Rock Wedding – Nalini Singh – 5 stars

July 28, 2016 NetGalley, Read in 2016 1

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Rock Wedding – Nalini Singh – 5 starsRock Wedding on July 19, 2016
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New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh continues her Rock Kiss series with a hot, sweet, emotional contemporary romance about love and forgiveness…

After a lifetime of longing for a real family, Sarah Smith thought she’d finally found her home with rock star Abe Bellamy, even if she knew Abe didn’t love her the way she loved him. But their brief relationship, filled with tragedy and heartache, nearly destroyed her. Alone, emotions in turmoil, and already shaky self-esteem shattered, Sarah struggles to pick up the pieces in the wake of their divorce.

Abe knows he’s to blame for the end of his marriage. Caught in a web of painful memories, he pushed away the best thing in his life – the sexy, smart woman he adores – breaking them both in the process. Then fate throws him a second chance to get things right, to prove to Sarah that she means everything to him. Abe desperately wants that second chance at love...even if he knows he doesn’t deserve it.

But can he convince Sarah – now strong and independent without him – to risk her wounded heart one more time?

I honestly don’t know where to start with this one…  I really don’t.  Nalini is a masterful wordsmith that wrings the emotions out of the smallest things.  She made me cry repeatedly in this book and yet all I wanted to do was read more..  cry more..  blubber more…

Abe and Sarah were amazing to follow as we saw a woman in love with a man who was at a point in his life where nothing mattered.  He was so wrapped up in his own pain and journey that he didn’t see (didn’t want to see) the path of destruction he was creating.  Sarah isn’t perfect in this story but as you get to know her you see what caused her to be the way she was and how much sheer strength she has.  I felt for her as some of her story called out to me as she navigated breaking free from her past to finally stand on her own two feet.  She develops such an amazing backbone that you cheer for her as she finally sees that she matters and has friends.  While I did get upset at her for taking so long to finally trust Abe again, I got it…  I really did get it.  She was trying to protect herself from the only person who could (and did) truly hurt her.  You’ll love watching her admit her own failings while not excusing his part in encouraging her to withdraw even farther in to her inner demons.  I loved her acceptance of him even as she struggled to protect her heart.

Abe…. my dear, dear man… He’s someone that loves so deeply that he cannot bear when something happens to take the object of his love away from him, he self destructs.  I loved how he owned up to his mistakes.  He didn’t make excuses.  He didn’t expect that she forgive him.  He desperately wanted her to let him in but knew it was something she had to do.  He couldn’t make her but he hoped beyond hope that he would be able to win her back.  I loved how supportive he was of her independence in so many ways.  His first big present to her made me melt as it showed how much he paid attention to her.  He also shows her his demons without any embellishment or shame which honestly made me cry.  He really made such huge strides in his life that I finished the book smiling from ear-to-ear as we got to see what happens when two people really do the work to make something beautiful out of the wreckage.

The glimpses of the other couples was fun but the focus really was on two people who were just meant to be.  They both weren’t perfect but no one is.

So thanks Nalini for making me cry while on my lunch at work, I really did love these two.


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  1. Amy Rickman

    Thanks for your review, I’m now 2 books behind on this series.