And So We Begin – My 2016 Year of Getting Healthier

January 3, 2016 2016 Challenge 4

Okay I don’t want to type this but dammit here it goes..

I am 5’2″ and unfortunately…

I weigh 245.8 lbs which is absolutely not healthy.

I am not proud of my weight or how bad I have let myself go but I am happy with my decision to make this journey public as it will provide my motivation.

I am also going to take advantage of a deal at Anytime Fitness is doing where tomorrow I will get weighed and measured towards a 90 day weight loss challenge.  It is free for members so if you belong then I would see if your location is participating.  It requires a food/exercise logs be turned in, goal sheets and weekly weigh-ins.  I will definitely share the information I am working with so maybe people can use the ideas I am getting from my gym.

I have also tried to provide myself healthier snacks by buying fruit and protein bars that will be at my desk for snacking while I work.  We shall see how this goes..


Good luck to anyone else trying to make changes this year!

4 Responses to “And So We Begin – My 2016 Year of Getting Healthier”

  1. laurakcurtis

    Good luck! You can do it 🙂 “Get healthier” is a good goal…no numbers, just end the year in a better place than you are in now.

  2. jovialvampyre

    Congratulations on your quest to be healthier. I agree with Laura that you have taken the best method in not attaching numbers and such to your goal. Health in not a size. We will be there cheering you on :).

  3. Amy Rickman

    Good luck, I’m hoping to drop at least 50+ pounds this year. So far I’ve cut down on my soda intake but I need to work on the foods I eat and exercise.