A Plea for Sanity

June 29, 2013 Uncategorized 2

I’ve told myself that I just need to step away and not speak up but after the events over the past few weeks in both the blogging/reviewing world and the insanity in Texas I just can’t stay completely quiet.


Re:  Texas

As a former resident of Texas and having spent most of my formative years in the state I can’t help but feel extremely saddened by the behavior that seems to be prevalent in the State Legislature.  I applaud Sen Wendy Davis for her willingness to stand up and speak for the thousands of women that would be impacted by legislation specifically designed to target access to abortions.  I realize this is a very polarizing issue but we need to look beyond a single service provided by those clinics to the true impact if the legislation passes.  I also believe that the behavior we witnessed as she stood up points to an even larger issue where laws are bent to stop something the majority doesn’t like just because they believe they can.  I was happy that the attempt to claim the vote was taken at 11:59 pm when it was very blatantly taken after midnight ended up being exposed but I cannot help but be truly frightened for what this could have meant if it had been allowed to stand.  I also have to speak up and say I appreciated those Senators who stood up for Sen Davis and decried the poor treatment she was receiving while doing something that the rules permit and in past practice even supported by other members even if they didn’t agree with the filibuster in progress.  There needs to be a mutual respect if not for each other then respect the rules and traditions of the body you represent.  Now with Governor Perry forcing the issue in yet another special session I can’t help but hope that rational thought will somehow prevail and other issues can be handled than trying to regulate a woman’s reproductive choices.  I personally am pro-choice but do not believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control.  I’ve had friends and acquaintances that have made the decision to abort after much thought and consideration and I cannot condemn them for that decision I’m just so thankful they were able to do so in an environment that was safe for them.  I’ve also had former friends that made the decision to abort just because they chose not to use readily available birth control means and that does not sit well with me.  I found myself distancing myself from them because it made me re-evaluate exactly how they could fit in to my life if they were that irresponsible.  I mean I understand BC fails but to not use any just cause doesn’t sit well with me and if  you are going to do that then what other just cause decisions are you going to make???  Anyway off to another topic….


RE: Recent Plagiarism and Over-reaction

Recently we’ve had a few incidents of blatant plagiarists being uncovered by eagle-eyed readers.  We’ve also had some understandable paranoia developing as people closely scrutinize other authors in the same genre but the recent targeting of a respected blogger by an author and her fans just has me seeing red.  I understand we are all paranoid right now but can we please step back, breathe, count to ten and then sit down to talk rationally?

Authors – If a blogger/reader reaches out to you privately and respectfully via email to ask questions that were addressed to them by another reader/reviewer, please do the right thing and answer the questions with the same respect they are attempting to show you.  I understand that if they are asking you about your validity as a writer you might get your hackles up to defend yourself but take a second and realize that in the current environment people are jumping to conclusions very quickly and a rational discussion can only serve you better in the long run.  Remember they didn’t have to come to you privately but could have publicly posted the concerns they were sent but chose to speak to you one on one out of respect and a willingness to get to the truth versus fan a witch hunt.  Telling your fans about it via social media and fanning attacks on the blogger/reader via this method just serves to turn off others to your work as we’ve all seen too many recent examples of authors behaving badly to tolerate much more.

Bloggers/Reviewers – Can we please step back a second and realize that at times we are playing a part in the cycle of destruction?  I’ve seen a lot of knee jerk reactions from all of us to say we’ll never support an author again just because something has been taken out of context.  Authors are human and will make mistakes in the heat of the moment that shouldn’t result in them being blacklisted.  I try to look at the authors pattern of behavior and if the comment in question was a one-time misstep that was apologized for in a valid, rational fashion I think we should give them a second chance.  If the author actively promotes people attacking, harassing or behaving badly to a reader/blogger/reviewer then that is a completely different matter.  I know I personally returned a recent purchase because the author decided that it was garbage so I mean why should I pay my measly 99 cents to read it.  Was that a bit petty of me?  Yeah sure but you know what why should I spend money on something the author doesn’t support?  The return didn’t happen until I saw how the author attempted to rationalize what they wrote but I like many others decided that enough was enough.  I also have authors I won’t buy any more because of attacks they have encouraged on reviews that hurt their sensibilities but that has been my choice and I haven’t publicized those choices.  I also have an author whose books I still read but you will never see a review for on this site because of the way they behaved towards me when I approached them for a review copy they were blatantly begging for people to take on social media.  I won’t say that authors name either as that is my issue and I’m not going to tell others not to read/review/enjoy them.


All in all I just wish we could all take a step back and think rationally again as I for one am tired of seeing a ton of bickering and hate popping up all over the place.

In better news….  I cannot thank the Supreme Court for being able to see that blocking same-sex marriage and keeping those relationships being considered second class or illegal is stupid and outdated.  I hope that my friends and relatives that have healthy long-term same sex relationships will truly be able to enjoy the same freedoms and protections I can have in my own love life and I wish all those couples who have married in California since Prop 8 went away have long happy lives together.  I know not all of the marriages will last but hey they don’t last all the time in “traditional” cases either…


Thanks for letting me rant a bit on topics that have been bugging me and I hope you know you can always comment on posts or send me an email via my contact page if you ever want to let me know anything.


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    • Steph

      Thank you so much. I just hate to see what seems to be going on recently. I know we can’t all agree but we still need to treat each other with respect.