Rock Addiction – Nalini Singh – 4 stars (Tour Contest)

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Rock Addiction – Nalini Singh – 4 stars (Tour Contest)Rock Addiction on September 9, 2014
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While this book starts out with a very fast sexual encounter between our hero and heroine I had a hard time getting invested in the characters.  This changes after the first 20% of the book so stick with it as the payoff is well worth the slow start.

Molly has reason to hate the limelight and all that it entails.  She’s been thru hell and back because of her father’s inability to keep it in his pants and his choice of lovers.  She’s also seen the nightmare that was her mother’s obsession with her father and doesn’t want any part of public life or to be honest true deep love.  She’s built so many walls around herself that she doesn’t truly live life and while she claims to be happy she knows she really isn’t.  When she’s intrigued by a rock star she puts rules and limits on their interactions that she finds herself chafing at almost immediately.  I loved her honesty and ability to recognize that she needed to change.  She pushes herself to open up and is rewarded by her hero who realized very early on that she was his.  There was something amazing about watching her truly open up and love him with all that she has to give but even better watch how he returns her feelings back to her and cherish it.  She’s a strong soul that took hits at an early age but comes in to her own as she finds her match in Fox.  I also loved how she interacted with the rest of the band and was there for her sister and BFF.  Her advice to David made me giggle especially when Thea reacts…  LOVED!

Fox… *sigh*… where can I get my own version of him???  He knows from the moment he sees Molly across the room that he wants to get to know her.  As he spends time with her he realizes that she is his.  Plain and simple there is no confusion with his intentions from the beginning.  He’s willing to agree to her initial terms but won’t let her put him in the box she seems to want him in.  He pushes her boundaries but all he wants is for her to be honest with him and let him in.  As he gets to know her more and finds out her past, he really shines in how much he works to support her in every way possible.  The lengths he goes thru to make sure she is kept protected from the press in their early interactions spoke volumes to me.  While he oozes raw sex appeal there was something painful in his past that left him cautious in love although it radiates from the page when he interacts with Molly.  While he may not say the words I felt that his actions spoke volumes that those 3 little words wouldn’t have.

I must say I was very pleasantly surprised to see how much I enjoyed this story after the rough start.  I am looking forward to more of David and Thea so….  GIMMEE!!!

Special thanks to and the wonderful Nalini Singh for giving me a chance to read this as I did end up enjoying it.

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