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I Survived My First RT Conference!!!

May 6, 2013 Misc Info 2

I’m going to write a longer post this weekend about my experiences at the RT Convention in Kansas City but right now all I want to do is sleep.  I’m thankful I took today off from work but getting back to the normal schedule will be hard this week.

Short list of people I met (I know I will miss some so please bear with me):

Tiffany Reisz (I might have squeed a bit especially when I got a much coveted proof of a certain title)

Lauren Dane

Shannon Stacey

Angela James

Ruthie Knox

Jax Garren

Jeffe Kennedy

Shiloh Walker

Lora Leigh

Cherry Adair

Julie Walker

Vivian Arend

Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Jane Little from Dear Author

The publicist from Kensington who recognized my blog & gave me her card that I can’t find in my stupid luggage yet…  (Sniffles) *Update* FOUND IT!!  Hi Vida!! *waves wildly* 

Joy from Joyfully Reviewed

Julie Ann Rowe

Del Dryden

Sierra Dean (from whom I won a book via a Twitter contest I knew nothing about)

Kate (fellow attendee who became our invisible 3rd in lines)

Pam (another fellow attendee who wore same dress as my partner in crime at the ball)

Maya Banks

John Scalzi

Andrew Shaffer (oops should have put him closer to Tiffany)

Sarah M Anderson

Lexxie Couper (who gave me TimTams that will be savored tomorrow as a treat for surviving work)

Julie James

Julie Ann Walker

HelenKay Dimon

Kelley Armstrong

Elisabeth Naughton

Jeanine Frost

E from Bookpushers

Linda from Fish w Sticks

Ok you get the picture.  I’ll post more this weekend including a pic of the massive book haul I need to still dig through for giveaway materials.  Thanks to everyone for being patient and I promise reviews are on their way…  🙂


Let the Panic Attacks Begin!

April 24, 2013 Misc Info 0

As I type this I am thinking about all the things I have left to do this week before the insanity that will be my week next week begins.

What insanity you say?

RT Booklovers Convention insanity!

So to put this in perspective…  this will be my first book convention ever which means I have no clue what I really need to pack or expect.  People that know me understand that I like to have things in order before I go anywhere and not having a clue of what to expect other than being busy causes me to stress a little bit. << Yes I can see quite a few of them rolling their eyes right now and saying “A little??  HAH!” >>  I’m not OCD about a lot of stuff but I really hate not already having everything either packed or at least organized the weekend before I leave on a week long trip but in this case I still have stuff to pick up later today and hair/nails to be done in the next two days.

Now I am looking forward to this trip but at the same time it has made me get a bit behind on reading/reviewing as acquiring clothing, accessories and miscellaneous toiletries have taken a major chunk of my reading time away.  Add in weather that can’t decide if it is Spring or Winter and allergies that are trying to decide if I need to be able to breathe or not and we have a very messed up Stephanie.  Get ready to see some reviews posting over the next few days as I work in time to write/post them plus some items going up while I am in Kansas City next week as time permits.

For those that are reading this and will be at the convention…  Please say HI but forgive me if later in the week I don’t recognize you as I am sure my brain will hit its maximum memory limit fairly early in the week and to be honest my fan-girl self will be dancing in delight as I get to finally meet some of the authors/editors that have both given me titles that you have seen on here as reviews and entertained me through the years with their words.

Be prepared to see some giveaways after I get back as I’m sure there will be items that I will want to share with those of you who weren’t able to get to Kansas City.  I’ll also post pictures and other items here plus tweet while I am there so have fun in my absence.


Now this list isn’t complete but I’m really looking forward to meeting (not any particular order & I know I missed people) :

Shiloh Walker

Jax Garren

Lauren Dane

Jaci Burton

Vivian Arend

Angela James

Sarah from SmartBitches

Jane from Dear Author

Lillie from RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk

Tiffany Reisz

Ilona Andrews

Maya Banks

Lorelie Brown

Ruthie Knox

Shannon Stacey

E from Bookpushers

Mandi from Smexybooks


Oh hell there are so many more but you get the idea of how crazy this will be and yet how much fun it should be.  Wish me luck and pray my body/brain survives this!



Introducing – New Contributor – Trish!!

January 22, 2013 Misc Info 3

Well, I’ve managed to do it…  I talked my fellow book addict in to posting a review on my blog!  I knew I could do it …  I just had to have patience.

I’d like to welcome my friend Trish to the blog.  She’ll appear periodically and write some reviews or commentary as the mood hits her.  We both read a lot of the same books but have different views at times on some plus she reads some I don’t read and vice versa.  I think you’ll like her opinions and voice so please enjoy!

As an FYI – I’m probably the bigger book pusher out of the two of us as I think I have managed to get her addicted to more series than she has me. *Big cheesy grin* You know like getting her addicted to Demonica, the Kowalski’s, the Sullivan’s and a few other series/authors.  Not like she doesn’t need more to read but hey I’m just trying to be helpful!


Anyway, I love that she’s just starting out and I hope she continues to add more information to my site and share her own love of books with us all.