One Sexy Ride – Vivian Arend – 5 stars

June 23, 2014 Read in 2014, Sent 2

I received this book for free from the Author . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

One Sexy Ride – Vivian Arend – 5 starsOne Sexy Ride on June 24, 2014
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His goal is to stand firm

As the middle child in a big family, Len Thompson has found it easy to slip under the radar. His relationships outside the family-run garage tend to run a mile wide but only an inch deep as he keeps his heart, body and soul protected. But when the one woman he’s always wanted makes it known she’ll soon be leaving town, he can’t resist letting her into his carefully constructed fortress.

Her gift is rocking his world

Chasing her best friend’s big brother has both entertained and frustrated Janey for years. She’s not sure what triggered his change of heart, but hell, yeah, she’ll accept it. All of it. Every kiss, every touch, every bit of body-shaking pleasure. Working to meet her renovation deadline is suddenly not nearly as interesting as the mind-blowing escapades she’s enjoying with the big sexy mechanic.

When old fears threaten, Len must finally choose—face his past or let their future crumble.

Len… Len… Len… Now once again Vivian is a master at torturing me by letting me see the blurb at RT but… not letting me see the book until I whined on Twitter when I saw another reviewer had read it.  The great news is this was an AWESOME read to come back from RAGT with so YAY!

Ok..  here is one major reason you should grab this one:


You sure???

*deep breath*

VIRGIN HERO!!!!!!!!!

Yes I said:

VIRGIN HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As many of us know these are rare in romance land but Len is a virgin and is so damn sexy he’ll make you melt.  He’s such a goner for Janey and has been for years so when he thinks she is leaving town he decides to finally go after what he has always wanted.  In his mind since she is leaving he can safely keep her away from all the hurt he thinks he is only capable of giving her.  His thinking is she won’t be invested in long-term with him and they can both indulge in a quick affair that will hurt neither of them but provide them both with closure and fond memories.  I loved Len even as he made me cry but in the end all the pain was worth it.  I adored watching him finally have the one thing he’s always wanted but kept himself away from because of his deep dark issues.  They are something else when they finally indulge in their chemistry but seeing how they both struggle with what they want in life was the best part of this story.

Janey isn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth once Len makes his move.  She’s torn because she really isn’t sure if this is real and even worse if she can manage to stay in town once she’s finished her childhood home’s renovation.  She has loved Len for years but he’s never seemed to notice her and she had just finally decided to let her dreams of him go.  I adored how she handled finding out he was a virgin and that she really let him take the lead in when they finally would consummate their relationship.  Her willingness to let Len be his silent, broody self when he needed to be but to push him when his silent ways put a major obstacle in their path.  My heart broke with her as yours will but trust me the payoff is so worth it.

Like usual I enjoyed this sexy, sweet and yet sob inducing read from Vivian and I cannot thank her enough for being willing to send it to me in exchange for my honest review.  While I may sob and shake my fists at her when she is torturing me I know that she won’t leave me hanging too long plus the reward is worth the torture.

By the way —  Make sure to have a box of tissues by you when you read this…  you will need them!!!!!



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  1. Timitra

    Love this series…how did I not know this was out…Thanks for the great review!