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A Wee Bit of News…

May 15, 2017 Misc Info 3

I’m thankful for so many of you that still follow me and interact with me on Twitter.  This last couple of years have been crazy as I worked towards completing an Associate’s Degree and started a Bachelor’s program which left me little to no time for reading.  I still tried to keep up but honestly I didn’t have the time to spend on the site as I needed to but…


I am now to a point in my Bachelor’s program where I can start reading for fun again so you will see an increase in postings from me with some fun contests and other things planned but…  this isn’t all that I have up my sleeve now that I can breathe again…

  • New reviewers are coming on board…  I’ll be adding their bios to the page soon but drop me a line if you want to know more about them. 
    • Bobbie – She’s like me in some respects as she likes to read different books but we don’t always agree on things.  You’ve already seen some of her reviews and this will expand as she chooses to share her opinions on titles, genres, etc.  I’m so happy she decided to start sharing more and I look forward to seeing her thoughts on titles.
    • H – well, we haven’t decided on her handle yet but she will be sharing her thoughts on YA titles or anything else that catches her fancy.  I’ll definitely let  you know when she posts her first review on her.  I’m excited to get the opinions of the younger generation and give a broader range of genres for you guys to hear about.
    • Rockie – I think you’ll love her as much as I do.  I first met her at RT in Las Vegas where she fit in perfectly with Jo, Lynda and I.  She’s going to be reviewing Shadow Reaper soon with a paperback giveaway so look for that.  I look forward to her sharing what she’s reading and liking.
  • New things will be reviewed – I’ve finally found that I can stand audiobooks if I listen to them while at the office.  I was using music to drown out noise within my area but discovered that an audiobook works better plus I get to continue my love of stories while still being productive in the office.  I will be posting reviews of these titles as I complete them so keep an eye out for those.
  • Posts will be more regular in nature as I finally use the tools that I’ve learned about over the years.  I will post a formal schedule in the next few weeks but I’m hoping to have at least 3 reviews a week with perhaps a quick notes post that shares quick thoughts from all of us on Sundays.  This is just an idea at this point but I’d like to think that a group post with a couple of thoughts could prove to be interesting to you guys.  

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens as I get more time to be out here but I want to make sure this is clear…

While the site is mine… I run it and own it… any guests or other reviewers on the site are sharing their opinions in their own words.  I will only modify posts to more closely match the basic formatting but will not change the words/opinions of the others.  If they don’t like it, they don’t like it.  The point to this site is to share our opinions of the works and my hope is that by seeing the varied opinions we help you discover new authors or titles.  None of the reviews on this site are targeted at the author or other personal attacks but only on the book.  I want everyone to feel that their opinion is respected and if I edited the reviews for content then I would be doing them a disservice and to be honest… negate what I wanted this site to be.  I love reading and enjoy sharing what I find with others.

Now…  is there anything you’d like to see more of out here?  I want to hear from you what you’d like to see.



Have You Missed Me? Big (to me) News….

May 20, 2016 Misc Info 6

I’ve missed you guys a lot over the last few months but between work, RT, BEA, school and getting sick (see RT & BEA) my body just couldn’t keep up.  I know, I know…  but WHY…..  LOL

So let’s look at the insane things I have been up to:

RT Booklover’s Convention in Las Vegas:

  • I splurged on two bracelets from Tiffany’s while there
  • Got a smack on the ass from a passing Chippendale’s dancer
  • Walked way too many steps every day from the tower that was the farthest away from the con
  • Ate way too much great food
  • Actually voluntarily, while sober, rode the VooDoo Zipline….  I cannot emphasize enough HOW MUCH I HATE HEIGHTS

BEA in Chicago:

  • Took Amtrak for my first time and actually liked sitting back, relaxing and snoozing my time away
  • Had a great temporary roommate- Lori M Lee
  • Met Nicholas Sparks (got a book signed for mom)
  • Met Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  • Met Jaz Jennings and her mom (I just wanted to tell them both I was so proud of them)
  • Met Berkeley Breathed….
  • Did I say met Berkeley Breathed?????  Cause YA THAT HAPPENED
  • Met Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Met Wesley Chu…
  • And hauled so many books back with a nice side of pnuemonia…. *sigh*

3 classes this quarter including:

  • Public Speaking – For an introvert this class is torture defined.
  • Introduction to Sociology – Taken online with an instructor that only posted the next week as open for work on Monday morning with work due on Sunday… *head desk* this BTW cost me 1/3 of my points on an assignment because while I was traveling back from BEA I wasn’t able to respond to 1 more person …  ya know SINCE ONLY MYSELF & 1 OTHER STUDENT HAD POSTED DISCUSSION STUFF BY NOON ON THE DAY IT WAS DUE!!!  I wrote him about it before I got on the train and explained I would not have WiFi again until midnight (aka 1 min after due) and he could clearly tell that there was NOONE else I could’ve responded to …. anyway…  moving on…  grrrrrrr
  • Microeconomics – *waits for the groan from everyone* Yeah I know but it was required…

Now I just have to wait patiently for the final items to be graded and then….

BIG NEWS….  At 45 I have FINALLY completed an Associate’s Degree….

Yes I know…  But to me it is a HUGE deal that I put off for way too long.  This means that since my Bachelor’s program won’t start until September 12th (aka my 46th birthday)…

I can start reading for fun again…  blog about all the things I am reading…  and shake up what I do online.

While at BEA I wandered in to the booth where they were showcasing Taste of Home books and information.  This leads me to the idea that since I love to cook that I should also start sharing more of that with you as I know many of you also love cooking.

So with this being said…  I will be working to streamline how I do things on here so I can maintain this while I work on my Bachelor’s in the fall.  I love sharing my finds with people and really want to have more posts, information and giveaways out here.  I am also thinking about doing a book club with local and virtual people because one of the things I did at BEA was a speed-dating event where I got a preview of so many interesting titles that I’d love to share with everyone..

So please keep an eye on this space over the next few months as I have a lot of stuff to give away… talk about … and enjoy…



New NA Author – Joelle Knox – Anything But Broken – Release Day Excerpt!

August 25, 2015 Misc Info 1

broken-HRGuys isn’t that cover ummmm YUMMY???

 So I read some NA but not a lot of it but when I heard my buddies who write as Kit Rocha and Moira Rogers were going to be writing under Joelle Knox well…. yeah I had to have this book.  I will be posting my review tomorrow but today is release day and dammit let’s have an excerpt:

I don’t stay in bed. By the time Sean comes knocking on Evie’s front door, I’ve washed my face, brushed my teeth, and torn through my room, kicking dirty clothes into the closet and wondering how I made such a damn mess when I don’t even have all my things with me.​

I’m at the door before I remember I forgot to change, and it’s too late now. So I answer the door in my pajamas—cotton shorts and a tank top that feels transparent right now.

“Hey. Come on in.”

“Good morning.” He actually did something, one of the bright blue boxes from the bakery down the street from the boutique, and he hands it to me as he walks in.

“Thank you.” I carry the box into the living room, where my quilting supplies are spread out on the floor in front of the TV. Evie helped me sort scraps last night, and I went to bed without putting anything away. “Are you thirsty? I can make coffee, or we have some Cokes.”

“The bakery thinks of everything.” He tilts his head toward the box, and I open it to find two covered cups of coffee nestled inside along with the pastries.

“You’re going to spoil me,” I tell him as I sit on the couch. The coffee table is another of those pieces that looks either cosmetically distressed or lovingly salvaged—only now I know which. Evie finds them at flea markets and yard sales, dropping ten dollars on pieces of furniture no one wants, only to turn around and make them beautiful.

Just like Sean and his car—or me with my scrap quilts, I guess. Maybe we’re all obsessed with rescuing broken things.

Sean takes one of the coffees and sprawls out beside me, one arm looped casually around my shoulders. “Got any plans for today?”

Just the hospital later, but I don’t feel like bringing it up. So I reach for one of the pastries instead, breaking off a corner to nibble. “Not really. I need to open up my laptop and actually deal with some of my email, I guess.”

“Sounds fun.” He wrinkles his nose as he leans his head back and closes his eyes. “I left Gibb alone at the garage.”

I should probably feel guilty about that, but it’s hard to when he’s here, next to me, and I get to snuggle into his side as I eat breakfast. “I’m sure he can handle it. He seems really good at his job. Evie says he is, anyway.”

“She’s right.” Sean tilts his head my way and opens one eye. “You look good.”

My cheeks aren’t the only part of me that heat at the compliment. I abandon the pastry and coffee in favor of curling closer to him, because every point of contact means another giddy spark of anticipation.

It’s easier to flirt with him in text messages, but I try to capture a hint of that mischief as

I smile at him. “I stayed in my pajamas just for you.”

“I like it.” The back of his hand brushes my bare thigh.

An accident? I don’t want it to be. Holding my breath, I shift closer, chasing his fingers.

But he hasn’t moved, so I wind up rubbing my leg against his hand.
Sean is watching me now. “Does Evie come home for lunch?”

I don’t think I’ve been here long enough to know for sure, and I can’t remember right now, anyway. Because that’s not what he’s really asking. This isn’t safe like the lake, with people nearby to keep us from going too far.

Whatever too far means.

“I think she might be meeting Sawyer for lunch,” I tell him, because I know she talked about it. Was it today? God, I hope so, because I can’t think with Sean watching me.

He slides his free hand into my hair and cups my neck. He doesn’t say anything, but he’s utterly focused on my mouth, and he draws in a sharp breath when I lick my lips.

It’s the reminder I need—that I’m not the only one caught in the grip of needy hunger. I press my hand to his chest, splaying my fingers wide. Not to hold him back, but to brace myself as I lean in.

He lifts me into his lap instead, his steely grip a shocking reminder of his strength. I end up perched on his thighs, my knees riding alongside his hips. Straddling him, and it’s nothing like the lake. We might be wearing more clothing—well, he is—but there’s no darkness or water to hide behind.

He can watch my cheeks flush, and he can watch that warmth spread. My tank top is too thin to hide the tightening tips of my nipples, so I crush my chest to his and kiss him before reality can catch up with me.

But it isn’t reality that crashes into me a heartbeat later. It’s sensation, the tightness spreading into a deeper heat as his tongue slicks over mine, and his fingertips edge beneath the hem of my tank top.

I want to melt. Everything inside me is screaming for it, but I break away and pant against his cheek. “I should tell you. That I still don’t—that I’m not ready—”

“For sex?” His voice is low, hoarse. Filthy.

I never thought anything could weaken my resolve.But I didn’t know I could feel like this—flustered and turned on and achy. Empty, and just thinking that makes me feel debauched. “Can we still do other stuff?”

His chest rumbles beneath mine, and his hands slide higher up my back. “Hell, yeah.”


Want more info??? Who am I kidding of course you do…  Check out their site here.  They’ll hook you up with buy links and more info.


Help Celebrate Animal Welfare Week & Win a Print Copy of Doghouse by L.A. Kornetsky!

October 6, 2014 Contest, Misc Info, Tours 3


Pawlease help us celebrate Animal Welfare Week (October 5-11) and National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week (November 2-8) with DOGHOUSE and the Gin & Tonic Mystery Series by L.A. Kornetsky!


Praise for the third Gin & Tonic Mystery, Doghouse:
“Infamously nosy Ginny Mallard may be unlicensed as an investigator, but she has begun to make a name for herself as the unofficial champion of the tongue-tied. In the third installment of L.A. Kornetsky’s Gin & Tonic Mystery series, Doghouse finds Ginny getting herself tied up in a possible underground dogfighting ring. With help from her bartender friend Teddy Tonica, his tabby cat and Ginny’s Shar Pei puppy, they have to figure out what’s going on before someone else gets hurt.”
—Cat Fancy Magazine, November 2014 issue

“Human and animal characters are equally appealing. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” I Love a Mystery

“Doghouse is a crafty mystery with engaging characters and countless unknowns…L.A. Kornetsky makes mysteries inventively delightful, and Doghouse entertains with wit and cleverness.” Single Titles

“I recommend it to those that really like animals and cozy mysteries.” Books and Things

“The third Gin & Tonic “researchtigations” is an appealing anthropomorphist amateur sleuth enhanced by life in a cheerful neighborhood bar. The lead humans and their animal owners remain fresh leads while the case proves bloody in the ring and the bar.” The Mystery Gazette

“Sniffing out clues…L.A. Kornetsky brings back Ginny Mallard and her bartender friend Teddy Tonica, along with Ginny’s pet shar-pei puppy and Teddy’s tabby cat, for their third outing in Doghouse.” Library Journal


Praise for the second Gin & Tonic Mystery, Fixed:
“[Fixed] is the second foray into the lives of a very unlikely pair of investigators; unlikely and a whole lot of fun…Collared was the first title that introduced this extremely fun ‘family and friends’ grouping, and the author has come back with a sequel that will truly make Gin & Tonic a well-known duo! Very light-hearted, this is a great book. Any reader who likes the ‘cozy’ avenue will love this mystery, with a little bit of cat and dog language thrown in for fun.” Suspense Magazine


Praise for the first Gin & Tonic Mystery, Collared:
“The plot moves quickly, enhanced by smart dialog and good characterizations…Recommended for purchase where pet mysteries are popular.” Library Journal

Author Guest Post:

I’m getting ready for a move, and part of that is decluttering. Getting rid of things – objects, old paperwork – that I don’t need to haul with me any more.

But in a folder of otherwise no-longer-needed papers, there’s a sheet I’m keeping. It’s from the ASPCA, and it documents my adoption of the kitten once known as Minna, who became my beloved Pandora, gone now a little over a year.

There’s no point to keeping the sheet of paper. All it does is say that I paid x amount for a 4 month old female tiger kitten, spayed. But throwing it out isn’t an option, either. Because this was the first connection I had to Pandora, the first contract we made with each other: I would give her food, shelter, care, and a lap when she wanted it. I would give her a home. And in return, she gave me such love and companionship, letting her go at the end was no less a pain than losing a human friend.

I don’t have documentation from Indy-J, who was found on the street as a weeks-old kitten, and lived a long and adventurous life before cancer took her in 2000. But Pandora’s adoption paper will go in the current file, along with the papers for our current residents, Boomerang (aka Boomer you idiot), and Castiel the Kitten of Thursday (aka DamnitCas).

Because you keep the important moments, the documents that say “this is how you changed my life.”

(and some of you may note that I invite disaster in the renaming of my cats. You would not be wrong. But where’s the fun of living with Sir Napsalot?)

About the author:
L. A. Kornetsky is the author of two previous Gin & Tonic mysteries. She lives in New York City with two cats and a time-share dog, and also writes fantasy under the name Laura Anne Gilman. She welcomes visitors to, @LAGilman and Facebook L-A-Kornetsky.


Easy way to win this time…  I will pick one commentor from the entries received by October 15th at 11:59 pm for a print copy of Doghouse!  Just tell me about your pets… current… past or hoped for future.  I know I have the kitteh duo which are shelter babies so tell me about your animal companions…


Day 2 – Books I’ve Loved in the Past Year – Giveaway 2

September 9, 2014 Contest, Misc Info 4

So over this past year I’ve read a lot of really good books and have shared many of them with you including giving away a lot of them.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the authors in the past couple of years so I feel particularly blessed.  Some of my favorites have been, in no particular order:

  • Nobody by Sarah M Anderson – Male lead that is sooooooo damaged that you want to cuddle and then do all sorts of naughty things with.  His reaction to accidentally spanking his heroine was heartbreakingly sweet but seeing his joy in finding someone that could really see him was amazing.  Sarah knows I was just chomping at the bit for him so I am so happy we all got to read his story finally.
  • Taking Him and Having Her by Jackie Ashenden – These two really should be read back to back.  First one has a VIRGIN hero who needs someone to really push him to fully accept what happened to him and accept his demons.  This one also includes little sister of best friend so ya know that is going for it.  The second one is the older brother of the heroine in the first one and her virgin best friend.  There might be a bit of mastery involved and one of my favorite grovel moments.  The grand gesture was amazingly beautiful and the pair truly are wonderful to read about even as they break your heart.
  • Living in Shadow by Jackie Ashenden – This is another read by an author who knows I am addicted to her and knows to just send me what she’s got.  I’ll admit to being very willing to read her particular forms of WTFery and gladly inhale her stories but this one deals with something that is darker than most.  Our hero is someone that deserves every bit of happiness after the horrors he witnessed and participated in as a child.  I’ve got the next in this series loaded on my Kindle for a birthday present so YAY!!!
  • Linger by Lauren Jameson – This was a recent read but DAMN was it great!  Alpha cowboy who craves submitting in the bedroom.  All I can say is I wouldn’t mind having a man like that in my personal life.  DAMN DAMN DAMN was this HOT.
  • Unbroken by Maisey Yates – While there was gratuitous waste of bacon in this story I can’t say I blame them for it.  This is two best friends who have been good at ignoring their chemistry until it finally explodes in to something real and lasting.  I loved seeing these two dance around everything.
  • Falling for Max by Shannon Stacey – ADORABLE!!!  *falls over giggling* I have to say that this is a bittersweet item in the list.  I loved Max but this is the last Kowalski story for now and that is just something that makes me want to weep.  I love every one of these stories and will miss seeing more but I have faith she’ll visit again.
  • The Saint by Tiffany Reisz – I swear I love her stories and this one delivers the expected mind fucks that she is so good at.  I found myself cursing as I wondered if she was going to be so cruel to us but I loved the story and the new person introduced to us.  Thanks again Tiffany for a masterful read.
  • The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy – Loved this entry…  reminded me a lot of the fantasy stories I read growing up with a bit more romance than they had.  I have an ARC of the second book sitting next to me right now and I’m looking forward to seeing if Jeffe can change my mind about this sister.  Wonderful world, characters and exciting storyline to work thru.
  • Mercy by HelenKay Dimon – Smoking hot couple that can’t completely deny what they feel for one another no matter how much they try.  With all the lies and secrets between them can they make it work?  Also has one of the hottest male/male secondary romances around.  I look forward to reading Only this weekend.


Ok I am quickly running out of time to finish this list but suffice it to say I’ve had a great year reading and am lucky enough to have met most of the people on my list (Sorry Jackie but I did have E from Bookpushers fangirl you for me so thanks for being so nice!)

So….  Today’s giveaway package includes one of the titles above – Nobody by Sarah M Anderson (signed) along with more titles from her and Jules Bennett plus a Harlequin bag.  To enter just comment below by telling me a title or two that you’ve adored this past year.  Entries must be received by 11:59 pm US Central on September 19,2014 and this contest is open internationally.

Books bag


Day 1 – Blogeversary/Birthday Week!!! Changes & Challenges plus Prezzies

September 8, 2014 Contest, Misc Info 3

Crazy but Book-A-Holic Anon is 2..  yes 2.. We aren’t going to say how old I’m turning but the site is 2…

This year has been a year of quite a few changes in both my personal life and in my blog life.

The blog is still a work in progress and I thank all the people who have helped me over the past year either by visiting the site as a guest, providing me with books so I can fan girl over them on the site or by just being there when I needed someone to bounce ideas off of.  I always appreciate everything people have been willing to do for me or with me so THANK YOU!!!  I’ve met so many people over the past couple of years and while I still haven’t completely gotten the hang of things I think I’ve changed the site in minor ways that I hope make it better for those who visit.  I’ve extended my appreciation for the publicists and authors for entrusting me with the fun stuff I’ve been able to share and I hope to grow this year in both a blog sense and a personal sense.  Be prepared to see more fun stuff as I get my self more organized and I have some fun books in the pipeline to share/giveaway over the next few months.

My personal life has undergone a MAJOR change.  I was in a long-term relationship which had been unhealthy for a very long time.  It wasn’t a matter of if the relationship would end it was a matter of exactly when it would finally be over.  There is nothing worse than feeling trapped in a relationship where you just feel drained of all energy because the other person needs to be the center of attention and catered to in every way.  There were issues that both of us contributed but I want a partner and not someone that just needs a mother to cater to them.  I realized as this came to a sudden end at the end of June that I had items I loved which had been stored for over a decade because we had no place to display them.  Mind you we lived in a large loft and if he could display his stuff all over I don’t know why I accepted that mine couldn’t seem to have any space.  We also moved units in the same building because he wanted to be in a unit that was an exact match of his old place a few years previously.  It was smaller with even less storage but to keep the peace I sucked it up and conceded.  I could go on and on about the ways I felt marginalized but you know…  he isn’t worth it and I’m very happy being out on my own again in a space that I chose, decorated and am making my own.  I’ve got a lot on my plate with work, school, personal time and the blog but I wouldn’t trade one thing because via this blog and my activity on Twitter I’ve met many wonderful people who have taught me a lot!  Thanks to all of you and thanks for being patient with me as I transitioned to this new place.

Now for the fun stuff —- I will be doing giveaways all week with many different items that I’ve gathered over the past year.  I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do!!!  All giveaways will be open to any entrants as they will be print copies so please have fun entering…  Besides the items pictured each day there will be misc swag and such included since I can..

Day 1 – Vivian Arend!!!  I adore Vivian and was incredibly shocked when she pulled a quote from my review of Rocky Ride for the back cover…. Shocked I tells ya!!  I’m happy to be giving away a copy of it and a copy of Rocky Mountain Desire plus a Samhain tote bag to one winner.  Both books are signed and trust me both are SMOKING HOT!!!


To enter just comment below answering this quick question – What challenge or change did you go thru recently which was for the better once the initial hurt or shock was over?  This will be open for comment until September 19th at 11:59 pm US Central.


Love Finds a Way Box Set Coming April 29th!

April 28, 2014 Misc Info 1


LOVE FINDS A WAY Boxed Set—Release date: April 29, 2014 for only 99 cents!

Four unconventional love stories from popular and best-selling

romance authors, all with sequels from Turquoise Morning Press

BRING ME BACK by Karen Booth


Claire Abby was a starry-eyed teenager when she fantasized that British rock star Christopher Penman was her boyfriend. More than twenty years later, she’s about to fall in love with him for real.


“Fast-paced, sexy and altogether irresistible. A flat-out fabulous read!”–New York Times Bestselling author Celia Rivenbark


“Ms. Booth has hit a home run with this riveting story that’s full of life, trials and tribulations, joy, but most of all, love.”–5 stars and a recommended read, BlackRaven’s Reviews


“If you are a fan of drama, humor and heart with a wonderful blend of bittersweet and delicious sensuality, then you need to read Bring Me Back. I’ve added it to my absolute favorites, the ones I curl up with when I’m down and need to remember to love and laugh and believe in magic.”–5 Stars, The Book Tart


Included on the Top Ten Romances of All Time list by Patience Bloom from Harlequin.


An All-Romance bestseller.


Karen Booth is a Midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on 80s music, Judy Blume, and the films of John Hughes. A former music industry exec, she loves to write about the world of backstage passes and band dynamics.


CONTENTMENT by Margaret Ethridge


Fifteen years after saying, “I do”, Tracy Sullivan feels lost in a tangle of marriage, family, home, and career. Poised on the verge of losing it all, she embarks on a quest to redefine her life. With the help of a few good friends and the enduring love of her husband, she discovers that while happiness is fleeting, contentment can last a lifetime.


“The story is honest, well told, and so sweet. I loved it.” –5 stars, Amazon bestselling author Jennifer Johnson


“You’ll want that Hollywood ending that never happens in real life. What you will get a story that is so true to real life that it’ll make your stomach twist and your heart hammer.” –5 stars, Another Look Book Reviews


“This is story-telling at its best.” –5 stars, Amazon customer review


“Have you not read Margaret Ethridge? Hop to it! Although she is a new author, her work is consistently intriguing, even while writing different romantic genres.” –Booking It


Margaret Ethridge is the Amazon bestselling author whose stories of life and love have made her a fan favorite and a Booksellers Best finalist.


MEANT TO BE by Karen Stivali


Sometimes you’re already committed to the wrong person when fate finally brings you the right one. Daniel and Marienne’s friendship has helped them weather every hardship—now they’re both secretly wondering if it can survive a first kiss.


Best Books of 2012 –Literati Literature Lovers (Meant To Be and its sequel Holding On)


Books That Rocked My World 2012 – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews (Meant To Be and its sequel Holding On)


“Meant To Be is simply an amazing story that is heartwarming and genuine, it is one that will make you believe in soul mates.” –5 stars, Jersey Girl Book Reviews


“If you’re looking for engaging, soulful characters, enough drama to take you through a myriad of emotions that entail everything from laughter to anger to crying, and enough passion to make you sizzle in all the right places, then Meant To Be is the book to read.” –5 stars and a Recommended Read, BlackRaven’s Book Reviews


Karen Stivali is a multiple award-winning author of contemporary and erotic romance. She writes novels about love…like real life, only hotter.


′TIL ST. PATRICK’S DAY by Holly Gilliatt


Over the course of one winter, three best friends encounter what happens when love doesn’t go according to plan.


“With the author’s ease of putting words on paper, the story flows through your mind, connecting on a deep emotional level. You will find yourself hoping, gasping, shedding a tear or two and smiling with happiness as the story unfolds.” –Literati Book Reviews


“Gilliatt creates characters who you connect with… The reader is placed in the middle of these three women’s lives; you experience their ups, their downs and their own journey of self-discovery.” –


“The main theme of this novel was friendship, but it’s followed very closely by love—and not just romantic love. …It’s fantastic.” –5 stars, Pink Fluffy Hearts


Holly Gilliatt writes funny, heartwarming tales of love and friendship. She is the author of two published novels with a third due out in July.


Length: Four full-length novels, Boxed Set

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

ISBN: 978-1-62237-291-1

Ebook Price: $0.99 (Special Promotional Price)



Read-A-Thon!!!! Here It Goes!

April 26, 2014 Misc Info 0

In approximately 10 more minutes my day of reading will begin.  Please check in throughout the day/night as I update with what I’ve read and when you can see the reviews here on the site.


For a chance to see who else is participating please visit:




Help Needed for Essay – Reading format preferences- Do you have any?

November 1, 2013 Contest, Misc Info 9

Normally I wouldn’t ask for help but I need some quick input from people for an English Comp essay I’m writing…. So hey I’ll throw this out to the masses and even reward 5 commenters with a new ebook…


All you need to do is leave me an answer to the following questions to be entered to win one of 5 e-copies of A Holiday Christmas by Heather Lire (my review here):


1. Do you prefer to read paper copies of books or prefer electronic copies?

2. Do you have a preferred eReader?

3.  If so what reader do you prefer and why?

4.  If you prefer paper copies what would make you consider switching to an eReader?  Or why would you never switch?



I just need responses by 11/3/2013 at 11:59 pm US Central and I’ll draw the winners shortly after.


Thanks to everyone who is willing to help me out!!!


Birthday Week Giveaway Winner – Contest #7

September 19, 2013 Misc Info 0

And the last giveaway winner is…..

Liz W

Congratulations Liz!!  I’m sending you an email asking which store you want your gift card from.

I again want to thank everyone for participating in my contests!  I cannot wait to share more books and things with you over the next year!