Clarence – Sarah M Anderson – 4 stars

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I received this book for free from the Author . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Clarence – Sarah M Anderson – 4 starsClarence on December 25, 2014
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Clarence Thunder may not be as young as he once was . . .

But is he as good once as he ever was? He hopes so. He’s been watching Tammy Tall Trees, the young single mother who works next door in the Child Care Center. He wants to show Tammy he can take care of her and her young son—but can he compete with the boy’s real father?

Tammy was crushed when her old boyfriend abandoned her after she got pregnant. Since then, she’s put her son first—which means no dating. Who would want a broke single mother, anyway? Certainly not Clarence—one of the best men on the White Sandy. Until one day, the older man starts making her coffee—and bringing her son toys. Can she put herself first—or will her past catch up to them both?

This was another sweet entry in the Men of White Sandy series and focuses on our favorite male nurse.  I enjoyed this glimpse of the reservation and especially loved seeing Nobody again in a much healthier place.

Clarence is happy being a nurse even as others have given him grief about being a man in a woman’s job.  He only needs one more thing that he hasn’t held out hope for, a woman to love and care for.  He’s a good guy who can be scary if needed but mainly has a very sweet heart that has now found someone he thinks is his match.  He does so many sweet things in this story even as he does one sort of stupid growly caveman move.  I enjoyed seeing him work out how to spend time with his lady love and not frighten her off as she’s been burned in the past.  He’s so unsure of himself and her feelings towards him which made it sweet to see his efforts pay off with a woman who will treat him as a treasure.

Tammy Tall Trees loves her son and does enjoy her job but finds herself intrigued by the nurse of the reservation clinic.  Sure he’s older but she can’t help but be interested in this man even as she is afraid of letting herself want something of her very own.  She was abandoned by the father of her son and while she adores her child she also finds herself wanting something more than she thinks she deserves.  She tries to put up roadblocks at every turn but Clarence just sneaks under her walls and becomes a part of her life in ways that make her happier than she thought she could ever be.  I liked her vulnerability and honesty with him but I did get a bit pissed about her not really showing or telling Clarence what she felt for him.  She’s torn when her ex comes back in town but she believes that she has to give him a shot with his kid.  I understood why she did what she did but dammit….  The great thing is she was honest with herself about what she needed and I could appreciate that.

This is a very quick read but a sweet one.  If you’ve read the rest in the series you definitely want to grab this one and if you haven’t read the series..  well…. get moving…

Special thanks to Sarah M. Anderson for giving me the chance to read this.  She knows I love this series and has always been generous with getting them in my greedy little hands as fast as possible.

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