Having Her – Jackie Ashenden – 5 stars

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I received this book for free from the Author . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Having Her – Jackie Ashenden – 5 starsHaving Her by Jackie Ashenden
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2014-02-11
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 333
Format: eARC
Source: the Author
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Behind every heroine is the pain that binds her. Lies We Tell, Book 2Manga café owner Kara Sinclair has one burden she’s been carrying around so long it’s bordering on pathetic. Her virginity. Getting rid of it, though, means doing the one thing that scares her the most—letting down her guard with a relative stranger. Which makes her best friend’s older brother Vin Fox’s offer too tempting to refuse. Vin barely has room in his schedule to turn around, much less worry about Kara and her crazy quest. When she insists on going ahead with a plan that he considers unsafe, though, enough is enough. If she wants to lose it, she can lose it with him. Bonus: he gets to play out his darkest fantasies, slave collar and all. Kara thought dealing with a known entity like sexy-as-sin, controlling-as-hell Vin would smooth the way. But when it comes right down to doing the deed, not even the safety of a costume can fool her demons. By then the game has gone too far...and the consequences could bind them together forever. Or tear them apart at the seams. Warning: Contains a sexy, brooding “fix you” hero and a heroine who isn’t afraid of anything...except “normal.” More kinky cosplay losts-and-founds than you can shake a riding crop at. WTF Infirmary is booked up; please make an appointment before you read.

If you haven’t read Taking Him yet…  please do so before you read this one.  While you don’t technically have to there is a lot of tie-in between the two stories as they overlap and knowing the prior story does help a bit to get you more in the head of these two.

Kara just wants to get rid of the annoying thing called her virginity but she just can’t seem to do the deed with the men she meets.  When she mentions this plan to her best friend’s older brother she gets more than she expected as he offers to be the partner..  of course this is after some immense teasing on her part but when he offers it becomes something she can’t help but want.  As they come together she has to confront her demons and finally stand up for herself in her private life.  This is a woman who has so many reasons to not let someone in her heart and body but when she finally does the results are amazing and the power she gains over her past was beautiful to watch.  I loved how she finally stood up for what she wanted even as it killed her to do so.  She has so much more strength than she knew which Jackie brings to life in moments that had me crying and yelling at my Kindle.

Vin…  sigh…  Vin…  bless his stubborn soul.  He’s so misguided about what is going on with Kara that it made me laugh at times as both of them really didn’t understand what they were getting in to when they came up with the slave/master arrangement.  He feels an incredible amount of responsibility for everything around him and that leads him to not take care of himself.  As he gets what he needs from this arrangement with Kara he feels an amazing amount of release in their stolen moments but at the same time is suffocating himself with a level of guilt for what he believes to be being selfish.  As he struggles with this guilt the unexpected happens and his reaction to it made me want to hurt him as much as he was hurting Kara.  I understood both sides of the conflict but still wanted to hurt him… (yes Jackie I know you did warn me) … You can’t stay mad at him as you watch him struggle with trying to do the right thing all the time and his actions in the end will make you tear up at the huge amount of (as Maisey Yates says) FEELS that are evoked.

So…. here are a few notes:

  1. Have Kleenex cause you will need them a bit
  2. Have ice cause oh dear lord are the two of them hot hot hot together
  3. Have someone you can talk to as you get ready to bash Vin upside the head but ya know Kara has a few moments as well
  4. Don’t read unless you can sit down and gobble this up in one sitting


Special thanks to Jackie for giving me a chance to read this one really early…  You can always send me things cause your dirty heroes with feels are just ummmm HOT!!  Also thanks for not expecting a review of any kind let alone telling me what to write for said review.  I appreciate getting the chance to read both of these stories and will be happy to take more of your dirty heroes off your hands…

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