Love Letters Volume 1: Obeying Desire – Var Authors – 3 stars

April 5, 2013 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2013 0



Love Letters Volume 1 contains four hot novellas that will tempt you to submit to desire:

A Is for Assignment by Ginny Glass
Lane Heywood is the last person Cameron Isley wanted as his partner in an undercover investigation at a sex club. But with the sexy psychiatrist masquerading as his Domme, he’ll have to submit to her erotic torment—and try to control his all-too-real lust.

My thoughts:  3.5 stars

This was a very hot story about a cop and a psychiatrist that find undercover work actually opens them up to each other in more ways than expected.  As they work undercover to bust a drug ring cops believe is being run out of a sex (BDSM) club they let down walls with each other that ends up potentially leading to more than just a successful op.  I enjoyed seeing her as a Domme the first night they are undercover and loved seeing how he turns it around on her the next time they visit by being her Dom.  They both have preconceived notions of one another and during this short op they realize both their perceptions were wrong and they want to explore this amazing chemistry.  I would have loved a longer treatment of this one as I enjoyed what we did get to see of them.

B Is for Bondage by Christina Thacher
When Rachel Cooper begins BDSM lessons, she soon starts fantasizing about her instructor, Marc Thibaud. They’re not supposed to have sex—until one lesson crosses the line…

My Thoughts:  3 stars

Enjoyable story about a woman who wants the man she hired to teach her how to be a perfect submissive to be her Dom.  She goes in to this to try to do something she believes her recent boyfriend will enjoy but as she gets to know Marc she realizes that her relationship isn’t what she wants but this man is the one she is meant to serve.  She’s a natural submissive and because of Marc learns there is a difference between domination and abuse.  I enjoyed seeing her and loved when the author let us in to Marc’s head.

C Is for Curious by Emily Cale
Mistress Rebecca Greer has had her eye on The Black Rose BDSM club’s shy receptionist, so when Hilary “accidentally” interrupts one of her sessions, Rebecca decides to give her a taste to satisfy her curiosity.

My Thoughts: 2.5 stars

I think this was in some respects my least favorite.  Hilary is in a bit of a mess at the job she enjoys.  She mistakenly walked in to a dungeon while a Mistress was working with a client.  She spends the rest of the day convinced that she is going to be fired so when Mistress comes to see her and says she wants to talk to her things just can’t be good.  Instead we get a quick session where the Mistress finally acts on her attraction for this shy submissive and Hilary learns that submission is not only what she wants but that she wants it with Rebecca.  Both of them have noticed and been attracted to each other but this indiscretion causes Rebecca to finally act on it.  Granted it was supposed to be more of a threat than anything but when they get in the dungeon it quickly heats up.  I think this story suffered most from this short format and I might have enjoyed it more if we could have seen more interaction between the two outside of the sexual one.

D Is for Detained by Maggie Wells
He was the preacher’s son; her parents owned the local sex shop. Sherry Adams and Tyler Prescott’s attraction was forbidden when they were teenagers, but years later Deputy Tyler takes out his trusty handcuffs to show her just how good they could be together.

My Thoughts:  3 stars

Sherry has always hated the small town of Serenity.  I mean it wasn’t her fault she was born to hippie parents who also happened to run the local toy shop (yes those kinds of toys).  I mean she didn’t control that so she spent most of her life being the perfect good girl until she decided to use the knowledge she gathered from her parent’s business to become known for her ability to make teenage boys dreams come true.  Well she managed to get all of them she wanted except for the one that really mattered, Tyler Prescott.  When he tells her no she ends up shutting down and as quickly as possible leaving the small town behind her only now she has to come back to town to clean up the shop since her parents finally moved to California.  She gets surprised by a cop and even more surprised when it is Tyler all grown up.  I enjoyed this one but wish it had been worked in to a full story as the premise was interesting.


Overall this was a nice collection of quick hot reads that could act as a nice filler read if you are stuck between books or need a quick dose of heat.  I really wish some of the stories could have had full treatments as the characters seemed interesting but as a quick read it fills the gap.

Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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