Embracing Her Curves: A Look From Both The Hero and Heroine’s POV by HelenKay Dimon – Contest

June 14, 2013 Carina Press, Contest, Guest Post 4

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I’d like to welcome HelenKay Dimon to the blog in support of her wonderful story:


Readers talk about “the big misunderstanding” in romance. Basically, we all want a little more than that happening in our novels. I know I do as a reader and an author. But there is one aspect off the “misunderstanding” I do love as part of everything else that’s happening – the issues that arise when men and women talk to each other but are coming from different angles and maybe, just maybe, talk past each other.


I was able to explore this in Just What He Wanted, the 4th book in my Holloway series for Carina Press. The heroine, Andie (short for Andrea), has a new body and a new life. She’s recently lost a lot of weight dropping three sizes to a 12 or 14. She’s still not skinny by supermodel standards. She’s curvy and the hero, Travis, finds her irresistible. But part of what gets in their way is how she still sees herself (that stupid mirror hasn’t changed despite the 35 pound weight loss) and how that skewed view keeps her from seeing how a hottie almost ten years her junior possibly could be attracted to her.


She sees herself this way:


The thirty-five pounds she’d lost last year took her from you-need-to-buy-a-second-airline-seat fat to chubby. Still, her higher double-digit size made her a frumpy giant in today’s petite female world. Men like Travis were used to tiny and trim and God knew what else. She didn’t fit any of the criteria.


But he sees this:


No, thinking about the blonde with the all-woman, all-smoking curvy figure did him in. The big brown eyes, the long, wavy hair…how she knew her way around a gun — one of those, maybe all of them, had his mind sputtering and his words stumbling. Another hour with the steering wheel pressing against his erection while a vivid movie of him stripping that snug T-shirt off her body rolled through his head and he would have needed surgery.


He’d never been picky about body type. Being pretty fond of every part of a woman, never really thought of himself as a breast man before either. Now he did. Damn, it had been all he could do to give her eye contact.


Ten minutes in her presence and he turned into a knuckle-dragging animal.


As the book goes on, he helps her to see what he sees, but the back-and-forth makes for some interesting times.


I can’t thank HelenKay enough for stopping past the blog and sharing this with you.  In honor of her visit I’m going to give away a copy of Just What He Wanted to a lucky winner in either a Kindle or Nook format.  Just enter below.


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4 Responses to “Embracing Her Curves: A Look From Both The Hero and Heroine’s POV by HelenKay Dimon – Contest”

  1. Amy R

    It doesn’t matter to me if hero/heroine have body image issues and long as they are not whiny. I do not like H/H that I want to smack.

  2. Kimberly

    I am intrigued by getting both POV’s in the book. I think that body image is something that most people struggle with and I am interested in getting other perspectives, but I agree not whiney though.

  3. Timitra

    As long as story isn’t bogged down by the hero/heroine’s obsession with body image or any issue for that matter I’m game!