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Please help me welcome Brian Freyermouth to the blog in support of his novel – Demon Dance. I found the premise of this story intriguing and asked him to share with us how he came up with the idea about a split reality…

The World Underneath
by Brian Freyermuth
What if there was a hidden world that lies beyond the edges of what we call reality? As a child I walked with Lucy through the wardrobe to Narnia and rode the tesseract with Meg and her friends in A Wrinkle in Time. My favorite, though, was adventuring with Jon-Tom as he traveled from our world to a place where giant otters cursed like sailors and turtles were wizards in the Spellsinger series by Alan Dean Foster. All of these novels hold a promise of a magical world that exists just beyond our fingertips

Hidden World at Home
As a young adult I came across another kind of hidden world, where magical places exist right here in our own backyard. My first real experience with urban fantasy was the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman. The world looked like ours, but take one step through the curtain and you entered a terrifying and wondrous place where dreams were real and ancient gods walked among us.

Demon Dance
In Demon Dance, magical beings walk among us in secret. As I began outlining the story, I realized that in this day and age of YouTube and cell phones, how would a world like this stay hidden? If a demon with no eyes went on a rampage in a small coffee shop in Seattle, wouldn’t people know about it?
A secret group called the Watchers were the answer. These figures in scarlet are anonymous in nature as well as judge and executioner. They don’t care about one or two witnesses, but when a major event spins out of control, they show up to clean up the mess. Wiping the memories of witnesses seems to be only the tip of their powers, and even the major heavyweights of this hidden world are terrified of them.
The Watchers appear briefly in Demon Dance, but they are a major part of the mythology of the world. Later in the series, as we delve more into the adventures of Nick and his friends, we’re going to learn a lot more about who this group is, and how they’ve been able to function in secret for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

The World Beyond Ours
This secret world of magic, demons, angels and forgotten gods is the core of Demon Dance and the Sundancer series. They walk among us without our knowledge, and all it takes is one moment, by accident or design, to make us walk through the curtain and see the wonder and horror that lies beyond.


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Demon Dance

Sundancer #1

Brian Freyermuth

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You can run all you want, but the game’s in your blood. And blood never forgets…

Nick St. James was born different. His extraordinary gifts have saved him time and time again, but they couldn’t save the one thing he loved most: his wife.

Now he just wants to forget his old life, but more importantly, he wants to forget the magical underworld that lives beneath the “real” world. A place where a man’s faith can determine the very fabric of reality. Where ancient forgotten gods walk hidden among us, and angels and demons fight for our very souls.

But nothing stays hidden forever. Nick’s peaceful world is ripped apart when a demon slaughters his ex-partner and marks him for death. Now he must use all his gifts to find the one who summoned the nightmarish creature, but more importantly, he needs to find the one thing he lost long ago.



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Since 1994, Brian Freyermuth has designed and wrote for bestselling video games such as the award winning Fallout, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy and WGA Award Nominee Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.  In July of 2011 he participated in a panel discussion at the San Diego Comicon where he explained how he helped bring a voice to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for the first time in Disney’s history.

Brian now has added novelist to his bestselling career. In April 2013 he released a hot new urban fantasy, Demon Dance, on Kindle. After only a couple of weeks it reached number 13 on Amazon’s Bestseller Rank for Kindle Urban Fantasy eBooks.

Since the days of the Commodore 64, Brian spent his youth writing novels or playing games. Writing has always been a passion for him, whether it was entertaining his teachers with his short stories, creating elaborate characters for the role playing games he played with his friends, or creating screenplays for the home movies he made for his class projects. He earned a B.A. from the University of California Irvine in Comparative Literature which he uses in both writing for games as well as crafting his novels.

Today, Brian leads a content team at Xaviant as they create an exciting new game, Lichdom: Redeemer, scheduled for release in the summer of 2014. When he’s not at his computer working on the sequel to Demon Dance, you can find him exploring the wilderness of Georgia with his wife, Juliet, and their son.

For more information about the projects Brian has worked on and new projects, visit

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