Love, Technically – Lynne Silver – 3.5 stars

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Love, Technically – Lynne Silver – 3.5 starsLove, Technically Published by Entangled Publishing, Ever After on July 29, 2013
Pages: 127
Format: eBook
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Billionaire CEO and computer whiz Noah Frellish is a king among geeks. Women are attracted to his money, but he'd love to meet someone who's actually interested in him. When he helps the sweet and sexy Michelle Kolson with a printing problem, she confuses him for a help desk technician. Noah knows he should clear up this case of mistaken identity, but would she still like him if she knew he was the boss?

Michelle thinks life in Chicago is perfect, as is the whirlwind romance with her smoking-hot coworker. When she unexpectedly finds her job on the chopping block and the man she fell headfirst into bed with running the company, will she abandon her dreams?

Noah must convince the small-town girl to stay in the big city—and that he really is the man she fell for.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this sweet story of a man who wants someone to love him for him and a woman who wants to be someone who matters.

Michelle is not having a good first week.  She’s trying to get her timesheet printed for her boss but for some reason the stupid printer won’t work.  She ends up running in to a guy from the help desk that manages to figure out that she’s pointed to the wrong printer but she also ends up finding herself flirting with him.  She’s very naive and yet has such a great heart that you can’t help but wanting her to find happiness in the big city.  She’s so excited to be working for such a wonderful company that she overlooks quite a few instances where her new boyfriend tries to explain who he really is and where if she’d pay attention the facts would have come out much earlier and in a much better fashion than they did.  I liked her but I found myself wanting to yell at her to quit falling back to the whole I’m just a small-town girl thing when stuff doesn’t go her way.

Noah…  I loved Noah.  Yes he did something sort of shady by not letting her know who he actually was but I understood why he acted the way he did.  It wasn’t anything meant to hurt or embarrass her he just loved being wanted for who he was and not his money.  He really did try to let her know but was always so afraid to come completely clean as he didn’t want the relationship to change.  I loved what he was willing to do to make things right and his true understanding of who she really is and what value she has to him and others around her was refreshing.  He didn’t look down on her for not finishing school but instead loved how her ideas were fresh and truly inspired.  He just had a knack for bringing out the best in people around him and I hope that his next venture really does bring him long-term happiness.

Special thanks to and Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this sweet story in exchange for my honest review.

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