she let Austin in.  She’s got this whole in public I’m not female thing going and it makes most men look the other way.  In reality she wants to find someone and have a family but has resigned herself to not having it all.  She’s put in some bad spots in this with having to arrest Austin for theft but in the grand scheme of things Austin knows she’s just doing her job even if it kills her inside.  Of course him being a bit stubborn makes them fight a bit but when she gives in to her feelings with him it was sweet to see.  This strong woman melting in a strong but broken cowboy’s arms was just awwww..

So if you want a nice story about to people who have issues finding one another this would be a nice one to pick up.  Thanks to and Harlequin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


Men of Smithfield: Seth and David – L.B. Gregg – 4 stars

October 12, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 1

This was a very fast read but I enjoyed watching two men who seem to be complete opposites find each other and make it work.

Seth is still trying to come to terms with what his life has become.  He is now the sole guardian of his niece and both of them are still coming to terms with the loss of their sister/mother.  I was sad to hear about her battle with cancer but happy that her little girl did have the chance to know her and have some memories of her wonderfully caring mom.  Seth is also dealing with the end of his relationship with his lover which makes him a bit guarded when it comes to his heart.  He is surprised when at his weekly massage appointment he gets David rather than his normal therapist Lisa but even more surprised when he ends up uncontrollably aroused during the session.  He doesn’t like to talk about much of anything (a bit of a control freak) but David brings out this side of him that wants to get down and dirty any way he can.  There is a bit of drama with the father of his niece but overall she’s well-loved and cared for.

David..  sigh…  he seems to be flighty if you just look at the surface but…  this man works multiple jobs and is a children’s author who does all he can for his family and someone who’s relationship to him I’m going to keep secret.  I loved the way he brought out the inner good in Seth and really knocked down those walls.  He’s sweet, caring and the perfect balm to Seth’s tendency to over think/judge things.  I liked that he pushed back against Seth about a lot of items but mainly I liked that he really saw beneath the surface and cared for both of them.  I mean come on who wouldn’t want a hot man who has a heart of gold.  🙂

So if you want a quick, hot M/M read then this would be a good one to read.  You won’t get lost as these books can stand alone.  Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

Men of Smithfield: Seth and David – L.B. Gregg – 4 stars


Flash of Death – Cindy Dees – 3.5 stars

October 11, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

On Goodreads I rated this a 4 because it was closer to that than a 3…  I wish GR had 1/2 stars…

Chloe is not having the best of days..  I mean she’s at her sister’s wedding by herself and feels out-of-place watching the happy couple.  Not that she isn’t happy for her sister but it can make you think about what you might be missing.  She’s finally to where she can head back to the hotel but while crossing the street she is almost run over by an SUV.  Luckily instead she gets run over by a hunk o’ man meat…  😉  She’s shaken up but feels an immense amount of chemistry with this man and decides (with the help of alcohol) to take advantage of what he offers.  She tells him some fantasies which they end up living out thru the night but the next day she gets back to the real world with some regrets.  She’s a forensic accountant who is just starting a new job undercover for the FBI and figures she’ll never see him again.  As you know this is a romance soooo….

Trent has undergone some experimental medical treatment for a rare disorder and it has some interesting side effects.  In his case it is increased speed which also has an impact on his metabolism and makes it where the only way he can sleep is to take some mega-sleeping pills.  He’s all playboy on the exterior but when he meets Chloe…  well all bets are off.  As they find out that the SUV was not just a random thing he’s put to task to protect her until someone can figure out who ordered her killed and the threat is dealt with.  He heads out to California to protect her but she initially pushes him away even while she wants him…

I loved seeing this pair figure out how to make a fling in to something more and watching him go all Alpha on her was fun.  I know in real life we would hate that but something about watching an Alpha male protect his woman is fun in romance.  He’s such a messed up soul but they both fill a need (no not just sexually) for each other which was sweet.

So for a quick hot read take a chance on this one…  Trent is just yummy and Chloe is not a complete simpering fool.  I’m going to have to go look at her backlist because I like the style.

Thanks to and Harlequin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest opinion.

Flash of Death – Cindy Dees – 3.5 stars


Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed – Anna Campbell – 3 stars

October 11, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 1

Ok this is another book where you need to suspend belief a bit…  As in they fall in love in seven days kind of suspended belief.

So the setup is Sidonie, our heroine, has taken the place of her sister in order to satisfy a gambling debt.  This seven-day period is assumed to be one of sex, sex and more sex at the whims of our hero.  She is a spinster for the time period and also a virgin who agrees to this scheme because she doesn’t want her sister hurt again by her husband.  She’s frightened both by the house and the lord of the household but wiling to do this to save her sister.  Now…  I don’t like her sister…  truly in the book you have no love lost for this worthless piece of trash but family is family and here we are….  Sidonie is a good person and while I do feel that the pairing ultimately would work I really wish we had more time with them together rather than the forced fast story.  She’s a fairly strong personality even when wavering and I found that i liked her but at the same time got a little frustrated with her just defaulting to her sister even though she knew the secret she held could help our hero.

And now on to my favorite part…

Our lusty, growly, brooding hero…  Jonas.  My heart was drawn to him for many reasons none of which included his outer scar.  He’s a wounded man both in spirit and physically but the spirit is what drew me in like it did Sidonie.  Blood and birthright mean everything in this time period so to be labeled a bastard is horrifying.  The worst is in his heart he knows his parents were married but to his father’s heartbreak there is no proof.  He’s ostracized and treated poorly by society and the rest of the family which makes him a hard, bitter man out for revenge.  He thinks he has the perfect chance when Roberta is in debt to him.  You see her husband is his cousin to whom all the entitlements passed when his parentage was called in to question.  He thinks having her and cuckolding the cousin will satisfy a portion of his need for revenge but Sidonie thwarts those plans.  Now…  you want to not like him but he treats her with such care it was wonderful to see.  I think that is why I felt a bit cheated by the way they were rushed but I still loved every moment we got to see him.

If you have some time take a chance on this one…  I don’t think you’ll be sorry but I do understand why some reviewers had an issue with the book.  Personally I’d love to see more of this pair just so I can see more of Jonas finally getting everything he deserved.

Special thanks to and Grand Central Publishing/Forever for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed – Anna Campbell – 3 stars


A Home for Nobody’s Princess – Leanne Banks – 3 stars

October 10, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


I have to say the heroine’s name is a bit silly but bear with it…


Coco is still reeling from the death of her adoptive mother and the loss of the only family member she had left.  She’s working as a nanny for sexy rancher, Ben, whose daughter is frightened at the sight of him.  She’s caring and loves little Emma like she was her own.  She gets surprised by representatives of a small island country off the coast of Italy with news that not only do they know who her birth parents are…  her father was the ruler of this country which makes her a princess.  Her birth parents are both deceased so there is no reunion there but she does have multiple half-siblings and one full brother that she could meet if she wishes to.  With the news just coming out about the missing heirs the paparazzi are starting to swarm which disrupts the ranch and Emma.  This leads to a “fake” fiancé arrangement between her and Ben but…  could there be something more brewing?


Ben is just trying to do the right thing for everyone..  a mistaken weekend fling with a not so perfect woman resulted in a child.  The death of the mother results in him getting custody of his daughter but…  she cries every time he tries to get near her so he hires a nanny to take care of her while he runs the ranch.  You feel for him as he tries to get to know Emma but he really just wants her happy and if not being around her makes her happy he will do it.  He’s a good man but is convinced that he won’t be with another woman in a committed relationship but when he starts to live this lie with Coco you know that the walls are going to crumble and he will find what he wasn’t looking for.


I liked both characters in that they do stay true to themselves even when the most bizarre things are thrown at them.  Watching Coco so desperately want to be loved by the family she never knew she had was heartbreaking but what she ended up getting at the end of the journey was beautiful.


If you are looking for a quick sweet read this will be for you and I thank and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.


Mistletoe Cowboy – Carolyn Brown – 3.5 stars

October 9, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 2


I have to say this was a cute quick read.  Take a chance and you’ll be charmed.


Sage is rushing home to save her grandmother from making a (in her eyes) huge mistake.  She makes the dangerous trek to the isolated ranch right as a blizzard takes hold over the place.  She thinks she’s alone except for her grandma but boy oh boy does she get one heck of a surprise the next morning when she runs in to Creed.  I liked watching her start to open her scarred heart to some abandoned animals and then to the wonderful cowboy who landed on her lap.  She’s got major issues but you can understand where they come from as the story unfolds.


Creed…  sigh…  such a sexy sexy man.  He’s come to the ranch to buy the place he’s always wanted…  A place to call home where he can have something that is his and not associated with his large well-meaning family.  I loved watching him work through his feelings for Sage and then figure out what was truly important.  He always seemed to want what made her happy once he discovered who she really was after his first mis-guided impression.


You have to love her grandmother and the others in the story who played a part in bringing two people together that never thought they would have the love and home they end up with.  The description of the artwork Sage creates and the place that she falls for her dreamy cowboy made me wish I was there and I had a cowboy like Creed of my very own.


Thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


Rev It Up – Julie Ann Walker – 4 stars

October 9, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

I have to say this is my favorite one of the series so far.  Both of the main pair have issues..  major issues …  but the love and heat between them is just too good for words.

We got to know Michelle in the last book when her true identity becomes known to the members of Black Knights Inc.  She’s a single mom who we find out was widowed by her special forces husband.  I liked getting to know her and her son plus loved watching her come to terms with having to spend time with the man she never truly got over.  She’s got a lot on her plate and discovering that Jake is back with all intention of making her his for once and for all.  She’s not 100% happy about this but decides that due to circumstances having to be in the same house/room with Jake can just be dealt with.  She is still hurting from the way they left things but cannot resist him for too long no matter how badly she’s convinced she’ll be hurt.

Now..  Jake…  dude…  he’s so freaking hot it isn’t even funny but watching how much he truly loves and craves Michelle was heartwarming to read.  I loved watching him help with little Frank …  seeing such an Alpha male being so gentle and patient with a little boy..  who wouldn’t just melt?  He’s done some stupid things but when you get to know what drove him to pushing her away..  well…  my heart broke for both of them for the lost time.  You add this to the guilt he has about her dead husband and there are a few tears shed as both deal with the guilt and time wasted ..  I loved the way the twist came out and the fact that neither side gave up but instead faced their own parts in the way things went.

Thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  I cannot wait for more more more in this series and the Cajun will be fun to watch fall.


Own the Night – Debbi Rawlins – 3 stars

October 7, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


While there were problems with this book I did like the main characters.  They both have issues but in this book you see two people who find what they needed when they didn’t realize it.


Alana is a strong woman every where but with her mom. She’s definitely city but when push came to shove she discovered that being with Noah was more important to her than the trappings of city life.  She starts this book with the worst of luck and being mistaken for a con-artist makes it even more fun when she runs in to Noah.  She’s a bit lost and out of sorts but strong enough to finally figure out what matters in life and what she wants.  I liked watching her finally figure it out and go for what she needed.


Noah was one sexy lawman.  He’s got his own issues but as you see him start to fall for Alana you see one incredible person.  He figures out what he wants and while it hurts him when he thinks she is going to leave he also wants her to make a decision on her own.  Oh and own the decision she makes..  They have some wonderful sexy times but there is a strong sense of heart behind the heat.


Overall a nice quick read that I enjoyed.  Thanks to and Harlequin for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.