Help Needed for Essay – Reading format preferences- Do you have any?

November 1, 2013 Contest, Misc Info 9

Normally I wouldn’t ask for help but I need some quick input from people for an English Comp essay I’m writing…. So hey I’ll throw this out to the masses and even reward 5 commenters with a new ebook…


All you need to do is leave me an answer to the following questions to be entered to win one of 5 e-copies of A Holiday Christmas by Heather Lire (my review here):


1. Do you prefer to read paper copies of books or prefer electronic copies?

2. Do you have a preferred eReader?

3.  If so what reader do you prefer and why?

4.  If you prefer paper copies what would make you consider switching to an eReader?  Or why would you never switch?



I just need responses by 11/3/2013 at 11:59 pm US Central and I’ll draw the winners shortly after.


Thanks to everyone who is willing to help me out!!!

9 Responses to “Help Needed for Essay – Reading format preferences- Do you have any?”

  1. Kaetrin

    I read both paper and digital but I prefer digital these days.
    I have both a Kindle and a Sony but I do all of my e-reading on my Sony (which I love).

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Liza

    1. I prefer to read electronic copies of books. I do still buy print copies of books for my keeper shelf for favorite authors.
    2 & 3 Yes, I’m a kindle girl. Have paperwhite, fire HD and apps on phone and iPad.
    Don’t enter me in the drawing as I have Heather’s book already. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth H.

    1. I prefer print books.
    2. I have a Kindle Fire which I love.
    3. The Kindle Fire because it’s in color and you can do more things on it than just read a book!
    4. I have both. I don’t think I would go cold turkey and choose one over the other. An ereader is great for books that are not in print but also gives you fast access to new releases. However, I feel that reading paper/hardback copies has a certain kind of intimacy that you can’t get with an ereader. Plus, if you are stranded somewhere with no electricity or WiFi, you don’t need those things with a hard copy 🙂

  4. Dee Carney

    1. Digital
    2. Kindle
    3. Amazon’s one-click makes it easy to buy books for the Kindle. I also have the Kindle Fire HD, which for me was a less expensive alternative to an iPad and suits my needs.
    4. N/A

  5. Lynda the Guppy

    1. Electronic. I live in a tiny house and I don’t really have room for tons and tons of books, and I enjoy being able to try an author without having to commit to puttting their books somewhere in my house. Also, my TBR “pile” is nearly 300 books. I like being able to open my device and pick one without having to physically find any one of the books.

    2. Kindle

    3. My mom bought Kindles for both her and I for Christmas one year. At the time, she was traveling a lot so she liked the idea of the portability of an e-reader. Again, we both lived in this tiny house which didn’t really have any room for a book collection. At the time she bought them, the Kindle was the only thing out there. The Nook didn’t come out for almost a year afterward. I’ve been very happy with my Kindle and wouldn’t switch to another reader not just out of loyalty, but because the cost of replacing all those books makes me a little ill. LOL.

    4. N/A

  6. Jane

    1. I still prefer print, but I am reading more ebooks.
    2. I’m only familiar with the Kindle.
    3. It’s the only ereader I’ve used. I haven’t had a chance to try a Nook.
    4. I am slowly transitioning to reading more digital books.

  7. e_bookpushers

    I read both paper and digital copies. Most of my new purchases are digital.

    I use a Kindle – first one was a gift from the family after they researched.

    I have stuck with it because of the larger number of titles that are available and I don’t want to deal with re-purchasing or converting my existing collection.

    I do miss the ease of end reading with paper copies 🙂