Stealing His Thunder – Sparrow Beckett – 4 stars

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Stealing His Thunder – Sparrow Beckett – 4 starsStealing His Thunder on June 21 2016
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From the author of the Masters Unleashed series, Sparrow Beckett revs things up with two lovers on a collision course in the first Masters of Adrenaline novel.

Nothing gives Addison Kennedy a rush like stealing cars. The Lexus was the perfect target, but before she can get its engine purring, she's cold-cocked unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself on a bed with a blonde, tattooed god standing over her.

Fox Larson is shocked to discover the thief he knocked out is actually a hot girl. Bringing her home may not have been the smartest move, but he wasn’t about to leave an unconscious and defenseless woman in a parking garage. Besides, if she’s part of an auto theft crew infringing on his territory, he needs to pump her for information.

However, Addison has personal drive that won’t be denied and she’s desperate to prove Fox’s group needs her skills. Submitting to his kinks in the bedroom is a hot yet complicated bonus. When a big job goes bad, and Addison finally gets her chance, will she succeed in stealing his thunder?

This is my first story by Sparrow Beckett and I have to say it will not be my last.  This was a relatively quick read for me but it had some really nice chemistry between the leads with a fun storyline.

Addison was entertaining to read about as she isn’t what she seems.  She’s smart as hell but bored in the life she has which is responsible without any sort of excitement.  She knows she should be good and follow the expected path but she craves excitement with a side need for making money to support her family.  I loved this about her but mainly enjoyed how she pushed for what she wanted even as she struggled to truly know what it was.  She’s also great with Fox and his team so seeing her need to be included made me laugh.  I also could identify with her fighting the need to submit to someone as it is something that many of us have issues accepting.  She’s the perfect partner to Fox as he needs someone to push him outside his own comfort zone but also he needs someone who won’t always do exactly what he wants.

Fox was hot as hell but at the same time I just wanted to strangle him as he kept spouting lines that made him seem like he was back in the dark ages.  I got the whole dominant side of him in the bedroom but outside of that space I wanted him to just let her in.  She was going to do it any way so why not have her do it where he could truly protect her?  His mastery of her in the bedroom was definitely swoonworthy and damn HOT!  I liked how he worked to get under her skin and in to what she truly craved even as she denied it as much as she could.  There is something about seeing a man who is extremely focused on making sure that there is no uncertainty in the fact that BOTH of them was satisfied by the time their encounter was over unless it was a lesson.  The focus when a dominant has his mind set on something can make one *shiver*…  😉

I’m looking forward to more stories from this author and need to go back to read the backlist.


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