Birthday Week Winners #4 and #6

September 18, 2013 Uncategorized 0

Two more contests done…  More winners to announce:


Contest #4 (Hitchhiker’s Guide)-

All 3 people who commented win. picked Robyn for the hardcover and because she’s such a generous soul she just wants the book so I’ve decided the other two entrants will get digital copies and their very own towels.  Emails will go out later today to get the formats Timitra and Jane would like plus their snail mail addresses.  

Contest #6 –

Come on down Liz – and I raaaaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaay…couldn’t get away – You now get to be an earworm source using Pandora One Radio…  😉  I’ll be sending you the GC to the address you used to enter the contest.


Only one more to draw tomorrow!   Thank you so much for participating and helping me celebrate my birthday and the blog’s anniversary.  I enjoyed coming up with the contests and am looking forward to doing this again next year!

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