Gamble in Gold – Natalie Anderson – 3 stars

August 26, 2013 Entangled Publishing, Read in 2013, Sent 0

Gamble in Gold – Natalie Anderson – 3 starsGamble in Gold Published by Entangled Publishing, Indulgence on August 26, 2013
Pages: 97
Format: eBook
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Seven years have passed since shy Lexie Peterson had her heart trampled by her teenage crush. And Luke Marchetti walks into his flat to find Lexie in a negligee, all he can think of is having a little flirt and fling. But Lexie’s determination to keep him at a distance makes him realize she deserves more than he can offer. Is one kiss enough to entice the two to take a gamble on love?

My Thoughts:

This is an extremely quick read but I enjoyed both the main characters and seeing how an attraction formed years ago ends up being a match that neither was really looking for.

Lexie is a woman who is and was incredibly shy around people but has forced herself to live outside her comfort zone as much as she can.  When she falls victim to a bad investment she’s just looking to get back on her feet doing what she loves, tell and help people travel all over the globe.  She’s excited to have a place to stay in London while she finds a job and some place to live but when the owner of the place comes back in town unexpectedly she’s confronted with a major ghost from her past.  I liked how she wanted to stand on her own two feet but couldn’t completely keep herself guarded from the temptation and need she has for Luke.  She’s not willing to settle for second best so does what she can to keep herself protected from the heartbreak she is certain he will give her.

Luke is not having a good day until he gets home and sees an incredible sight of a woman in skimpy attire in his place.  Add to that it being a grown-up version of the girl he wanted all those years ago but couldn’t have and maybe just maybe things aren’t so bad.  As much as he just wants a fling he knows this isn’t the person to have a fling with but he just can’t help but be drawn to her just like he was when they were both younger.  He’s changed a lot from the boy she knew but he isn’t certain if he’s the right man for her.  He’s kept a major secret from her all these years and when they spend time together he finds that he doesn’t want to let her go again.  He’s got the chance of a lifetime if only he can make her see who he is now and not what he was then.  I liked that he’s not exactly what the world thinks of him and that he does small things to make others happy.  He’s an incredible catch and she’s the lucky woman who holds his heart.

This was a sweet story for such a short format but I would have liked a longer platform for these two.  They were nice to see together and I would’ve loved a chance to see more.

Special thanks to Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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