First Wednesday – Our Pets & the Love They Give Us – Contest

August 7, 2013 Contest, First Wednesday 1

As I was going through my bookshelf to see what to give away this month for first Wednesday I found a copy of this year’s charity book at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author’s Get Together so decided to make it the giveaway.  In honor of this we should talk about the pets in our lives, past and present.

Those of you who know me or follow me on Twitter know I have two spoiled rotten cats, Macaroni (16.5 lb male) and Bella (13.5 lb female) who constantly poke and prod me for attention.  Both are traditional domestic shorthairs and are rescue animals.  Mac has graced many photos on my Twitter feed including the one that I love to use when Vivian Arend has a new wolfie book out:



Then we have the Diva:

Image 1


Both of them are very good cats and while I might get frustrated when they are demanding attention when I actually need to read or write reviews.  I have to say that Mac is a mama’s boy and is constantly asking for attention as he loves to be near his humans as much as possible.  Diva on the other hand can easily do without the humans unless she decides it is treatment time and heaven help you if you try to stop her kneading your body or cleaning your ear lobe.  She can pout like nothing else I’ve ever seen.  For those that don’t like cats I will have to say Mac is very dog-like in his need for attention and to be near you.  I adore having cats and dogs but live in an apartment building where dogs aren’t allowed so have my duo as the pets of choice.  They are something else but the love you get from them cannot be replaced and I would miss it if I didn’t have them around me.

Now..  for the fun stuff…  I’m giving away a signed copy of Animal Attraction:


All you need to do is tell me something about either a pet you own or one from your past to have a chance to win this.  If you don’t have a pet just tell me something fun about an experience with an animal by August 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm Central to be entered.  I’ll draw a winner from the entries then and mail it to the lucky winner.

One Response to “First Wednesday – Our Pets & the Love They Give Us – Contest”

  1. Robyn

    So where do I start? With the horse, Lily, who loves to give kisses. Or the other horse, Sally, who is perfectly happy being a yard pet. Or the 2 dogs – one who is laid back, while the other is hyper and can’t stand other dogs. Or maybe the 7 barn cats who love to lay on the deck and sunbathe the day away!