Play With Me – Alisha Rai – 4 stars

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Play With Me – Alisha Rai – 4 starsPlay With Me on April 2, 2014
Pages: 118
Format: eBook
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Playing for a night…or for keeps?

Jewelry designer Tatiana Belikov may have matured enough to curb her impulsive nature, but wickedness is still her best accessory. When family troubles bring her to Las Vegas and face-to-face with the man who knows all her darkest desires, resisting temptation is futile. A night of no-holds-barred sin? Jackpot.

Once Wyatt Caine had nothing to offer Tatiana except his heart, but time has changed his fortunes. Now he’s the king of vice, and the king always gets what he wants. Especially when all he wants is her, all grown up and ready to play every dirty game he can devise.

They ignite like fireworks on the Strip, blazing hot enough to melt the best intentions. But their roll in the sheets turns into a roll of the dice, and when morning comes, Wyatt and Tatiana are left wondering whether to walk away…or go all in.

Nice really hot read about former lovers who meet up and maybe find the thing they’ve been missing in their lives…

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet because the story sets up two more installments in the pair’s life together.  There is a ton of heat in their scenes together but what I found I liked the most was the fact that they both were honest with their feelings even as they tried to keep them close to their chests.

Tatiana has come to terms with her needs in the bedroom but has never really felt the connection with any other man since she and Wyatt split.  She’s made a life for herself but when she’s forced to try to make a deal with the man that she never truly got over is she strong enough to play and leave or will it take more out of her?  I liked her strength but I found that when she finally let him see everything that she gained so much more strength in my eyes.  She is so willing to put herself out there knowing that he could destroy her when they walk away from one another again.

Wyatt has never gotten over his first real love.  Has he been a monk during their time apart?  No but his heart never fully healed and when fate puts her in his path again he has to have another taste.  The fun with him was seeing how hard he tried to keep it as just a single night but his actions and words during that evening showed his real wants/needs.  He’s definitely dominant and loves playing games but his heart is on his sleeve when it comes to her.  I loved his willingness to play the games they both needed but I also found that the ending, when they finally really talk to one another, was more powerful than anything they experienced in the bedroom.

I will definitely finish the other books in this series soon…  😉


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