A Gentleman in the Street – Alisha Rai – 4.5 stars

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A Gentleman in the Street – Alisha Rai – 4.5 starsA Gentleman in the Street on November 22, 2014
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Shameless. That’s what she was.

Billionaire businesswoman Akira Mori can get anything and anyone her heart desires. Anyone, that is, except for a certain aloof author who has been dominating her dreams for over a decade. Accustomed to Jacob Campbell’s stern disapproval, Akira has turned provocation into an art, using every trick in her arsenal to keep the man from guessing the depth of her filthy fantasies.

Shameless. That’s what she made him.

Since the moment the sexy, sultry socialite sidled up to him years ago, there hasn't been a time when Jacob didn't crave Akira. But as guardian to his younger siblings, responsibility has controlled his life. Confining his darkest desires to secret, stolen moments maintains his carefully disciplined world…but a cold bed is the price he pays.

A single touch is all it takes for their simmering need to explode. As secrets and fears are stripped away one by one, shame becomes a thing of the past. They find themselves becoming addicted to each other, in bed and out—a frightening prospect for a man just learning to live…and a woman who thinks she doesn't know how to love.

I’m glad I listened to the many people who were telling me to grab this book.  I enjoyed the fact that Alisha has given us a heroine who is open with her sexuality and owns it.  In many cases we don’t see the women in romance completely owning their own sexuality and going after what they want when they want it without seeing guilt about being wanton.  I appreciated that Akira is very open about her wants and desires even as she struggles with believing that someone could really love her.  I also enjoyed our hero struggling with what he needs and finding himself after years of being the responsible one.  Both of them are wonderful characters with major issues brought about by their childhood.

Jacob lives in a world that he controls.  He’s successful but has built his life completely around the needs of his younger siblings and this drives him to only have relationships that he isn’t 100% committed to.  Not to say that he cheats or anything like that but he isn’t really finding what he wants because to be honest he isn’t completely open to what he wants.  He’s very guarded and uptight when we first meet him but man oh man does he have dreams, desires and naughty as hell thoughts.  This is a man who needs to find someone that pulls him out of his shell to really live life and enjoy it.  What he thinks he doesn’t need is what Akira makes him want…  He is scared of what she brings out of him but as he finally spends time around her he realizes exactly what he wants is staring him right in the face and he needs to wake up to grab it before she succeeds in locking herself back up.  I loved his naughty ways once he lets the guard down but I truly loved how he showed what she really meant to him by his actions and what he gave back to her that she truly needed.

Akira is on the surface the party girl.  She’s famous for being infamous but really under the major money, blatant sexuality and cold exterior is a woman who was/is treated horribly by the people who should have loved her most.  She’s hurting badly but hides this behind a veneer of sex and coldness that most can’t penetrate.  She’s always been attracted to Jacob but feels that he looks down on her just like everyone else does so she snipes at him every single time they get near one another.  She’s also very open about loving sex in all its forms and is infamous for her parties that truly are amazing.  I enjoyed seeing her strength but I think I loved it most when we got to see the vulnerability behind the mask.  She’s complex but strong as hell and watching her melt for Jacob was beautiful.  She is still strong as hell but seeing the warmth start to color her actions and world made me extremely happy.

You’ll enjoy the sexual tension that exists between Jacob and Akira but I think what made the story for me was seeing two people who have had bad examples of how relationships should be truly finding how a healthy relationship should work.  The sex is hot as hell but the heart behind the story made me extremely happy.


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