Willing Victim: Remastered – Cara McKenna – 4 stars

August 16, 2016 Purchased, Read in 2016 1

Willing Victim: Remastered – Cara McKenna – 4 starsWilling Victim: Remastered by Cara McKenna
on July 8, 2016
Pages: 146
Format: eBook
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A re-release of the 2010 fan favorite, with light revisions and an expanded ending.

For the past couple years Laurel's been coasting, hiding in the backseat while her life drifts off course. Then one summer afternoon a tall, built bruiser named Flynn strides in and steers her straight into an infatuation she never saw coming.

Flynn introduces Laurel to things she’s never imagined before—to the violent but exciting realm of the underground boxing circuit, to rough sex and even rougher role-playing, and to an attraction she craves even as it intimidates her. As Flynn invites her deeper into his world and his life, Laurel has to make a choice—let fear keep her holed up where it’s safe, or take a chance and fight for the man who makes her feel more alive than she’d dreamed possible.

This was a very quick read for me but I enjoyed getting to know Flynn and Laurel as they unexpectedly found something that gave them everything they never hoped to find.

Laurel is at loose ends at this point in her life but seems to be content with this even as she feels restless in her skin.  She isn’t sure what she wants or needs but when she follows the man who stepped in to help when she didn’t… well…  she finds out that perhaps this masterful, dominating man is exactly what she needs.  She’s intrigued as she is invited to watch what he likes to do to the women who he shares his bed with but is in some respects frightened by her strong need to be in that place with him.  She comes out of her shell with his guidance and it causes her to want more than what she thinks he is willing to offer her.  This relationship that they build also makes her realize that she needs to decide what she really wants for her life and to quit being scared of what may come.  I liked seeing her start to own herself and even though she still has work to do you can see that she really is on the right path.

Flynn… *fans self while looking around for an ice bath* … yeah this man so does it for me.  He isn’t looking for anything other than a good time but as he spends more time with Laurel you get the feeling that he’s really not just in it for the fun they have in the bedroom.  He’s definitely a man who knows what he likes but he’s also a man who wants to make sure that his partner gets what she needs as well.  I liked getting to see how he balanced his domineering side with the softer side.  He’s a man that knows what he wants when he sees it but is also one that is willing to see where things go.  He isn’t going to stifle the core of the person he’s with and we see that towards the end of the story.

I quite enjoyed this quick read and still have more from Cara to go back and check out.


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  1. Amy Rickman

    Thanks for the review, this book has been on my wishlist for a while now.