Quick Q&A with Jessica Scott – Giveaway of All For You!

February 6, 2014 Contest, Guest Post 2

I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to Jessica Scott for answering a few questions and visiting today.  If you haven’t read any of this series…. GET TO IT ALREADY!!!  She does an amazing job of getting not only an amazing romance built in each installment but she brings to light a lot of the struggles our military families deal with every day when their loved ones are in the line of fire, wounded mentally and physically, or in general the day to day that most of us take for granted which they can’t.  I love seeing military life shown so realistically and the characters jump off the page to represent people you might know in real life.  Now on to Jessica…


Q: What would you like readers to learn or better understand after reading your books or where could they find out more? (I know some will be shocked to see the toll that deployments have on families)

The Good Soldiers by David Finkle and The Long Road Home by Martha Raddatz. Also good reads are Fiasco & The Gamble by Tom Ricks

Q:  As a fellow student (undergrad for me and I know grad for you) how do you balance family, career and your writing but still try to have a chance to relax?

Easy, I don’t have time to relax. Stress management occurs on the brief snapshots I can carve for working out. Otherwise? Stress and I take lots of warm, hot showers together and talk about our lifetime traumas.

Q: Who was your biggest supporter when you first realized you wanted to write?

My friends in the Austin RWA. That group of ladies is just amazing.

Q:  What do you use to inspire you when you hit a tough spot in your writing?

Deadline psychosis. Otherwise, I usually walk away when I’m struggling with something because it means I haven’t figured out what’s wrong with the story yet.

Q: What writers do you love to read in your down time?  Is there a particular genre or writing style you are drawn to?

Right now, I’m mired in sociology readings but I love Laura Griffin, Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, Emily McKay’s Lair series and anything by Shawntelle Madison. She cracks me up with her writing.

Q: If you could re-write anything.. and I mean anything..  what would it be and why?  (this just interests me as I was asked that in high school & found some of the answers intriguing…)

I don’t know. I never really thought about it.

Q:  Is there any question you wish someone would ask you?  (yeah yeah I know…  cliché….) 

Not really because those questions are ones I probably wouldn’t answer anyway.  😉

Q: Besides your upcoming release what other books or projects are you working on right now?

My dissertation and all of my homework in sociology. I’m hoping to get three more books written in the Coming Home series but that will probably only happen if they make amphetamines legal (I’m joking).


So now head out and get All For You – Reza’s amazing story…


Can a battle-scarred warrior . . .

Stay sober. Get deployed. Lead his platoon. Those are the only things that matter to Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli. What he wants is for everyone to stay out of his way; what he gets is Captain Emily Lindberg telling him how to deal with his men. Fort Hood’s newest shrink is smart as a whip and sexy as hell. She’s also full of questions—about the army, its soldiers, and the agony etched on Reza’s body and soul.

. . . open his heart to love?

Emily has devoted her life to giving soldiers the care they need—and deserve. Little does she know that means facing down the fierce wall of muscle that is Sergeant Iaconelli like it’s just another day at the office. When Reza agrees to help her understand what makes a soldier tick, she’s thrilled. Too bad it doesn’t help her unravel the sexy warrior in front of her who stokes her desire and touches a part of her she thought long dead. He’s the man who thinks combat is the only escape from the demons that haunt him. The man who needs her most of all . . .


Now for my fun… I’m going to giveaway 5 Kindle/Nook copies of All For You to those who comment below and either just say Hi to Jessica or tell us your story of being a family member of a solider or happen to be a soldier that wants to share something with us.  Entries will be accepted until 2/14/2014 at 11:59 pm US Central.  Please put your format preference in your comment.

2 Responses to “Quick Q&A with Jessica Scott – Giveaway of All For You!”

  1. Amy R

    Hi Jessica, my BIL just safely returned from Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago and it was very hard on my sister while he was gone being away from family and close friends as they had just transferred bases.

  2. Jane

    Congrats on the new release. My older cousin was in the army when I was little. I don’t remember much except he was stationed in Germany for a while and my other cousins used to send him packages. I would love a Kindle copy of “All For You” if I’m one of the lucky winners.