YA – A Matter of Temperance – Ichabod Temperance – 3.75 stars

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I received this book for free from the Author . This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

YA – A Matter of Temperance – Ichabod Temperance – 3.75 starsA Matter of Temperance on April 17, 2013
Pages: 262
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In a past that never was...

The year is 1869. Earth experiences the close pass of a comet never before seen. In its wake, many of Terra's inhabitants find themselves changed. Among men, prodigies rise in unprecedented numbers, while many ordinary adults suddenly find themselves possessed of preternatural genius. Likewise, non-hominid animals become self-aware and intelligent.

Fast forward to 1875. A young “comet prodigy” from humble beginnings, Ichabod Temperance, has become the world's foremost inventor. He travels to England to deliver his latest brilliant invention to a famous explorer, until Fate intervenes. Meanwhile, a lovely young Bluestocking, Miss Persephone Plumtartt, survives an experimental accident only to find herself imbued with a power she can neither understand nor control, while dark forces and malevolent creatures pursue her, leaving a gruesome wake of death.

Yet, worse is to come. The naïve young inventor and the lovely intellectual find themselves fighting not only to save their own lives, but to prevent the destruction of all life on Earth.

First and foremost I must apologize for being inactive for around half a year, this review should have been done much sooner. Also, I wanted to give this novel a higher rating but after a while I felt this one was best.

The first thing I noticed when I picked this up was the amazing description in the beginning. While the description in this book is always interesting and creative, I noticed that although they travel quite a bit, the scenery is never explained nearly as well as objects and inventions are.

Something that impressed me, however, is the vocabulary the author is able to wield. It is very impressive in respect to the genre and the author’s affinity to the genre is quite clear through it.

This book also contains short chapters that usually switch the point of view one is reading from. This would be less frustrating except many chapters overlap to give Persephone’s view of what Ichabod just experienced, or vice versa. While this is nice to have on occasion during big turning points in a novel, it can also be confusing, if overused, to readers who are used to a straight chronological timeline and have to remind themselves that this is just the another side of the same event.

The storyline, however, is excellent. I enjoyed how it progressed and have no complaints. While there are some parts where the romance gets cheesy, the honor of protecting someone and the care between the two protagonists is nice and feels like it belongs in the story. This book will definitely make one feel anger, sympathy, outrage, or joy with the situations the author writes for the characters.

The final thing I had to consider is the genre itself. While this book fits perfectly into the genre and expands beyond what many other novels like it are capable of, it is still Steam punk. While Steam punk is an enjoyable genre, those unfamiliar with it may have trouble reading and understanding it. Many of the words and names are not ones that somebody would hear regularly in this day and age. All I can say is to try out the genre yourself, and this is a book I would recommend for both the experienced and to get a newcomer started.

Special thanks to the author for being kind enough to provide me with a copy for review.  I appreciate your generosity but it had no impact on the final rating.

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