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I absolutely adore Heather and have been so lucky that she has been generous enough to share both of the Holiday Vermont stories with me for review.  I adore the stories and cannot wait until she gives us more, more, more of them.  And yes if that wasn’t obvious enough of a hint ….  BLATANT HINT AND PLEA…  *snicker*


In the book Second Chance at Happiness we get to meet the wonderful hero Colin.  He’s just amazing and even more amazing is his devotion to his job plus his love for his grandma.  This led me to my ideas for Heather today and ….

Anyway…  now for a wonderful chance to learn more about Heather and why she writes about cops as her heroes:

Cops as heroes

When Stephanie asked me if I wanted to write about why I write cops as heroes or economic difference as class distinction I said why not a combination of both. A rather daunting topic by any standards, but one I wanted to tackle. I quickly discovered it was to daunting for my mind in its current state so I’m just going to talk about why I write cop heroes. steph- FYI I just think it is awesome you stopped past today and dear lord it isn’t like I was thinking of much… 😉

Some might say in a post 9/11 world it’s the norm for us to idolize cops and want to make them our heroes alongside the military heroes. For me this isn’t the case.

I love cops. I always have. When I was in college I would speed so I could get pulled over just to flirt with the local cops. So when Mr. Lire told me shortly before we got married he wanted to be a cop I was all for it. To me there was nothing hotter than a man in uniform.

When Ryan the hero in Second Chance at Forever showed up on the page I knew he was a cop. He had that air of authority that came from being on the job. It took me a while to figure what it was exactly he did on the force, for a while I thought he a Narc, but quickly threw that out. Then I went to gangs, and homicide. None of it fit. Then one day there was an incident at the school next to my kid’s school. I sat with my girlfriend and watched on TV as SWAT teams went into my son’s school. I called Mr. Lire who worked in a different county than where we lived and asked him what was going on. He wouldn’t tell me anything, other than his SWAT team had just been put on notice.

When my boys came home from school they told me how cool it was to see SWAT members like their dad go into their classrooms looking for the bad guy. As they told me from their perspective what they’d seen I knew Ryan was on the SWAT team.

When Colin showed up on the page in Second Chance at Forever I wasn’t sure about him. There was something going on with him, and prayed I wouldn’t have to kill him and that be a catalyst for Ryan. Boy was I glad when it turned out he was just having relationship issues.

When Second Chance at Happiness starts Colin has settled into his new job as a Deputy Police Chief in a Holiday. Holiday is a far cry from the streets of Boston when it comes to crime. But it was a change he needed. There was only so much bad crap he could stomach. Now he’s happy keeping the small tourist town of Holiday safe from idiot people as he calls them. Lucky for him I’m married to a former small town cop so I can easily write about things that happen in a small town.

Cops really are unsung heroes. People complain about cops pulling them over, harassing them for no reason, and being jerks. What most people don’t understand is the reason they pull people over for breaking speeding laws is because more than once they’ve seen what happens when a speeding car crashes. They’ve had to knock on someone’s door and inform them a loved one has either been killed or injured in a traffic accident. If they can prevent an accident by pulling you over for speeding they will. They also don’t harass you without just cause. It usually because they know you’ve either just done something or are contemplating doing something, but harassing you they are hoping you will cop to it, or not do what you were thinking of doing. Also if a cop is a jerk to you, don’t take it personally, they’ve probably had a really shitty shift. It happens.

One of the things I love best about writing cops as heroes is I get to share some of the stories my husband and his co-workers would talk about. In fact in Second Chance at Happiness Ryan and Colin share an incident that happened to them that actually happened to my husband one night when he was working booking.

To me there is nothing sexier than a man who puts on a uniform to protect those he loves and the citizens of his town, and they make the best heroes.



BIO: Heather has traveled all over the world, speaks multiple languages, collects romance books like they’re going out of style, and has multiple book boyfriends. Ok, she hasn’t been all over the world, except in her mind. She does however speak multiple languages and collect romance books. Her long suffering husband and sons roll their eyes at all her book boyfriends. When she’s not busy traveling the world in her mind she can be found at one of her sons many sporting events and on twitter, where she talks about what else romance books. She loves to hear what you think about her stories so please drop her a note and tell her.

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Besides being nice enough to contribute this wonderful post to my site she’s also decided to be generous and  give one lucky commentor an ecopy of Second Chance at Happiness.  Trust me you want this book….  really you do.  Just let the two of us know if cops are also some of your favorite romance heroes or if there is another profession you just love to see!  I’ll be drawing a winner from all entries put in before 8/9/2013 at Midnight Central.  So happy commenting and help me cheer on this wonderful story!

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  1. Amy Denim (@AmyDenim)

    Happy happy book birthday, Heather!
    I’m so excited for everyone to read this book. And I know the story of the incident that actually happened to Mr. Lire. Everyone is going to be crying…from laughing so hard. It’s a great tale!

  2. Martha Schlegel

    Cops Are One Of My Favorites…So Are Business Owners And Seals!! 🙂

    • Steph

      Congratulations, Martha!! You should have an email from me already about what format you would like. 🙂

  3. Amy R

    I enjoy cops and other men in uniform(military, firefighters)as the hero.