Something’s Cooking – Meg Lacey – 4 stars

August 15, 2013 Entangled Publishing, Read in 2013, Sent 2

Something’s Cooking – Meg Lacey – 4 starsSomething's Cooking Published by Entangled Publishing, Indulgence on August 12, 2013
Pages: 182
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Tess Banyon has turned her brilliant recipe and crafting ideas into a multimedia empire. Landing her own TV show throws her into a panic. If she's not careful, the public will discover she isn't the domestic diva everyone thinks she is. Investigative reporter Josh Faraday smells something smoking in Tess's world. His goal to expose the real Tess goes into overdrive when she lands a television show deal. He secures an assignment to shadow her, reporting on her program, but what he's really doing is getting dirt for his expose. Things get even stickier when Tess's family play matchmaker. There's no shortage of fire between them, and after an impulsive night together, Josh discovers a story he never expected--or bargained for.

My Thoughts:

This was a fun read with some pretty hilarious moments as Tess is a bit of a walking disaster.

Tess knows she is living a lie as a domestic diva but she really does have her heart in the right place and everything just has spiraled out of control.  She may present this cool, calm, collected individual when she does the crafts and cooking segments for morning TV but what the public doesn’t know is her family is the workforce behind this orchestrated front woman.  Sure she has the creative ideas and marketing brains but trust me you don’t really want her to cook for you or even be near you with a glue gun unless she’s had a ton of practice runs.  When her agent tells her the Boston paper is sending a reporter to do a story on her upcoming TV series she panics as another Boston area reporter hiding behind the initials JR has been taking not so subtle jabs at her via his column.  She is immediately attracted to the reporter who shows up and we get some fun watching her family do everything possible to hook them up.  I liked how she wanted to tell him the truth but is also so driven to give the public what she loves so much she just can’t see a way out of it.  She’s brave as well when some truths come out and she’s forced to own her own part in deceiving the public and making a very public acknowledgment of her own shortcomings.  I was happy to see that people really loved her and not just the facade she’s presented.  She’s someone I would like to know in real life.

Josh is also tired of living a lie hiding behind his JR pseudonym at the newspaper.  Something about Tess has bothered him since he first saw a report on her so he’s been digging to find out is she really as perfect as the public image portrays?  When he first meets her he realizes there is something hinky going on but he is drawn to the woman he sees when she lets her guard down and finds himself wanting to share all his own secrets with her.  He knows that when she finds out the truth about who he is it will ruin something that he didn’t think was ever in the cards for him but misses many chances to come clean until it is too late.  I adored seeing him let his walls down and realize that what he was faulting her for he was doing himself and that he didn’t like what he’d let himself become.  His work to get back in her life was something sweet to watch as he knows how badly he messed things up but he just needs her to listen to him.  He’s not trying to justify his actions but instead owns them and knows how bad they were even though some of what happened was truly beyond his control.

This is a couple I think any of us would like to know in real life as they both own up to their shortcomings after a bit of prodding and have some wonderfully funny mishaps as they wind down the path to HEA.  Thanks to Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


2 Responses to “Something’s Cooking – Meg Lacey – 4 stars”

  1. Teri Anne Stanley

    I’ve always figured that most of the Martha Stewarts out there were really closet Julia Childs…
    This one’s on my TBR pile, great review!

    • Steph

      Seriously I almost spit out my drink at one point because of the mishap… I loved the sheer disaster that she was normally vs the polished persona she tried to present.