Some Like It Spicy – Robbie Terman – 4.5 stars

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Some Like It Spicy – Robbie Terman – 4.5 starsSome Like It Spicy Published by Edge, Entangled Publishing on July 15, 2013
Pages: 300
Format: eBook
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Ashton Grey’s restaurant, Sweet Home, is in trouble. Months of empty tables have left her and her partners near bankruptcy, and her father’s prediction of her failure as a chef seems imminent. But a chance encounter could provide Ashton with the publicity she needs to save her restaurant—if the fiery chef is willing to compete on a reality cooking show. But in order to win, she needs to stay focused. No problem…until she meets the head judge.

Celebrity chef Ty Cates is ready to get away from the camera and back to the kitchen where he belongs. Performing as head judge on a reality show is just one more commitment he’d like to get out of, especially after he meets Ashton. Head judges dating contestants is about as taboo as putting ketchup on filet mignon, but from the moment they meet, there’s a simmering heat between them that neither can ignore.

As the competition heats up, they rely on sneaking around, stealing amazing night after amazing night together when the cameras aren’t rolling. When both realize what’s starting to feel like love could easily be a recipe for disaster, Ashton and Ty need to make a choice—get out of the kitchen or turn up the heat.

My Thoughts:

I have to thank Jessica from Entangled for putting this on my radar and then being generous enough to give me a copy to read/review with no expectations for how I would feel about it.  This was a fun read with heart, heat and angst plus a hero that really gets under your skin.

Ashton’s dream is crumbling around her and her partners.  The restaurant she’s always wanted is not getting enough traffic to pay the bills and her own temper may have just put the final nail in the coffin.  What she doesn’t count on is a reality cooking show seeing the melt-down and offering her a last minute spot on the show which could give her restaurant the publicity it desperately needs to survive.  She goes to the set and runs in to the hottest celebrity chef out there but not only does she realize this contest offers more than just publicity it also puts her in close contact with a man she shouldn’t crave but can’t resist.  She’s got a lot of issues caused by a demanding, cold father who happens to be one of the most respected restaurant critics and also has a tendency to bottle her emotions up until they explode out of her and get directed at everyone but the one man she needs to finally stand up to.  I felt for her as she tries to deny what she is feeling for Ty and keep the lid on what she wants to say to her father.  I have to say one of my favorite moments was her finally standing up for herself and loved that Ty stood beside her when this all comes to a boil.

Ty was such a strong hero with an amazing heart.  Sure he’s got all the trappings that being one of the hottest celebrity chefs entails but the whole dating the latest model or being at the latest hot spot is wearing him down.  He misses being able to cook and actually have a private life with hopes of finding a woman who will complete him.  When he meets Ashton there is an amazing instant attraction and connection but when he realizes she’s a contestant on the show he is judging he knows it can’t go anywhere.  He still ends up pursuing her and we get some hot sexy times as they both manage to sneak time with each other.  When things blow up due to a conniving eliminated contestant we get to see that this relationship means more to both of them than they were ever willing to tell each other.  I loved watching him come to terms with issues she has and supporting her even when she makes it incredibly difficult to do so.  He’s such a strong character and I adored that.

Thanks again to Entangled Edge and Jessica for sharing this with me as I will be keeping my eye out for more by this author.

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