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The Darkest Day – Britt Bury

July 7, 2012 Uncategorized 0

This was a great start to a series and has me wanting more…

Izel was a great heroine who has been led to believe she was a weak Fionn but in reality she is sooooo much more valuable and rare than expected.  She has been unable to feel emotions and is very naive when it comes to real life.

Kelvin…  ahhh Kelvin ye of the loverly Scottish brogue… is a Pookah who has sworn vengeance on the clan who killed his father.  He is loyal and while an Alpha also has a wonderful heart and soul.

The issues arise due to her being the last living (on Earth) relative of the man who killed his father.  He needs to kill her to complete his vow but the fun begins when a twist is revealed.

I’m being good and keeping the twists out of this but go pick this up and see how these two work things out and both become whole as a result.

Hot smexy scenes and a great main pairing make this a must read.  I can’t wait until the next in the series.

Special thanks to and Grand Central/Forever Yours for providing me a copy of this in return for my honest review.

The Darkest Day – Britt Bury – 4 Stars


Blade Song – J.C. Daniels – 5 Stars!!!

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Blade Song

Blade Song – J. C. Daniels – 5 stars

I must say I truly enjoyed this foray in to UF.

Kit is just a wonderfully strong heroine who has not had an easy life. As a half-breed she was severely mistreated by her mother’s family and has major issues to overcome due to that abuse. She has a fair amount of luck and doesn’t waver in her willingness to do the right thing even if it puts her in danger and seems stupid to outsiders. Her main weakness is a soft spot for kids.

Damon… how to describe this Alpha male… is just growly as all get out but you end up loving his intensity and his willingness to be there for Kit even if she doesn’t want him there. He just is yummy and even though this isn’t a romance I was cheering for he and Kit to get together. 

The story itself was fun to read and seeing this new world develop was a great ride. The bad-guy in this was fun to figure out but I am really hoping that J.C. gets the chance to continue this series as there is a bit of an open ending to both his story and Kit/Damon.

J.C. – Thanks for providing me a copy of this to review and read. I really appreciated it and this had no influence on my rating.

Everyone needs to go out and support this author in her self-publishing endeavor and enjoy this book as the reward!


At Last – Jill Shalvis – 4 stars!

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This is my first in this series and, while I am definitely going back to read the rest, I didn’t feel lost in this book at all.

Amy and Matt are a great pair in that neither one is looking for love but…  like usual…  love finds them.

Matt is just a sigh-worthy hero in that he wants to help and support people but thinks that he is a failure when it came to his first marriage.

Amy is at a crossroads in her life and just isn’t certain what she wants but knows what she doesn’t want is the complication of a relationship.

These two are great to watch come together and it is fun to watch them heal and support each other.

I truly loved it and am looking forward to going back and reading the other ones plus going forward to Grace’s story.

BTW – Thinking I need to have a group like they do for chocolate…  🙂

Special thanks to and Grand Central Publishers for a copy of this in return for my honest review.

At Last – Jill Shalvis – 4 Stars!!


The Theory of Attraction (aka Naughty Professor)

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Ok…  holy heck is this one naughty…

Ivan is an extremely intellegent man in the ways of science….  Social circumstances are not his strong suit but to keep his department happy he has to attend an event that will have major donors attending.  He enlists his neighbor, Camilla, to give him lessons in how to interact socially.  You will be ready to haul off and hit him many times in this book as he is an arrogant jerk but having known a few people like him that are hyper intelligent but have no filters it wasn’t a detracting factor in my enjoyment of this book.  Just be patient with him and enjoy what you will find out fairly quickly…

Camilla is a very nice person who has a major crush on Ivan.  She also is very intelligent but not socially inept.  She agrees to work with him and in the process pushes his buttons in such a way that he reveals a major hidden side of himself to her.

You see Ivan is a Dom…  Hot, kinky, dirty Professor comes to light and Camilla realizes how much being his submissive really does for her.  A bit of a misunderstanding occurs right at the end but of course all is resolved by the end.

I would have liked to see more of this couple but all in all this was a good quick read.

I want to say thank you so much to and Carina Press for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review.


When Darkness Hungers – J.K. Beck

June 29, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Let me just start by…

*SIGH* Sergius…  How sexy was he?  Let’s just say broody, troubled, alpha, sexy hotness in one ancient vampire body…

Alexis – Great match for the broody Serge… She sees beyond the vampire to the man beneath and falls for him even though she should hate him.  She has left the FBI to become a vampire hunter after the death of her sister.  You see her sister disappeared when she was younger and she just never had closure.  When she discovers what happened to her it drives her to obsession.  She has to uncover who did this and have her vengeance.

The two of them come together thru some manipulation but when they are together it is HOT!

I’m not going to give everything away so just trust me in that this is a good story and was a fun read.

Special thanks to and Bantam for giving me the chance to read this in return for my honest review.

3 strong stars and another series I must go back and read the initial books….

When Darkness Hungers – J.K. Beck


Undercover Alliance – Lilly Cain

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Ok…  I liked this one and probably would have enjoyed it more if I had realized it was a part of a series before I started it.

I will be going back and reading the previous books as I did enjoy the writing style and the world this is set in.

My thoughts:

Sarina is a very strong heroine who is at a point in her life where things do not look good and she is lost…  You see she has damage done to her that makes her unable to orgasm.  This may not seem like a huge deal (yeah I know I like them too but not life ending if I couldn’t have them) but in her society this could mean her insanity as her species needs them as a stress reliever/mental release.  She is being forced out of what she knows and loves which makes her a very lost soul.

John is not what he seems…  human…  Yes… but not a meek attorney.  He is a perfect match for the warrior in Sarina.  He being more than he seems is very attractive to Sarina and when they act on the attraction it proves to be something that both of them desperately need.

He gives her back her life….  She gives him what he never thought he would have.

All in all a solid read and worth picking up.

3 solid stars

Undercover Alliance – The Confederacy Treaty #3 – Lilly Cain


Can’t Buy Me Love – Molly O’Keefe

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Can’t Buy Me Love – Molly O’Keefe – 3 stars

This is sort of a hard review to write…

I liked the book …  Some sections I adored…  I liked Tara Jean and Luc but something fell flat with them together.  Not that I think they aren’t a good pair but something just wasn’t 100% there with the pairing.

The good:
          1. Tara Jean – You want to not like her at the beginning just from the fact she was willing to participate in the farce used to get the kids home.  You also want to dislike the fact that she is judging people she has never met and just heard about from a man that she knows others have major issues with.  Now how can this be good???  She just is a truly good person under all the pretense and history.  I personally was rooting for her to get an HEA as she so rightly deserved.

         2. Luc – All I can say is HOT HOT HOT HOT.  He has a lot of issues and once again he is one that you want an HEA for since he is just a truly good man.

The annoying:
         1. Victoria – The sister just worked my nerves in this book…  She has the next book but the whole woe is me angle just wore me out.
         2. Eli – He had one redeeming feature in this – He stood up for Tara Jean….  but I’m not sure if I will like him in the next one as he always seemed to be pissed at the world.  Brooding heroes I like but…

Ok…  While I liked the story I’m not sure if I 100% bought that Luc and Tara Jean really were the perfect match…  I’m hoping we get some views of them in the next book that makes me more comfortable with the pair and I really hope that the main pair (see annoying above) make up for their appearances in this one.

Special thanks to and Bantam for providing me the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review.


A Gentleman Undone – Cecilia Grant – 3 stars

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This was a very well done period piece with a highly unusual female for her time.

Will is a broken man in most respects from his time at war but his honor and morality in most respects is not compromised.  He gambles and is not a saint but for those flaws he is at heart an incredibly honorable man.  You want the best for him and cheer when he does end up with what matters most…  love and respect from those who deserve it.

Lydia is a wonderful heroine and extremely unusual for most romance novels covering this time…  She does what she has to in order to survive but also has her own strong sense of honor and loyalty.  She has a quick mind and an amazing knack for reading/running cards that serves her well.

I enjoyed the by-play between Will and Lydia but I missed some of that connection during the sex scenes..  she is a woman who is selling her body for protection and still loves sex but….  there is a disconnect between the main pair in these scenes that I missed.

Overall a good read and worth picking up.

Special thanks to and Bantam for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review.

3 stars


Amazing Grace – Eve Gaddy

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Amazing Grace – Eve Gaddy – 3 stars

Nice enjoyable read.  Max was just sigh worthy and Grace was a great fit for him.

Max comes in to town a bad boy in looks but a good guy in reality.  His first appearance is being arrested by Grace O’Malley after getting a little too chummy with the girlfriend of a local.  He was just being nice and asking questions but….  what can ya do…

Grace was a lot of fun as she is so confident as sheriff but isn’t so sure of herself as a woman.  She is tall and not classically gorgeous but Max sees her as a woman and not just as a sheriff.

The story of human smuggling and the suspense factor were done ok I thought but I really enjoyed watching the 2 main characters interact and find each other.

Quick hot read and would recommend it as such.

Special thanks to and Bell Bridge books for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review.


Improper Relations – Juliana Ross

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Improper Relations – Juliana Ross – 4 Stars

I enjoyed this really quick read.  I only wish it were longer so you got to see more of the main pair but for such a short read it was HOT!

Hannah is a woman of her times- i.e. believing that sex is just something that is her duty to her husband and that no pleasure is to be gained from it on her part.  She witnesses Leo, her late husband’s cousin, and a maid in the library enjoying a quick afternoon delight and is extremely interested in what transpired.

Leo…  now what to say about Leo…  he’s deliciously wicked and debauched for his time.  He isn’t what you and others believe him to be and is well worth the time needed to read this novella.

I wish when I was just learning how to enjoy sex that he had been my teacher…  YUM.  Sex to him is fun and meant to be enjoyed by both parties which for the times is a scandalous thought especially for the upper class.

My thanks to and Carina Press for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review.