Go With Me – Elyssa Patrick – 4.5 stars

June 17, 2014 Read in 2014, Sent 2

I received this book for free from the Author . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Go With Me – Elyssa Patrick – 4.5 starsGo With Me on June 19, 2014
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I, Daphne Fox, have a few things to confess:

1. I hate Nick Brady. Loathe. Abhor. Can’t stand him 95% of the time.
2. That other 5%? I’m not talking about that at all.
3. People think I’m lucky for surviving the car crash. I disagree.
4. Nick is the only guy who makes my nightmares go away.
5. I won’t love him, though. Love is not worth the pain.

I, Nick Brady, have a few confessions of my own:

1. I don’t hate Daphne Fox. At all.
2. I find her scar sexy. Just like the rest of her.
3. I may be her older brother’s best friend, but that’s not going to stop me.
4. I love her.
5. And I’m going to do everything I can to have her.

Nick “Fucking” Brady…. I loved seeing this pop-up in Stay With Me and adored this hero with a giddy passion.  He’s so sure of what he wants even as he tolerates his heroine not recognizing his interest.  Well when he finally decides to make his move and let her know he’s no longer going to sit back and wait for her to wake up it is just intense.  He’s got his moments when you want to slap him but overall he just lights up the pages when you get to see him be so willing to wait until she finally accepts what they have together.  There are more times when I wanted to yell at Daphne to quit being so scared to let him in than when I wanted to slap Nick for being an idiot but I think you will fall in love with his sincere adoration of everything that she is.  He really does know her and see her but demands that she also see him to let him in and trust him.  Can you tell I adored him???

Daphne was a bit harder of a sell at times.  I loved that she was so loyal to her family and friends but at the same time was frustrated by the fact that she didn’t always see how badly she was hurting Nick by being so stubbornly afraid to let him in.  I understood it because of what happened to her in the past but at the same time I just wanted her to really give him what he deserved which was all of her.  She’s strong as hell and when she finally comes to terms with everything that happened to her and what she really wanted from Nick it was wonderful.  I still got frustrated with her regarding Caleb but I did understand it and was happy that Jamie managed to get her to really see what she was doing.  She’s got such a wonderful heart behind her smart-alec ways and seeing how much care Nick took to push her to open herself back up really was touching.

If you haven’t read Stay With Me please go out and grab that one so you can see how everything plays out and lines up.  I personally cannot wait for more from this series and am ready to see Jamie meet his match in Zelda.

Special thanks to Elyssa Patrick for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  I really did enjoy this and look forward to seeing the rest of them fall hard for their heroines.


2 Responses to “Go With Me – Elyssa Patrick – 4.5 stars”

  1. Amy R

    I really loved this book and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  2. Timitra

    Thanks for reminding me I have Stay With Me on my tbr pile and also that I need to read it asap to get ready for Go With Me…Thanks for the great review!