RAGT 2014 Wrap-Up and Contest!

June 18, 2014 Contest 5

I had the pleasure of attending the 10th Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together from June 5-8.  I must say I can understand more about why this is a popular convention to attend this year compared to last year.  I think a lot of it has to do with being more comfortable around the crowd that attends since some of them I met last year at RAGT and also spent time around at RT.  As a natural introvert I am not comfortable being in a room of strangers so having some people that I was familiar with made this trip much less painful.

If you get a chance to make the trip you really should as it is a low-key weekend with really nice people and great staff at the Marriott.  I was lucky enough to score a room on one of the concierge floors and I must say it was a quiet floor with really comfortable rooms but that isn’t why you are reading this post…

Ok after a late arrival I had to rush to meet Angela James, Christi Barth, Kerri Buckley and PJ Schnyder for a field trip to Jungle Jim’s.  I cannot say this loudly enough but if you are any where near this place you HAVE to go check it out.  It is an amazing store filled with food and booze from all over the world. My fellow shoppers filled up the trunk of Angela’s rental car with booze but I came home with CHOCOLATE & TIMTAMS!!!


I am rationing out my inhaling of all the chocolate but I will be back there next year and I’m driving to the convention so I can really go shopping…. *evil grin*

I had fun getting to meet fellow bloggers and actually felt comfortable enough to have a nice conversation with Lori Foster while in between events.  She’s a really sweet person and I am definitely going to have to read her new MMA series along with her backlist.  I feel embarrassed that I haven’t read more from her but I know I’ll get caught up on her series soon.  I also had a great time seeing Sarah M. Anderson and getting my hands on NOBODY in print with perhaps a spare copy to give away in September when I do my big week of contests for my Birthday/Blogeversary!  I also have fun stuff from other Harlequin authors that I grabbed while there which will be given away in that same week.  I must say I am looking forward to that!

I did something unusual for me and acted as a receptionist/gatekeeper for some pitch appointments and found it interesting to see how authors approached their appointments with a combination of nerves and humor.  You might not realize this but just by signing up and going to an appointment you were very brave and I applaud that.

Now for something quite funny…  So at this event there are a ton of baskets and such that are donated which are then drawn for with the proceeds of the raffle ticket sales going to One Way Farm.  I mistakenly put a single raffle ticket in a bag for a Book Trailer Package… yeah I know the person who will NEVER be an author put a ticket in a bag for a trailer to be done for a book that I will NEVER write..  Funny huh??  As I wandered around later I ran in to Shiloh Walker by that bag and commented that I accidentally entered it with no need for it.  Of course I said this means I will end up winning it.  She advised that she always enters the contest for the trailer so I told her if I won it she could have it.  Well guess what…

Yep!!  I won the trailer!

I was happy to be able to give this prize to someone I know who really wanted it and can use it so *MUAH* Shiloh!!!


And now on to what you are really here for…  FREE STUFF!!!

I’m giving this bag, books and a Carina Press thumb drive to one lucky winner!  It will also have swag and such so it is a fun prize!  Entries must be in by June 25 at 11:59 PM US Central time.

All you have to do is tell me have you ever read Lori Foster/Shiloh Walker/PJ Schnyder/Christi Barth?  If so what would you recommend to someone that wants to pick up their stuff?  Or… Have you ever experienced the wonder that is Jungle Jim’s???


5 Responses to “RAGT 2014 Wrap-Up and Contest!”

  1. Timitra

    I’ve read all and enjoyed them except for Christi Barth, I haven’t had the pleasure of reading her work as yet. I’d recommend any of Lori Foster’s romantic suspense, my first taste of Shiloh Walker was in the Hotspell anthology so I’d suggest that also I love her as J.C. Daniels so I’d suggest her Colbana Files series and for PJ Schnyder I’d suggest her London Undead series. No, I’ve never experienced Jungle Jim’s

  2. Claudiawench

    I know I’ve read books by Lori Foster and Shiloh Walker, but I can’t recall titles off the top of my head. I can say I really like Shiloh Walkers books. Never had the pleasure of Jungle Jim’s but I adore timtams. Mmm

  3. Amy R

    I’ve read numerous Lori Fosters books, a Shiloh Walker book (I won from you) but I have read her JC Daniels books, a couple Christi Barth books from her Aisle Bound series and I would definitely recommend their books to others. I’ve never been to Jungle Jim’s but I have visited Trader Joe’s and World Market.

  4. Jane

    I love Tim Tams. I’ve read and enjoyed Shiloh’s books and I would recommend her FBI Psychics books.

  5. Melanie Simmons (@mlsimmons)

    I love Shiloh Walker. I’ve read her FBI Psychics, Ash Trilogy, Rafferty Brothers Duality. I’ve read some of her Hunters book (PNR), but not even close to finishing it. She is probably the closest I read to contemporary. I normally stay with UF and PNR, but I love her writing style and characters.