Day 2 – Books I’ve Loved in the Past Year – Giveaway 2

September 9, 2014 Contest, Misc Info 4

So over this past year I’ve read a lot of really good books and have shared many of them with you including giving away a lot of them.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the authors in the past couple of years so I feel particularly blessed.  Some of my favorites have been, in no particular order:

  • Nobody by Sarah M Anderson – Male lead that is sooooooo damaged that you want to cuddle and then do all sorts of naughty things with.  His reaction to accidentally spanking his heroine was heartbreakingly sweet but seeing his joy in finding someone that could really see him was amazing.  Sarah knows I was just chomping at the bit for him so I am so happy we all got to read his story finally.
  • Taking Him and Having Her by Jackie Ashenden – These two really should be read back to back.  First one has a VIRGIN hero who needs someone to really push him to fully accept what happened to him and accept his demons.  This one also includes little sister of best friend so ya know that is going for it.  The second one is the older brother of the heroine in the first one and her virgin best friend.  There might be a bit of mastery involved and one of my favorite grovel moments.  The grand gesture was amazingly beautiful and the pair truly are wonderful to read about even as they break your heart.
  • Living in Shadow by Jackie Ashenden – This is another read by an author who knows I am addicted to her and knows to just send me what she’s got.  I’ll admit to being very willing to read her particular forms of WTFery and gladly inhale her stories but this one deals with something that is darker than most.  Our hero is someone that deserves every bit of happiness after the horrors he witnessed and participated in as a child.  I’ve got the next in this series loaded on my Kindle for a birthday present so YAY!!!
  • Linger by Lauren Jameson – This was a recent read but DAMN was it great!  Alpha cowboy who craves submitting in the bedroom.  All I can say is I wouldn’t mind having a man like that in my personal life.  DAMN DAMN DAMN was this HOT.
  • Unbroken by Maisey Yates – While there was gratuitous waste of bacon in this story I can’t say I blame them for it.  This is two best friends who have been good at ignoring their chemistry until it finally explodes in to something real and lasting.  I loved seeing these two dance around everything.
  • Falling for Max by Shannon Stacey – ADORABLE!!!  *falls over giggling* I have to say that this is a bittersweet item in the list.  I loved Max but this is the last Kowalski story for now and that is just something that makes me want to weep.  I love every one of these stories and will miss seeing more but I have faith she’ll visit again.
  • The Saint by Tiffany Reisz – I swear I love her stories and this one delivers the expected mind fucks that she is so good at.  I found myself cursing as I wondered if she was going to be so cruel to us but I loved the story and the new person introduced to us.  Thanks again Tiffany for a masterful read.
  • The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy – Loved this entry…  reminded me a lot of the fantasy stories I read growing up with a bit more romance than they had.  I have an ARC of the second book sitting next to me right now and I’m looking forward to seeing if Jeffe can change my mind about this sister.  Wonderful world, characters and exciting storyline to work thru.
  • Mercy by HelenKay Dimon – Smoking hot couple that can’t completely deny what they feel for one another no matter how much they try.  With all the lies and secrets between them can they make it work?  Also has one of the hottest male/male secondary romances around.  I look forward to reading Only this weekend.


Ok I am quickly running out of time to finish this list but suffice it to say I’ve had a great year reading and am lucky enough to have met most of the people on my list (Sorry Jackie but I did have E from Bookpushers fangirl you for me so thanks for being so nice!)

So….  Today’s giveaway package includes one of the titles above – Nobody by Sarah M Anderson (signed) along with more titles from her and Jules Bennett plus a Harlequin bag.  To enter just comment below by telling me a title or two that you’ve adored this past year.  Entries must be received by 11:59 pm US Central on September 19,2014 and this contest is open internationally.

Books bag

4 Responses to “Day 2 – Books I’ve Loved in the Past Year – Giveaway 2”

  1. Elizabeth Haney

    Happy Blogaversary!! Congrats on two years blogging and on all the wonderful life changes!

    Some of the books I’ve adored this year are:

    I Want To Hold Your Hand – Marie Force
    His Every Need – Terri L. Austin
    Screwdrivered – Alice Clayton
    Then Came You – Jill Shalvis
    The King – J.R. Ward
    Mercy – B.J. Daniels
    One Night With a Quarterback – Jeanette Murray

  2. Amy Rickman

    Here are a few of my favorite reads for the year. (Some books are older but I hadn’t read til 2014)
    I have Taking Him and Having Her by Jackie Ashenden and Mercy by HelenKay Dimon on my TBR pile.
    Outlander (Outlander, #1) By Diana Gabaldon
    Beauty and the Mustache (Knitting in the City, #4) by Penny Reid
    The Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones
    Cowboy Take Me Away by Lorelei James
    Go With Me by Elyssa Patrick
    Passions and Ponies by Tara Sivec
    Escorted by Claire Kent
    Slammed by Colleen Hoover

  3. Timitra

    Some of my loves so far this year are:

    The Viper by Kele Moon

    Losing Control and Taking Control by Jen Frederick

    I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre

    Staking His Claim and Baiting The Maid Of Honor by Tessa Bailey

    Halfway To The Grave by Jeaniene Frost

  4. Jane

    Loved Cara McKenna’s “Lay it Down,” Kate Willoughby’s “On the Surface” and Jaci Burton’s “Hope Ignites.”