Unbroken Cowboy, Maisey Yates 4 stars

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Unbroken Cowboy, Maisey Yates 4 starsUnbroken Cowboy by Maisey Yates
Published by HQN Books on May 1, 2019
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Western, Contemporary
Pages: 384
Source: NetGalley.com

Don’t miss the next Gold Valley Western romance novel, Unbroken Cowboy, from New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates, available April 30 from HQN Books.

Unbroken Cowboy really threw me for a loop in the best way.  You see, after meeting Beatrix in multiple Gold Valley books I had a very clear picture of who she was.  I didn’t view her as an adult like I should have given her friends, rather more as a very naive teenager.  It wasn’t even about her age as much as her naive and childlike demeanor that made me see her that way.  Because of that I wasn’t sure how the author was going to pull off a pairing with Dane who has clearly been a playboy rodeo cowboy.  I shouldn’t have doubted her, she pulled it off beautifully.

Beatrix who has always seemed extremely simple and loving has been hiding a spine of steel from everyone, even those closest to her.  After all, living this way has allowed her to hide her vulnerable heart from any further heartbreak after she experienced a devastating loss as a teenager.  The image of the naive and fragile girl that she presented to even her closes friends have led them to believe that she is someone who needs to be protected, even from herself.   So when Bea finally sets her sights on heating up her relationship with Dane, her friends are certain that heartbreak lies ahead.

Dane’s life is no longer what he wants it to be.  After a bull-riding accident almost kills him, he has been laid up for months being babied by everyone he comes in contact with.   To say he’s a bit of an ass as a result would be an understatement.  Dane has spent so much of his life chasing being a rodeo star that he no longer knows who he is, all he knows is that he is now stuck in a life he didn’t want.

When Dane inadvertently gets a glimpse of Bea’s body combined with the real her, he realizes how wrong everyone including himself has been about Bea.  She’s determined and rather than battling those around her to make them see her points, she flows around any obstacles she encounters like water. Forceful and fluid the reality is that Bea always ends up accomplishing what she sets her mind to.  Dane quickly realizes that this new life with Bea is almost exactly what he has always needed, if only he can get her to accept one minor tweak with him returning to work in the rodeo circuit as an agent.

Can Bea trust that she will be enough for Dane in the long run when he entire childhood showed her that marriages are anything but permanent?  Or will she walk away breaking not just her own heart, but Dane’s as well in order to stay safe?  Pick up your copy of Unbroken Cowboy to find out.

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