Ahead in the Heat – Lorelie Brown – 4 stars

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I received this book for free from the publisher . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ahead in the Heat – Lorelie Brown – 4 starsAhead in the Heat by Lorelie Brown
Published by Penguin on 2015-01-06
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
Source: the publisher
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Sean Westin finds himself on the beaches of San Sebastian as he recovers from a bad break. But he’ll need more than sand and swells to heal his heart....The surfing World Championship Tour is under way, and Sean Westin is desperate to make his mark—until a stupid display of machismo in Bali leaves his shoulder busted. He has six weeks to get back on the waves or he may be looking at the end of his career.Annie Baxter is the best physical therapist in the business, and she knows it. After almost joining the pro circuit herself, she’s wary of working with big stars and their huge egos. But Sean is making her an incredible offer—full funding for her after-school skate center for underprivileged kids—and she’s finding him hard to resist....As intense therapy sessions turn into passionate intimacy, Sean unleashes a wild side of Annie that she’s suppressed for years. Only, Sean’s keeping secrets, and when his hidden history comes to the surface, everything—even Annie—might get torn away.

I really enjoyed reading more about the surfing world and the characters that inhabit it per Lorelie’s imagination.  There is something interesting about seeing a bit of the behind the scenes action that takes place on tour but mainly I enjoyed the heat between our main pair.  I look forward to more of this series and hopefully will also see more of the people we’ve seen thus far including hoping Nate gets someone for him that isn’t a total…

Annie once had a dream of becoming a professional surfer but due to an incident in her past she turned sour on not only the industry but surfing in general.  She now devotes her time and energy to her physical therapy business with a side of helping at-risk teenagers.  She’s driven but incredibly lonely and locked within herself but when she meets Sean she finds she wants something more.  She turns him down as a client until he makes an offer she cannot refuse but as she spends time with him she realizes that she can’t be his doctor but needs to see where the chemistry they share goes.  I liked her strength but mainly I enjoyed her intuition when it came to seeing behind the walls that Sean has built around his life.  She has her own issues that need to be worked out but she at least tries to be honest with herself and him even as she fights her own internal battle.

Sean was something else.  He may show the world that he’s a carefree playboy but in reality he’s a strong man who overcame a horrible childhood.  The scars of his childhood still haunt him and watching him struggle to keep them hidden from the world and Annie was painful.  He’s desperate to get back in the game after an injury but finds himself unable to keep Annie at a distance.  His drive to succeed is legendary but he still has a massive stressors as someone is digging in to the past he desperately wants to keep hidden.  I enjoyed his strength but mainly loved his heart in the ways he tried so hard to do what he needed to do in order to keep Annie happy.  Now mind you… he messes up…  so does she..  but both of them really just wanted to make the other one happy which made it a bit more palatable.

Overall a story with a nice amount of heat and a real dose of heart that will make you happy as they find one another to be exactly what they always needed.

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