Life of the Party – Kate Davies – 3.5 stars

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Life of the Party – Kate Davies – 3.5 starsLife of the Party Published by Carina Press on July 8, 2013
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Book three of the Girls Most Likely to…

In high school, Tess Bonham was the ultimate party girl. So it's ironic that building a successful party planning business has resulted in all work and no play. But Tess loves her job—most of the time. Planning her own ten-year reunion weekend promises to be the highlight of her career, even if making it perfect for her former classmates means she won't actually have time to enjoy it herself.

Hotelier Jeremy Wright has wanted Tess for years, and he's tired of never fitting into her overbooked calendar. So when she's short-staffed, Jeremy jumps at the chance to help out with her reunion during the day—if Tess surrenders the nights to him. He's got plans for a private party, and she's the guest of honor…

Tess should say no. But she really, really wants to say yes. Spending time with Jeremy reminds her just how much fun life can be. But she's not sure she can be "just friends" once she knows how amazing the benefits are…

This is a really nice conclusion to the series where the last of the trio finds her match in a man she’s convinced could never really want her.

Tess is used to being the party planner but never the person who is anything else.  She’s been overlooked most of her life by men and has convinced herself that this is all she will ever be and not to expect anything more.  She’s also normally a doormat when it comes to other people and takes on more than she should be responsible for.  It took a bit for her to come out of her shell and realize what she was letting others do to her but when she does she comes out swinging at everyone who she has allowed to hold her down.  I liked her strength and especially liked who she becomes as the book moves on.

Jeremy has been quietly attempting to get Tess to notice him as more than just a man she works with but he just can’t seem to tell if she is interested in him at all.  He finally decides to make a move on the woman who has been torturing him for months but knows if he lets her in on exactly what he wants from her (everything) she’ll find a way to shut this down before it even has a chance to start.  He’s amazingly supportive of her but when she says something that reminds him of his past and the way other women have treated him he breaks.  Even with what happens late in the book you know he is truly a good man who always follows through on a promise even while dying a bit inside as he does what is right.  I liked his strength and  willingness to work within the boundaries Tess sets on their relationship while still working on getting her to change her mind.  He’s so sexy and sweet but has a quiet strength in everything he does and it shows to everyone who pays attention.

This was a nice read with a touch of heat but we also get to see a bit of the other two couples as this takes place during the same time frame.  I’m glad we got this and wouldn’t mind a later book to show the three couples down the road.  Special thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  I have enjoyed the series and will keep an eye out for more by Kate Davies.


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