Vanilla Twist – C.J. Ellison – 3.5 stars

February 11, 2014 Read in 2014, Sent 2

I received this book for free from the publisher . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Vanilla Twist – C.J. Ellison – 3.5 starsVanilla Twist Format: eARC
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Heather thinks she has it all—an interesting lover, a dream job, and a new wardrobe to match her take-charge attitude. But everyone has a past, and when Heather confronts hers at work she’ll be hard-pressed to hold onto her newfound confidence and resolve. Does she trust Tony enough to let him help her or will she tackle the issue on her own?


Still intrigued by the young woman and the multiple layers she presents to the world, Tony begins to change his life, too—for what he hopes is the better. He quit his high-powered career to find peace in a less stressful day-to-day existence. Desire for Heather still invades his every waking moment, and when trouble threatens their sexual explorations he makes the hardest choice of his life. One he may soon regret.

This is a follow-up to Vanilla On Top and I liked getting to spend time with Tony and Heather as they continue to explore the relationship that started with a bang.  In this one both of them have to confront things they aren’t proud of from their pasts and learn how to move forward from mistakes that could keep them down.

I liked Heather and seeing her navigate her doubts about this new relationship and his obvious appeal to other women was interesting.  She has doubts but as she realizes that she’s not the only one putting themselves out there we get to see her come in to her own and defend not only herself but defend the man she’s come to love.  As she gets the treatment and respect she deserves in her private life she also begins to stand up for herself in her public life by opening up to others about her ex and his threats.  I liked seeing her not rely on Tony for everything and that she was willing to call him on his behavior even though it could’ve cost her someone that was coming to mean the world to her.  She wasn’t willing to settle and worry that if something happened in the future would this same side of him emerge towards her…  it wasn’t worth it.

Tony started to grow up in the last story but when a nightmare confronts him in this tale we get to see that he’s not 100% there yet.  He reacts extremely poorly to some news and while I understood it I was happy to see others called him on it.  He’s in love for the first time in his life and he just isn’t completely aware of what to do to make things right but with some gentle prompting he gets to realize his mistake in handling the situation with a chance to make things as right as possible.  I loved what he did for Heather and seeing this strong man be willing to do everything in his power to make her happy but not smother her was wonderful.  He’s just so good at being there for her and his shock at her willingness to be there for him made me smile.

Special thanks to C.J. and her publicity team for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  I’ve enjoyed this series and loved getting a chance to see these two again.  😉


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