I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Jessica Scott – 5 stars

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I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Jessica Scott – 5 starsI'll Be Home For Christmas Published by Forever Yours on November 5, 2013
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There's nothing in the world Army Sergeant Vic Carponti loves more than his wife and his country. Smart-mouthed and easy tempered, he takes everything as a joke . . . except his promise to come home to his wife, Nicole, for Christmas. As he prepares to leave for his latest deployment into Iraq, Vic will do everything he can to shield his beautiful, supportive wife from the realities of war . . . and from his own darkest fears.

As a career army wife, Nicole Carponti knows just what to expect from her husband's tour of duty: loneliness, relentless worry, and a seemingly endless countdown until the moment Vic walks through the door again. But when the unthinkable happens, Nicole and Vic's bond is tested like never before and changes everything they believe to be true about the power of love and the simple beauty of being home for the holidays.

I fell in love with this series on book one and haven’t strayed yet.  I’m beyond looking forward to Laura and Trent’s story but seeing Vic and Nicole has managed to hold me over until we can get to what is sure to be a heartbreaking read.

Vic Carponti is a man who believes he has someone he doesn’t deserve in his wife Nicole.  He’s worried about this latest deployment but knows that he has to go in service for his country.  He just hopes that this isn’t the time that his luck with his wife runs out and she realizes how much better than him she could do.  He’s got a major wake-up call though when he gets hurt in the line of duty and finds out just what he really means to Nicole.  He’s such a great soul and seeing more of him behind the scenes just made me love him more than I already did.  This is a man who is incredibly loyal to his unit and to those who mean the world to him.  Does he do things he probably shouldn’t?  YES but…  there is a method to his madness and I loved getting to see it in this short story.

Nicole is the one who feels lucky to have met this amazing man.  Does he drive her crazy with some of his joking?  YES but she sees the real man behind the jokester and while she would love to have him by her side all the time knows that serving his country is a fundamental drive for him.  She worries about him but truly does get him in ways he doesn’t realize.  When he is injured we get to see her go through some of the most horrible moments in her life but I loved seeing her work to show him that he is what matters to her.  Nothing else…  She’s strong and also shows how good of a friend she is when we get to see more of the drama surrounding Laura and Trent.  She’s an amazing soul who understands what her other half needs even when he isn’t as secure.

This is a very quick story with some wonderful sexy moments but the main thing that shines through is the true love and devotion they have for one another even when the going gets tough.  I’m looking forward to more glimpses of them in the future!

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and Forever Yours for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  I love Jessica’s writing and am looking forward to more…..


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