A Simple Twist of Fate – HelenKay Dimon – 4.5 stars

July 16, 2013 Berkley Trade, NetGalley 0

A Simple Twist of Fate – HelenKay Dimon – 4.5 starsA Simple Twist of Fate Published by Penguin on July 16, 2013
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The Hanover brothers are doing their best to live down the legacy of their con artist father…but they still have a knack for getting in trouble where romance is concerned.

As the lawyer of the family, Beckett Hanover ought to be sorting through the many claims filed against their family estate—which the brothers have recently inherited from their grandmother. But something about the housekeeper, Sophie, keeps stealing his focus…

Little does he know, as he flirts, what else she intends to steal. The truth is Sophie took the job with one purpose in mind: to help her aunt. But she never expected to find a man like Beck or get sidetracked by the handsome hottie's sweet talk and broad shoulders. Between her secret and Beck’s past, the two are headed for one risky romance.

My Thoughts:

I have to admit I was looking forward to reading this one at the end of the previous book.  We knew who the main pair was just because of the heat we witnessed but I can say we got more than expected in this one.

Sophie is keeping a big secret from the Hanovers but it is a secret that isn’t hers to share and it puts her in a bind when she starts to want something with Beck.  She knows he doesn’t like secrets and can’t blame him for his feelings but also knows she can’t spill it no matter how much she wants to.  She’s such a hard person to get to know and watching her get flustered around Beck was funny as hell.  She’s got a smart mouth but behind this tough girl exterior you have someone that desperately wants somewhere to belong and a family that really loves her.  She has a sad back story and hearing about how her aunt and uncle treated her as a child made me feel for her.  I understood her motivations and really loved how she worked so hard to protect and defend the Hanover brothers even as they didn’t completely trust her.  Watching her develop a friendship with Leah and Malory was heartwarming as you understood how badly she needs to be loved and feel like she belongs.

Beck was something else.  He always needs to be the one who makes things right and can make sense out of things that make no sense.  Unfortunately his father left a trail of things that don’t add up and he feels driven to figure it out in order to make it right.  He tries so hard to ignore his attraction to Sophie but as we all know in romanceland this never ever works.  He works to get her to trust him but at the same time really has trouble letting her in and trusting her with his own inner secrets and issues.  I loved watching him work so hard to ignore his feelings and the level of denial he’s willing to go to was just funny at times.  The interplay with his brothers will have you rolling on the floor especially after the bathroom scene.  I almost spit out the drink I had when I read the scene and loved noone was willing to let it go.  He did frustrate me at times with his attitude but I did understand it even when I wanted to slap some sense in to him.  He needed to grovel a bit more at the end I think but his gesture meant the world to her and it leaves us in a very intriguing place.

I left this book desperately wanting the next one as dear lord I need to know who the FBI agent really is (I have a theory) and need to know what is under the freaking concrete slab already.  The next book should prove to be interesting as there are some bombshells dropped in this one that made me wish we could dig up Charlie and kill him all over again.  The man was truly evil and deserves to be in a truly deep circle of hell for all the pain he caused so many people.

Special thanks to Penguin/Berkeley and NetGalley.com for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  I am beyond ready for the next one so feel free to send that to me ASAP.  😉

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