Redemption – Stephanie Tyler – 5 Stars – Contest!

November 18, 2013 Carina Press, Contest, Read in 2013, Sent 5

Redemption – Stephanie Tyler – 5 Stars – Contest!Redemption Published by Carina Press on November 18, 2013
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Matthias Robichaud is looking for an alliance. The Defiance motorcycle club is a stronghold in the dangerous world that’s become the new norm and he’s driven to prove he’s tough enough to be sworn in as a full member. But when he sees a beautiful, spirited girl abducted by a rival MC, rescuing her jeopardizes all he’s worked for.

Politician’s daughter Jessa Everson knows what’s expected of her—obedience, loyalty and silence—but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t fight when she’s kidnapped by the Lords of Vengeance. Having Matthias save her is like gaining an avenging angel in leather and tattoos. But Defiance is known for brutal justice, and she may have just traded one bad situation for another.

Matthias’s urge to protect is too strong to ignore, no matter how much trouble Jessa brings to Defiance’s gates. There’s no room in the post-Chaos world for weakness so if Matthias and Jessa have any chance of surviving, they’ll need to put their full strength behind the MC…and hope that the MC will do the same for them.

When I saw Stephanie talking with someone about Redemption and their thoughts after they read it…  I have to admit I might have begged a bit to get my hands on this one.  I loved Defiance and couldn’t wait for more from this intriguing world.  So when she was gracious enough to let me get my hands on it I was extremely gleeful and dived right in after I finished being a grownup and doing homework for college.. 😉

We met Matthias in Defiance and I found him to be someone I wanted to know more about so finding him as the hero of this one made me a very happy person.  We get to see that he is a man who is very willing to believe in magic, curses and the unexplained but we also get to see that the one people should perhaps be more afraid of is him…  not Bishop..  He’s slow to let his control go but when he does nothing can really bring him back until he releases this pent up aggression.  He doesn’t make apologies for being the way he is but he’s also someone that you would want in your corner because once he gives his loyalty to you it is an amazing thing.  He’s smart and amazingly sexy even though he doesn’t talk you can see the way he feels with everything he does.  When he meets Jessa all bets are off and anything that comes between him and his woman had better run in fear.  I loved how much he was willing to sacrifice for the good of his MC and her but found his friendship with Bishop to be more amazing than his relationship with Jessa.  They are truly a matched pair and seeing what both of them are willing to do for one another was beautiful.

Jessa made a lot of mistakes in this one.  She’s been misunderstood her entire life but she’s also been raised in a world of privilege and wealth the MC just can’t comprehend.  She’s led astray by her “husband” and ends up being rescued by our boys.  There is an instant attraction for Matthias that comes to fruition very quickly but for a woman who was almost raped and killed I could understand the need to ground oneself by using sex.  The good thing is that she recognizes that Matthias is special and even though she does make mistakes with him I didn’t want to slap her for them.  She’s got a major secret that could jeopardize everyone in the MC but when push comes to shove she does the right thing and lets them know what is brewing.  I loved her backbone when she discovered it but I adored when she apologized to Matthias for something stupid she says.

I can’t leave out Bishop… This man… *sigh* I’m beyond ready for his story and I know we are going to be dealing with his decision and the aftermath for a while.  He’s not going to be an easy man to fix once he comes back but I look forward to seeing how it plays out.  🙂


Thanks again to Stephanie for giving me the chance to read this with no expectation for review…  Feel free to drop anything else my way cause I really have enjoyed this series.  I need to go grab your backlist for other titles but ya know you can send the Defiance guys my way any time..

And because I love the story so much I’m going to give away…  2 copies of Redemption in either the Kindle or Nook formats.  All you need to do is leave a comment by 11/25/2013 at 11:59 pm Central Time to be entered.  Have you found that you’re enjoying some of the latest MC romances or??


5 Responses to “Redemption – Stephanie Tyler – 5 Stars – Contest!”

  1. Amy R

    I really enjoyed the Defiance the first book in this series. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. tradermare

    Oh, I was looking at this book recently, but I haven’t read the first book in the series yet… but it really looks interesting.

  3. Timitra

    I’m reading Defiance right now and loving it…thanks for the chance to win a copy of Redemption.

  4. Viki S.

    I’ve loved everything that I’ve read of Stephanie’s work. She writes good characters with depth.

  5. Liz Woods

    this looks good, hmmm new author to check out. thanks for the chance